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Akyaka Boat Tour Recommendation | Prices | Routes | 2024

Akyaka, the pearl of Gökova Bay. In recent years, Muğla is one of the most popular holiday destinations. One of the most beautiful activities to do in Akyaka is undoubtedly to take a boat tour and sail the blue waters. With Akyaka boat tour, you can explore the uniquely beautiful bays of the Gulf of Gökova and have a pleasant day.

You cannot go to every bay in Akyaka by car. The best option for swimming in these untouched virgin bays is to join the daily boat tours. If you want to explore every aspect of Akyaka bays and beaches, you should both have a car and join boat tours. Especially Sedir Island and Cleopatra Beach, which is one of the most beautiful points of Akyaka boat tours route, is worth seeing with every part.

While we were in Akyaka, we decided to take a boat tour in this beautiful town. Now I will tell you the details of the tour and introduce you to the wonderful bays and introduce you to a thousand and one shades of blue and green. I will not interfere if these turquoise waters, which we do not get out until our fingers are wrinkled, make your holiday longing rekindle.😀 I am starting my guide where you will have detailed information about Akyaka boat tour route, prices, recommendation and our experience. Enjoyable reading 😊

Akyaka Boat Tour

akyaka tekne turu

Where does the Akyaka Boat Tour depart from ? Akyaka daily boat tours depart from the breakwater right next to Akyaka beach and passengers are dropped off at the same place on their return. The exact location of the departure place of Akyaka boat tours is here. There are car parks near where the boats are parked. It is useful to plan your time well as it will take time just to park the car.

The lunch given on the Akyaka boat tour is included in the boat tour fee you pay. In addition to the meal, there is also a fruit treat. Apart from these, all the drinks you drink are extra. You can bring snacks on the boat.

What are the hours of Akyaka Boat Tour? Akyaka daily boat tours start at 10.30 in the morning and end at 17.30-18.30 in the evening. The tour lasts around 7 hours on average. So you need to spend almost 1 full day on a boat tour.

Akyaka Boat Tour bays ? As a route, boat tours in Akyaka generally take you to 5 separate bays and give a swimming break between half an hour and 1 hour. As a bay, Ziraatçiler Bay, İncekum Beach, Sedir Island, Lacivert Bay and Gelibolu Underwater Caves are visited. There may be changes in the route according to the weather and the crowdedness of the bays. The bays are quite beautiful. I am sure you will love most of them.

Fast Booking: Let me state from the beginning; Since I will write my article in detail easy to find I leave the Akyaka daily boat tour reservation number here. For reservation Just contact the company quickly on Whatsapp and tell them the tour date and how many people you will join the tour. They easily receive the reservation from Whatsapp. After the reservation, you can sail to the blue waters of Akyaka on the date you specify. You can get information from this number for both daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation.

📞📞📞📞 Reservation Phone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Akyaka Boat Tour Routes

akyaka'da ne yapılır

There are so many bays and beaches in Akyaka that although some of them can be reached by land, others can only be reached by sea. Moreover, some of the bays that can be reached by road are a bit troublesome to reach. For this reason, going on a boat tour is the best option to kill three birds with one stone.

Akyaka daily boat tour usually goes to 4 or 5 bays. Which bays to go to can also change according to the weather conditions that day and the crowdedness of the bay. Akyaka boat tour route consists of the following bays.

Akyaka Boat Tour Route

  1. Ziyaretciler Bay
  2. Incekum Beach
  3. Sedir Island
  4. Dark Blue Bay
  5. Gallipoli Underwater Caves (Rabbit Island)
  6. Kandilli
  7. Zeytinlik Bay

Ziyaretciler Bay

Now let’s come to the details of the Akyaka boat tour we participated in. I will try to write everything in detail from the bays we went to, the food we ate, from the boat to the condition of the bays. Our first stop was Ziraatçiler Bay.

