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Mugla Boat Tours : 7 Best Daily Boat Tour Routes

Muğla, a province with a coastal length of approximately 1500 km, has beautiful bays and beaches. When you look at the map, a paradise lies in most of the curved structures you will see. Especially when you see these places on social media, you dream of having a boat and discovering these bays one by one. Even if you do not have a boat, if you plan a holiday to Muğla, the most important thing you should do on this holiday should be to explore these bays with either daily boat tours or private boat tours. Here, with this article titled Muğla boat tours, I will touch on this point exactly where you should join a boat tour in Muğla.

Those who follow me know; I have been living in Muğla for years and there is almost no place I have not been on a boat tour here. So I can declare myself an explorer of Muğla bays. Although I don’t have a boat, I can say that I have mastered these places as much as a boatman. If you look in the future, I will buy a boat and there will be no bays I have not been to. Pray and let me buy it.⛵😊⛵

Mugla Boat Tours : 7 Best Daily Boat Tour Routes

I sometimes feel like an ambassador of Muğla promotion. 😂 All the content I produce is to show you these beauties. Really Muğla is a very special province with its districts. Especially when I meet with those who come here from big cities, everyone puts Muğla in a separate bucket. And they are right! Because Muğla is a very special city with its natural beauties, deep history and unique culture.

Muğla’s bays and beaches are another beauty. If you are planning a holiday here and you have a boat trip in mind, you are in a very correct article. I strongly recommend you to go to the beautiful bays in the districts of this beautiful province. By the way, let me also mention that there is no sea in Muğla centre. So we have business with the districts of Muğla for our boat tour.

Note: You can take a look at my article below for Muğla bays and beaches. But in this article, the number of private and hidden bays travelling by boat is very few. If I tried to write them all, I think I would have to write at least 100 places.😊

I will write my Muğla boat tours article according to the districts. I will leave the detailed articles of the boat tours that I have personally experienced in these districts or neighbourhoods under the headings. I wrote these boat tours in order of importance. So the first boat tour I wrote should be your first destination point for a boat tour in Muğla.

Let me also mention this before moving on to the titles. The best months for boat trips in Muğla are June and September. In the high season, especially during the holidays, these places are the main father’s day. If you are going on a boat tour in Muğla during these time periods, it would be good to book in advance. I will not write the prices of boat tours here because everything is changing due to the inflation situation in our country. For the prices and details of boat tours, you can reach the number I left in my articles on WhatsApp and get detailed information.

Boat Tour Routes in Muğla:

  • Gocek Boat Tour
  • Fethiye Boat Trip
  • Marmaris Boat Trip
  • Bodrum Boat Trip
  • Datca Boat Trip
  • Oludeniz Boat Trip
  • Akyaka Boat Tour

Gocek Boat Tour

Mugla Boat Tours
Muğla Boat Tour: Cleopatra Hamam Bay

My favourite point among Muğla boat tour routes is of course Göcek boat tour. Göcek is a neighbourhood of Fethiye district of Muğla. The distance between Gocek and Fethiye is about 25 minutes. So 2 places quite close to each other. If your road falls to Fethiye, do not return home without seeing Göcek.

You came to Gocek, so what are you going to do? The first thing you need to do is to join a boat tour, either daily or with accommodation. Discover the legendary bays of Göcek with a boat tour. Göcek is literally the centre of yacht tourism in Muğla. All boats, yachts, from large to small, have made Gocek their abode.

As I said, a boat trip is a must for exploring the wonderful bays of Göcek. The number of bays travelled by car is small here. Gocek boat tours are also known as 12 Island boat tour. There are beautiful islands in Göcek and these islands have turquoise coloured, immaculate bays.

Your first priority for a boat trip in Muğla is Göcek if possible. Make sure it will be worth it. Especially Kleopatra Bath Bay, Aquarium Bay and Yassıca Islands are beautiful enough to steal your heart. Be sure to check out my article below for Gocek boat tour.

Fethiye Boat Trip

Mugla Boat Tours
Mugla Boat Tours : Fethiye

After Göcek, your 2nd route for a boat trip in Muğla should be Fethiye. One of the most well-known and beautiful districts of Muğla, Fethiye is a legendary place with its historical beauty and bays. We have been going here for years and every time we retire, we think that we should settle here.

Fethiye has beautiful bays. Let me state that in this article, separate boat tours depart from Göcek and Ölüdeniz, which are the neighbourhoods of Fethiye. The tour I will talk about here is the boat tours departing from Fethiye centre.

Boat tours departing from the centre of Fethiye again take you to very beautiful bays. You think if you have fallen into the aquarium and you don’t want to get out of the water. Your snorkel sticks to your face and becomes a part of you.🤿 Fethiye bays travelling by boat are also called 12 Islands boat tour. Fethiye and Göcek bays are almost close to each other. As someone who has been on a boat tour in Fethiye, I say; definitely go on a boat tour here.

In Fethiye, you can see beautiful bays such as Katrancı Island Bay, Tersane Island, Yassıca Islands, and Red Island, which cannot be reached by car, by boat tour. Be sure to check out my article I left below for Fethiye boat tour. I also highly recommend this place.

