Who is Buju | About Bujuyollarda

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Hi, I’m Burcu. I graduated from Anadolu University International Relations and Justice departments. I am married and my husband Üstün is also my best travelling companion. I am a Virgo woman, I am in charge of planning and scheduling. I am a born wanderluster.  “Wanderlust : It is called having an irresistible desire to travel the world and discover new places. In other words, I am a traveller.

Buju is the way my friends have called me since high school, a nickname. When I thought of a name suitable for my lifestyle that I spend more time on the road than at home, Buju on the Road came out. Buju is on the road because this is my path, my journey to my inner world. I love singing, swimming, dancing and many other things, but travelling is very different for me. It draws me in, I look back and the moments I am happiest are the ones I have accumulated during my travels. The most exciting moments for me are my journeys when I feel the butterflies in my stomach from seeing new places.

What is Bujuyollarda?

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Buju Yollarda is a travel, accommodation, food and beverage and activity guide. Here you will sometimes find the answer to the question of which boat tour to join on your holiday, sometimes you will find the answer to where to eat the most famous flavour of the city, sometimes you will read the most popular places to visit, sometimes hidden beauties you have never heard of before. In fact, this blog is my personal diary where I share all my experiences and make recommendations.

How Did The Idea of Bujuyollarda Come About?

The biggest common passion Üstün and I share is travelling. Our desire to see new places, witness different cultures and taste different flavours from various cuisines takes us on the road at every opportunity. We find ourselves in nearby provinces and districts on our weekends and on more distant routes during our annual leave. While making plans, we scrutinise the blogs of our fellow travellers and do a solid research. I created my Instagram account in 2018 with the idea that we should share our own experiences. Then we said that words fly and writing remains and we opened our website.

On the road we set out without knowing anything, we researched and established everything from A to Z with our own efforts. We gained technical equipment, learned SEO. We laboured a lot, wrote, and chased our dreams.

I am full of the desire to see from the tip of my nose to the other end of the world. The roads I have walked so far have brought me here and brought me together with you on this blog. I wanted this to be my memory piggy bank. Every trip I dreamed of and realised is here. For those that have not yet come true, Bujuyollarda