Ziraatçiler Bay is one of the paradise bays of Akyaka that cannot be reached by land. When the colour of the lush green forest falls into the waters, such a beautiful turquoise colour emerges that one’s eyes are dazzled. This was the first stop of the day on our tour. There was a 45 minute swimming break. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel and explore under this clear water. The location of the bay is here.

Incekum Beach

akyaka tekne turu rotası

İncekum Beach is one of the places visited on the Akyaka boat tour. In fact, you can go to Incekum by land. You drive from Marmaris Çamlı Village towards Incekum Beach. You need to park your car at a certain point. From here you can reach the beach with tractors.

There is also the possibility to rent sunbeds and umbrellas for a fee at İncekum Beach. As the name suggests, this is a beach with fine golden sands. Suitable for families with children. The water is quite warm. It was a little wavy the day we went. I don’t know if it’s always like this, but I didn’t enjoy this aspect of the sea like a sheet.

Akyaka Boat Tour Recommendation

On the Akyaka boat tour, we spend 45 minutes at Incekum Beach and take plenty of strokes in these blue waters. Since it is a very popular beach, it is very crowded in high season, especially on weekends. It is useful to take this into consideration. Location here.

Note: Taking a boat tour in Akyaka is very advantageous at some point. You do not pay the entrance fee of the beaches, lunch is included in the tour fee and you visit more than one bay. I think it is a very logical activity.😊

Sedir Island and Cleopatra Beach

akyakada tekne turu

akyaka tekne turu sedir adası

Sedir Island is one of the indispensable stops of Akyaka boat tour route. In fact, I guess I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that many people join the boat tour to see this place.😊 Cleopatra Beach, also known as Cleopatra Beach, has snow-white special sands. According to the legend, the Roman commander Antonius brought these special sands from Egypt for his lover Cleopatra. But the truth of the matter is that these sands, which emerged with geological formations and are under protection, are limestone droplets formed in a special way.

There is also Kedrai Ancient City on Sedir Island. For this reason, it is under protection as a 1st degree archaeological and protected area. Among the ruins of the ancient city are towers and fortification walls, Apollo sanctuary, church chapel ruins, 2500-seat theatre.

You can go to Sedir Island in 2 ways. The first option is of course the daily boat tours departing from Akyaka. The boat leaves the passengers at the entrance of the island and gives 2 hours time. There are a certain number of sunbeds inside. Although it is not possible to find a place in the middle of the day, if you go in the morning, you will get a nice place. Sunbeds are free of charge. There is also a museum cafe on the island. Prices may seem a little high. For this reason, it may be useful to come supplied at the point of food and beverage.

Akyaka Boat Tour Recommendation
Akyaka Tekne Turu: Kedrai Antik Kenti Tiyatrosu

Your second option to go to Sedir Island is to go directly to the island by boats departing from the pier in Çamlı Village. In this way, you can spend as much time on the island as you wish and return when you want. So think of it like a minibus boat that takes you to and from the island.

Dark Blue Bay

akyaka tekne turu lacivert koy

Imagine a bay named after the colour of the water. The most beautiful shades of blue are here. One of our favourite bays in the Gulf of Gökova was Lacivert Bay. This is a clear bay where schools of fish pass under your feet while swimming. Our boat takes a 45-minute swimming break here and you can enjoy the blue waters to the fullest. I am sure you will love this place too. Location of the bay on the map here.

Gallipoli Island Underwater Caves (Rabbit Island)

akyaka tekne turu rotaları

One of the most beautiful stops of Akyaka boat tour route is Gelibolu Island. You should definitely, definitely snorkel here. Gökova’s biggest fish are here. There are caves under the water. The cave 4-5 metres deep, in the form of an arch passing over a pit with a diameter of 2 metres.

You enter from one end and exit from the other. Of course, you need to be a professional to do this dive. When you look carefully, it can be seen from the water surface even with goggles. According to a rumour, one end of the caves extends to Sedir Island. You can see plenty of goats and rabbits on the island 😊 The location of the bay is here.