Marmaris Boat Trip

Muğla Tekne Turları

Marmaris, the land where I was born, is a very special place for me. I also have a heart connection, but without pulling any strings here; Marmaris’s bays are also very beautiful. It has bays like an aquarium. There is an indented place everywhere in Marmaris and accordingly, there are very special bays in these indentations.

When you come to Marmaris, the first thing you should do is to join a boat tour. Here you can either stay overnight or participate in daily boat tours. To participate in boat tours, it will be enough to get on one of the boats departing from the promenade of Marmaris.

Marmaris boat tours start at 10 am and end at 18 pm. As with many daily boat tours, lunch is included in the price you pay in these boat tours.

Although Marmaris boat tours follow different routes, they generally go to bays such as Kumlubük, Amos Bay, Kadırga Bay and Aquarium Bay. I am sure you will love this route too. Make sure to check my article below for details. The reservation number is in the article.

Bodrum Boat Trip

Mugla Boat Tours
Muğla Boat Tour : Orak Island

Bodrum, although it is always known for its nightlife due to the influence of the magazine culture, Bodrum’s day is also completely different. If you are going to Bodrum, you may have nightlife in the first place, but I would say that you should definitely see Bodrum bays while you are here. Make sure that the boat trip you will take in Bodrum will be worth it.

There is a Orak Island in Bodrum that is legendary. When you see it, you wonder if you have fallen into paradise. A deep blue, clean sea and a very beautiful nature. Not only Orak Island but also the other bays you will visit on the boat tour are very special.

Bodrum boat tours generally sail to Orak Island. Apart from this bay, Rabbit Cape Bay, Red Island Bay and German Bay are also among the bays visited. Below I leave the article I wrote in detail about the Bodrum boat tour. Don’t forget to take a look.

Datca Boat Tour

Datça tekne turu

The last boat tour we took in Muğla was in Datça and we officially fell in love with this place. Datça bays travelled by car are also very beautiful but the ones travelled by boat are completely different. Datça is the extreme point of Muğla and it is a peninsula. When it is a peninsula, there is a bay everywhere.

Datça boat tours generally depart from Datça centre and Palamutbükü. The boats start the tour around 10 in the morning and return to the departure place around 18 in the evening. Datça’s bays are also very beautiful. When you look at the sea from the boat, you can easily see the depth of 10 metres.

Datça boat tours generally visit places such as Aquarium Bay, Ince Cape Lighthouse, Dilek Cave, Çeti Suyu Bay. My favourite spots are Aquarium and Ince Nose Lighthouse. By the way, let me also mention that there is Aquarium Bay everywhere in Muğla. Not only in Datça. When they couldn’t find a name for the bay, Mugla people said that this place should be Aquarium Bay.😊

Below you can find the details of our Datça boat tour experience. If you have any questions, the contact number is also in the article. Other articles I wrote about Datça are also below. If you come to Datça, be sure to check out these articles.

Oludeniz Boat Tour

Mugla Boat Tours

One of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to Muğla is of course Ölüdeniz. Oludeniz is a magnificent geography as nature. There are so many beautiful bays and beaches here that your bottom is falling. There are two very important places in Oludeniz, which is a world famous place. One of them is Kumburnu Beach and the other is Kelebekler Valley.

When you come to Oludeniz, you should spend at least 2 days here. On one of these 2 days, you should go on a boat trip and explore the bays of Oludeniz. Oludeniz bays are very beautiful. St. Nicholas Island, Cold Water Bay, Butterfly Valley are among our favourite places here.

Many people join the Oludeniz boat tour for the Butterfly Valley. Let me tell you that Ölüdeniz is very, very crowded in summer. There are even kilometres of vehicle queues on the slope descending to Oludeniz. The crowd unfortunately reduces the quality. In my opinion, the best time for Oludeniz boat tour is June and September.

Apart from the boat tour, there are many things you need to do if you come to Oludeniz. I have very detailed articles about these. I leave all the links below.

Akyaka Boat Tour

Muğla Tekne Turları
Muğla Boat Tour : Ziraatçiler Bay

Our last stop in my Muğla boat tour article is Akyaka. Akyaka has become the most popular place of Muğla in recent years. Everyone coming and going is researching Akyaka and asking about Akyaka. Akyaka is actually a small place. It is so crowded in summer that unfortunately it cannot handle this crowd.

If you come to Akyaka, you can join the daily boat tours departing from here. Akyaka boat tours visit places such as Ziraatçiler Bay, İncekum Beach, Sedir Island & Cleopatra Beach and Lacivert Bay. Of these places, Sedir Island is among the most popular and best known.

If you come to Akyaka, take a boat tour if you have time. Boat tours depart from Akyaka centre around 10 o’clock and take you back between 17-18 in the evening. I leave my articles below for details.

Mugla Boat Tours Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Muğla boat tours?

Muğla boat tours are priced according to daily and overnight boat tours. Although daily boat tours vary from region to region, prices are between $ 40-$ 50. This fee you pay includes lunch.

Where to have a boat trip in Muğla?

The most beautiful places for boat trips in Muğla are Göcek, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum and Datça. They are all beautiful, but Göcek is one step ahead.

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