Turkey's Best Beaches

Turkey’s Best Beaches | 24 Most Beautiful Places

Turkey is surrounded by the sea on 3 sides” was one of the most basic information we were taught in primary school. Well, when 3 sides are surrounded by the sea, beautiful beaches and bays come out from each point of the coasts of my country. As much as we can, we try to share these beautiful beaches and bays with you both on our website and on social media. On top of so much knowledge and discovery, it would be impossible not to write Turkey’s best beaches article. The title of my article is a soul-opening title, but it was quite difficult for me to make a choice when it was the best.

Yes, those who read my articles know that I live in Muğla. When it comes to Turkey’s most beautiful beaches, I opened a lot of titles from Muğla in my article. But this does not mean that I privileged Muğla. On the contrary, I tried to write my article as objectively as possible. As someone who has seen most of the places in my article, I must admit that the beaches and bays in Muğla and West Antalya are by far the best beaches in Turkey. I am sure you will agree with me when you see the titles below.

Before moving on to the headings, it would be beneficial for you to see the locations of the beaches on the map. By clicking on the numbers on the map, you can see the names of the beaches, and you can also see the list below the map. Just to let you know, I classified them by provinces while making the list. 👍

Location of Turkey’s Most Beautiful Beaches on the Map

Map of Turkey’s Best Beaches

  1. Orak Island Beach
  2. Cokertme Beach
  3. Akbuk Bay
  4. Cleopatra Beach (Sedir Island)
  5. Kurubuk
  6. Ciftlik Bay Beach
  7. Amos Beach
  8. Oludeniz Beach
  9. Patara Beach
  10. Kaputas Beach
  11. Adrasan Suluada
  12. Olympos Beach
  1. Konyaalti Beach
  2. Cleopatra Beach
  3. Yapraklı Bay Beach
  4. Altinkum Beach
  5. Women’s Sea Beach
  6. Ilıca Public Beach
  7. Çandarlı Beach
  8. Küçük Zindancık Bay
  9. Sarimsakli Beach
  10. Altinoluk Beach
  11. Aquarium Beach
  12. Filyos Beach

Turkey’s Best and Cleanest Beaches

In Turkey, where nature showcases all its beauties, there are numerous stunning beaches along the long coastline. With four distinct seasons experienced in our country, the summer months are particularly hot in the southern regions. When the hot weather, sun, sand, and sea come together, beautiful beaches emerge.

Most of the beaches mentioned in my article are located in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Since the title is “the best,” I included only one beach from the Black Sea region so as not to overlook the Black Sea. 😂 As you know, the Black Sea is rough and wavy. While the nature in this region is magnificent, unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the sea. I hope the people of the Black Sea region won’t be too hard on me, but there’s a natural fact at play here.

Before I get into my list, let me talk about the criteria I used to select Turkey’s best beaches. My list is indeed quite important. There are hundreds of beaches and coves in Turkey, but I made my selection based on the following 5 criteria. I didn’t want to exaggerate these criteria. It was a bit challenging to make a choice, but I think my final list turned out well.

Selection Criteria for Turkey’s Best Beaches

  1. Clarity of the seawater
  2. Underwater world
  3. Location
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Comfort & Facilities

These were my selection criteria. The beaches and coves listed below meet at least 4 of these criteria. Let’s now move on to our carefully curated list. Our first stop is the famous district of Bodrum in Muğla.

Orak Island Beach – Muğla

Türkiyenin En İyi Plajları

Bodrum is generally known for its influence of celebrity and magazine culture, but it also boasts many beautiful beaches and coves. It’s hard to pick just one of these beauties to highlight, but one of the first places I’d mention is Orak Island.

Orak Island is truly a magnificent place with its crystal-clear waters. There are no settlements on the island, which spans an area of 56 acres. In 2018, Orak Island was put up for sale with a value of 6,825,000.00 TL on ilan.gov.tr under the title “olive grove and villa for sale through execution.” The sale was conducted through an auction.

You can easily reach Orak Island with day boat tours departing from Bodrum. Once you arrive, dive right into the clear waters. The sea around Orak Island is like an aquarium, both crystal clear and abundant in fish. If you ever find yourself here, be sure to bring along your snorkel gear. 🤿

Below, I’m providing links to my important articles about Orak Island and Bodrum. If you ever find yourself in this area, it’s worth taking a look at my articles.

Çökertme Beach – Muğla

çökertme plajı

Çökertme Beach is located in the Milas district of Muğla. It used to be a relatively undiscovered place, but its popularity has significantly increased in recent years. Çökertme Beach is a beautiful beach in every aspect. It boasts pristine, crystal-clear waters, with a few sea urchins here and there. Nevertheless, I wanted to include it in my list because it truly deserves recognition.