Akyaka Boat Tour Prices 2024

Akyaka Tekne Turu Fiyatları 2024

2024 Akyaka Boat Tour Prices how much ? Akyaka boat tour prices change every year. For the summer of 2024, the boat tour price varies between $30-$40 per person. While 0-6 years old is free, the fee for the 6-12 age group is 20$. Please be informed that the entrance to Sedir Island on the boat tour route is paid. The entrance fee to the island is half price for those with a museum card. Boat tour prices may vary slightly from business to business. This price includes lunch.

The boat we joined had a choice of grilled fish or chicken cutlet for lunch. Plus pasta and salad are also served. Apart from that, you pay extra for drinks. Even if we only consider the entrance fee of Sedir Island and Incekum Beach, the boat tour is much more advantageous in any case.🤩

Akyaka Boat Tour Prices 2024

  • Adult fee is 35$ per person.
  • $20 for ages 6-12.
  • 0-6 age group free of charge.
  • Lunch is included.
  • Drinks are extra.

Akyaka Boat Tour Recommendation and Comment

Akyaka Boat Tour

I tried to give information about Akyaka boat tour in general. Now let me talk a little bit about the boat we attended and the service we received. The boat we preferred for our tour was a very large and spacious boat with plenty of tables and seating on the ground floor. There are sunbeds on the upper floor where you can sunbathe and relax.

The captain of our boat is also very knowledgeable about the bays we visited. He also guides by giving very good information.😊 All boat staff are interested and respectful. There is grilled chicken pasta and salad for lunch. There are also watermelon treats. The boat you will take a tour in Akyaka is important because there are very mediocre boats.

There are cold and hot drinks and snacks on the boat. The boat we went on a tour about hygiene and comfort was very comfortable. For those who want to take a boat tour in Akyaka, Bujuyollarda is recommended.😊

Note: For Akyaka Boat Tour Reservation, you can easily contact the company on Whatsapp and make a reservation immediately. Just tell us the tour date and how many people will participate in the tour. You can make the reservation on Whatsapp.

Reservation Whatsapp – Phone: 05304353627

Akyaka Private Boat Tour

The boat tour I described above was information about daily boat tours. There are also private boat tours in Akyaka. The capacity of these tours is much lower and the captain takes you to the bays you want. Of course, these tours are more expensive than other daily tours. But you are more free in terms of time and the bays you visit. If you are considering a private boat tour in Akyaka, you can get information from the number above.

Things to Consider on a Boat Trip

Tekne Turuna Giderken Yanınıza Almanız Gerekenler

Boat tours are both relaxing and fun activities. However, if you do not pay attention to some important points on these tours, the boat tour you go on can turn into torture rather than pleasure. I recommend you to pay attention to the following items to have a trouble-free boat tour.

  • Definitely take sun cream with you. If possible, make sure it is a high factor cream.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses, slippers and sea shoes.
  • If you are interested in underwater, take your snorkel with you.
  • I guess I don’t need to tell you about the towel, hat, swimsuit and shorts 😊
  • Be careful when jumping into the sea from the high parts of the boat. Unfortunately, we saw some people who slipped and fell.
  • Be careful not to slip as your feet will be wet when you get on the boat from the sea.
  • Since some boats do not dock at the shore, you can take a waterproof case with you if you want to take photos with your phone on the beach.
  • Take medication with you in case of nausea or dizziness due to the waves.
  • It is useful to bring a separate special bag for your personal belongings.
  • It is useful to book in advance due to high season occupancy rates.

Boat Trip in Akyaka Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a daily boat trip in Akyaka?

Akyaka boat tours vary between $30-$40 per person for 2024. 0-6 years old are free of charge, while 6-12 years old pay half price. Lunch is included in the tour fee while drinks are extra.

What time is the Akyaka boat tour?

Akyaka boat tours start at 10.30 in the morning and return at 18.00-18.30 in the evening. You should be on the boat around 10.00.

Akyaka boat tour recommendation We have come to the end of my article. I hope it was a useful article. If there is a detail I missed or a question you wonder, let’s meet in the comments. Plenty of travelling, plenty of swimming days.😊

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