The sea at Çökertme Beach is stunning, but it can get wavy in the winter. However, during the summer, it’s like paradise here. It’s a bit far from Bodrum, but if you’re tired of Bodrum, I suggest considering this place as an alternative. There are some modest guesthouses and restaurants in the area where you can hang out and enjoy some food and drinks.

I should mention that Çökertme Beach has a pebbly shore. Since we generally like pebbly beaches, Çökertme holds a special place for us. I recommend taking the route from Milas Beçin to reach here as the road is better. It’s more convenient to drive to Çökertme Beach, although there are dolmuş (shared minibus) services to nearby villages, they can be a bit inconvenient.

Note: If you visit Çökertme Beach, be sure to explore Arpabükü Cove, which is within walking distance. It’s also one of Turkey’s best beaches, with its pristine, crystal-clear waters.

Akbük Cove- Muğla

muğla akbük koyu ve plajı
Türkiye’nin En İyi Plajları : Muğla Akbük Koyu

I could write about Turkey’s cleanest beaches, and wouldn’t Akbük Cove be among them? In my opinion, Akbük Cove could be one of the most beautiful coves not only in Turkey but also in the world. It possesses a magnificent beauty. The color of its sea literally triggers serotonin release in people.

There is also an Akbük in Didim district of Aydın, but the one I’m referring to is the cove located in the Gulf of Gökova within the borders of Muğla. Situated at the foothills of lush green mountains, Akbük boasts crystal-clear waters. When you lift your head while in the sea, you see the mountains, and you fall in love with this place all over again.

Akbük, a favorite spot for the people of Muğla, gets quite crowded on weekends during the summer months. Well, with crowds, water quality tends to decrease. The sea here is beautiful, and there’s also an underwater world that is simply amazing. If you go to Akbük, I recommend bringing along your snorkel gear. Also, when you visit Akbük, be sure to include İtfaiye Cove, located nearby, in your exploration list. You can find the location of the cove here.

Cleopatra Beach (Sedir Island) – Muğla

muğla koyları

As I mentioned at the beginning, I didn’t give special treatment to Muğla in my list, and you’ll understand the situation when you read my article. One of the proofs of this is the world-famous Cleopatra Beach located on Sedir Island. The island where the beach is located is both a natural wonder and of historical significance. It’s as if paradise emerges from every corner of the island.

There are four main places to see on Sedir Island: Cleopatra Beach, the Ancient City of Kedrai, the Ancient Theater of Sedir Island, and the Apollo Sacred Area. All of these places are worth visiting.

Cleopatra Beach, which I included in my list, is also a globally renowned location. The sand of the beach has played a significant role in its fame. This sand has unique characteristics. You’ll feel this when you hold it in your hand. The sand of Cleopatra Beach shines like a gem and has the property of burning in fire. It can spontaneously reproduce in carbonated water, and when examined under a magnifying glass, it’s observed to move. It is believed that this unique sand was brought from Egypt for Queen Cleopatra by the famous Roman commander Marcus Antonius.

As I mentioned, this sand is very special. It is strictly prohibited to remove it from the island. When you enter the sea at the beach, you must definitely take a shower afterward. Entry to the beach with flip-flops is prohibited!

Since Cleopatra Beach is located on Sedir Island, you must join an Akyaka boat tour to reach here. There is no entrance fee for the beach, but there is an entrance fee for the island.

Kurubuk – Muğla

muğla plajları
Turkey’s Best Beaches: Our Favorite Cove in Datça

Kurubuk has truly won a place in our hearts. Especially with its underwater world and cleanliness, Kurubuk is undoubtedly among the top 5 most beautiful beaches in Turkey. We try to visit Kurubuk whenever we get the chance. It’s not widely known by many people, but I guess we’ve contributed quite a bit to its popularity. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not sure!

Kurubuk has a rocky beach with an incredible view from above. When you dive into its sea, you encounter hundreds of fish. Flying a drone here is very enjoyable. Be sure to bring along your snorkel gear. There are no facilities available, and compared to other places, it’s not crowded.

Kurubuk is located in the Datça district of Muğla. Having a car is essential for transportation. There is no entrance fee. As I mentioned, be prepared when you go as there are no facilities available. You can find its location here.

Çiftlik Cove Beach – Muğla

muğla koyları

Does Çiftlik Cove Beach make it to Turkey’s best beaches? Absolutely, it does. Because this place truly deserves it. While Çiftlik Cove is usually accessed through Marmaris boat tours, there’s also land access to the cove.

Çiftlik Cove boasts a magnificent sea and beach. With its crystal-clear water, this beautiful cove is surrounded by stunning natural scenery. Bringing together the clear blue of the sea with the endless blue of the sky, this cove definitely deserves a spot on Turkey’s best beaches list.

There is no entrance fee for Çiftlik Cove, and there is a free car parking area available. There is an abandoned hotel on the cove, and its beach is used as a public beach. If you have your own beach chair and umbrella, you can relax as you wish. Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the facilities available at the cove.

Location is here.

Amos Beach – Muğla

amos koyu ve plajı

Amos is a unique cove that can be reached both by car from land and by Marmaris boat tours from the sea. It’s a must-visit destination. If you’re traveling to Amos by car, you’ll first stop at Turunç. From there, you’ll travel approximately 24 km until you reach Amos. Then, you’ll descend to the cove by passing through the Professors’ Site. Finding parking can be a bit challenging, and the road to Amos is quite winding.

Entrance to Amos Beach is fee-based. There is only one facility available at the beach, which is the Amos Restaurant. If you plan to use the facility, it’s advisable to check out reviews about it. However, you can also enjoy the beach with your own supplies. The beach is pristine, with crystal-clear water. The shoreline is rocky, and the sea deepens about 5-6 meters from the shore. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel gear! 🤿

Kumburnu Beach – Muğla

kumburnu plajı
Türkiye’nin En İyi Plajları : Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Plajı

Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Beach is undoubtedly a contender for the top spot among Turkey’s famous beaches, frequently used in our country’s promotions. Swimming at the beach is a delightful experience, and watching the parachute jumpers from Babadağ descend towards the sea is equally enjoyable. Kumburnu Beach is always pristine, with water as clear as glass. When it gets crowded, the water may become a bit cloudy, but the experience remains extraordinary. The beach has two sides: one rocky and the other facing the lagoon with sandy shores. It’s truly a stunning beauty. The only downside of the beach might be its quick depth, which could be challenging for families with children or non-swimmers.

The entrance to Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Beach is free for pedestrians. However, if you come by car, there is a parking fee. If you enter on foot, you won’t have to pay any fees. After entering, it takes about 10 minutes to walk to Kumburnu. There are restaurants, Starbucks, and opportunities to rent sun loungers and umbrellas. Additionally, there are free shower and toilet facilities available. You can find the location of Kumburnu Beach here.

Kaputaş Beach – Antalya

kaputaj plajı

As the winding roads of western Antalya twist and turn, Kaputaş Beach suddenly shines with its dazzling turquoise color. 💙 It truly has a mesmerizing shade of blue. In fact, some paint brands name their colors, so I think they should name one “Kaputaş Blue.” 😍

You descend to Kaputaş Beach via quite steep stairs. While the view is enjoyable, swimming can be a bit challenging due to the waves, as Kaputaş Beach tends to have rough seas.

There is a municipal facility here at Kaputaş. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, and there are shower, toilet, and dining facilities available. Since it’s operated by the municipality, the prices are relatively reasonable.

Location is here.

Patara Beach – Antalya


If you’re one of those who believe a beach should consist of sand, then one of the places that will make you happy is Patara Beach. Its shore is made up of fine sand. The sea here is shallow and can be mildly wavy. This makes it quite suitable for families with children.

Since it has a long beach of approximately 18 km, even though it is crowded, you are not affected by the crowd. There are sun lounger and umbrella rental opportunities on the beach. There is also a shower, toilet and cabin. The entrance to Patara Beach is paid. Museum card is valid. Therefore, be sure to take your museum card with you. Otherwise, you can remove it from here.

Patara Beach is located within the boundaries of Antalya. Situated between Kaş and Fethiye, Patara is also close to the ancient city of Patara. You can find its location here.

Note: When you come to Patara Beach or the ancient city, do not forget to see the Patara Sand Dunes, located close to here. You literally feel like you’ve arrived in the desert.🏝️

Adrasan Suluada – Antalya

Türkiye'nin en güzel plajları
Turkey’s Best Beaches: Adrasan Suluada

We came to Turkey’s Maldives on my best list. It is safe to say that the color turquoise got its definition from here. Adrasan Suluada has a magnificent beauty. This is a place that impresses everyone who comes to Suluada with its white sands and turquoise sea.

Suluada’s white sand has a miracle. Scientists say that the island has white sand because of microorganisms called foraminifera that live in the sand. There is no settlement on the island. The island is home to Mediterranean monk seals and groupers with its underwater caves. It is possible to swim to the other side of the island from Lovers’ Cave, located at the tip of the island. Snorkel and fins are a must.

If you are planning a holiday to Antalya, Suluada should definitely be on your list. An amazing place that you will never regret going to. You can go to Suluada by boat tours from Adrasan Beach. Suluada’s location is here.

Olimpos Beach – Antalya

Turkey's Best Beaches

One of the most important beaches of Antalya is Olympos Beach. The beach is located in the Olympos town of Kumluca district, in the west of Antalya. The natural beauty of Olympos Beach is accompanied by a deep history. The long, golden sand and clear turquoise waters of the beach impress everyone who visits.

Olympos is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for its natural life. Surrounded by lush green nature, the beach also has nesting areas for caretta caretta sea turtles. Therefore, part of the beach is under protection. The beach also hosts the Ancient City of Olympos, located in the ancient Lycian region, right next to it. The ancient city has a theatre, monumental entrance gate and ancient walls from the Roman period.

Let’s talk about the features of Olympos Beach. The sea in Olympos is very clean in the morning, but in the afternoon it becomes very cloudy because there are many people entering and the boats cloud the water. Take your swimming goggles with you because you can see a lot of fish. The sea is shallow at first, but can suddenly become deeper as the rocks grow. It would be nice if you bring sea stones and sea shoes. The location of the beach is here.

Konyaaltı Beach – Antalya

Türkiye'nin en temiz plajları

In my list of Turkey’s best beaches, we come to Konyaaltı Beach, located in the center of Antalya. The beach is situated west of the city center and boasts approximately 7 kilometers of a long coastline, hosting tens of thousands of tourists every year, both domestic and international.

There are some rumors that the name of the beach is Konyaaltı. The first of these is that those who came from Konya to Antalya during the Ottoman Period used the expression Konyaaltı, meaning we went under Konya, when they saw the coast. According to another rumor, because Antalya is located on the cliffs, the region was called ‘Cove Alti’ and this word turned into Konyaaltı over time. I don’t know which one is correct anymore.😊

While part of Konyaaltı Beach consists of fine sand, it is generally covered with pebbles. The beach, awarded the Blue Flag, offers all the amenities for enjoying its clean and clear waters. In addition to the public beach, many establishments operate along the beachfront.

Note: Konyaaltı Beach is most beautiful between 6 and 10 in the morning. If you are not fond of sleeping, I recommend you to take advantage of these hours. The location of the beach is here.

Kleopatra Beach – Antalya

Türkiye'nin En İyi Plajları

One of the most popular beaches not only in Antalya but also in Turkey is Cleopatra Beach in Alanya. I think it’s obvious where the name comes from. Rumor has it that the beach took its name from the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. According to known sources, the general of that period gifted Alanya and its surroundings to Cleopatra. When Cleopatra was on a campaign, she would stop by Alanya and swim in the sea, and the name of this place remained Cleopatra.

The beach is quite long and has golden sand. The beach is sandy, but when you enter the sea you realize that the bottom is rocky. It’s also very wavy. At the deepening point, the sandy ground ends and the rocky and slippery ground begins. Not very suitable for children. Just like Olympos, this is one of the beaches where caretta carettas lay their eggs.

If you are planning a holiday in Alanya, Cleopatra Beach should definitely be on your list. Also, while you are here, do not forget to see Alanya Castle and Damlataş Cave.

Yapraklı Bay Beach – Mersin

Türkiyenin En İyi Plajları

I now continue my list with other beaches outside Antalya and Muğla. There are even more beautiful beaches in these two cities, but I thought I wouldn’t exaggerate too much.😊 Anyway, our first stop is Yapraklı Bay Beach in Silifke district of Mersin. This place is also called the “pool in the sea” due to its exquisitely beautiful turquoise sea, where fresh and salt water is blended, and the natural rocks surrounding it.

This is a free beach. Its location is within the Mediterranean. The distance between Silifke town center and the beach is approximately 16 km. The beach is not very safe for non-swimmers and children as it deepens quickly. The water is also colder than other places. There is also a municipality-owned business on the beach. You can benefit from it either with your own means or from businesses.

Note: There are a lot of fish and rocks at Yapraklı Bay Beach. Don’t forget to take sea shoes and a snorkel with you. The location of the beach is here.

Altınkum Beach – Aydın

Türkiye'nin en iyi plajları

We are now teleporting from Mersin to Aydın. Blue flag award-winning Altınkum Beach, located in Didim district of Aydın, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. It is very easy to reach the beach from Didim center, which has golden yellow and very fine sand, as its name suggests.

Didim Altinkum Beach, which is among the most popular beaches in Turkey, is quite crowded during the summer months. If you do not prefer too much crowd, you can come early in the morning or late in the afternoon. After 18.00 the beach becomes quieter. The beach, which is the most frequented spot for sea lovers during the day, is also lively at night. There are discos, restaurants, buffets and many places selling souvenirs around the beach.

The location of Altinkum Beach on the map is here.

Ladies’ Sea Beach – Aydın


Kuşadası Ladie’s Beach, which is a beautiful beach for families with children, is located very close to the center of Kuşadası. This beach has a sandy shore and a shallow sea. While there are basic facilities such as restaurants, cafes and shower facilities near the beach, it is also possible to rent sun loungers and umbrellas for those who want to sunbathe.

If Aydın Kuşadası is on your route, I recommend you to take advantage of this beautiful beach. The beach gets quite crowded in high season. You may be more comfortable if you go in low season. You can hang out either at the facilities or at your own expense. Entrance to the beach and use of municipal umbrellas are free. Of course, you should go to the beach early to benefit from these.

The name of the beach is Women, but this is not a beach only for women. Don’t get me wrong.😊The location of the beach on the map is here.

Ilıca Public Beach – Izmir

Türkiye'nin en temiz plajları

I continue my list of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey with Ilıca Beach, the most attractive beach in Çeşme. Ilıca Beach, which is 2 kilometers away from the center of Çeşme, is a public beach where you can throw your towel and have fun, even though it is located where the hotels are located. Çeşme Municipality provides free sun lounger and umbrella service in a certain area of the beach.

During high season, especially on holidays and weekends, this beach is quite crowded. It would be nice to come to the beach early in the morning. If you are looking for a nice place to swim in Çeşme, this place should definitely be on your list.

Ilıca Beach is located close to thermal springs. This ensures that its water is both warm and healing. The beach has a pure white and fine sand structure. The sea is very clear and you have the opportunity to swim with the fish.

The location of Çeşme Ilıca Beach is here.

Çandarlı Beach – İzmir

Türkiye'nin en güzel plajları

If someone asked where the most beautiful bays and beaches in Izmir are, my first choice would probably be Dikili. Here, there are stunning bays and beaches, among which Çandarlı Beach stands out as one of the most beautiful places in Dikili.

Çandarlı Beach boasts crystal-clear waters, although the sea can be quite cold. The beach has sandy shores and doesn’t deepen immediately, making it suitable for families with children. There are numerous restaurants and cafes around the beach where you can enjoy a typical Aegean evening atmosphere as tables are set up on the shore in the evenings. Within a 5-6 minute walk from the beach, you can find chain supermarkets. When you visit here, don’t forget to explore Çandarlı Castle, built by the Genoese in the 13th century for the city’s defense.

In Çandarlı, there are two main beaches: Municipal Beach and Kaleönü Beach. If you’re looking for a place to swim in Çandarlı, Kaleönü Beach is better in terms of sea quality. You can find the location of Çandarlı Beach here.

Küçük Zindancık Bay – İzmir

dikili koyları ve plajları

Another beautiful bay in Dikili is Küçük Zindancık Bay. Küçük Zindancık is located 115 km from Izmir and 10 km from Dikili centre.

Küçük Zindancık Bay is located in Bademli Village, within the borders of Dikili district of Izmir. This is a bay with fine white sand and a cool sea. Küçük Zindancık Bay is a bay preferred by people who want to have a holiday and relax away from the crowds of the city, as it is quiet.

Getting here is quite difficult. The easiest way to reach the bay is by sea. Boats doing Dikili boat tours generally stop here. Since it is generally difficult to reach Dikili bays, a boat tour is a logical option.

Küçük Zindancık Bay does not have any entrance fee. Location here.

Sarımsaklı Beach – Balıkesir

ayvalık çevresinde gezilecek yerler
Turkey’s Best Beaches: Sarımsaklı Beach

In our list of Turkey’s best beaches, we left Izmir and arrived in Balıkesir. One of the most beautiful beaches in Balıkesir, Sarımsaklı Beach, is located within the borders of the Ayvalık district. Sarımsaklı, which is one of our favorite beaches in this region, stretches a whopping 7 kilometers. The beach gets its name from the yellowish-colored stones used in the construction of the church and houses in the area.

The most prominent feature of the beach is its crystal-clear and pristine waters. The beach, open to the public, offers various facilities. Sarımsaklı boasts a calm and waveless sea, and its water is exceptionally clean and clear. Both the sea and the coastline are entirely covered with sand. The water is quite cold compared to the Mediterranean. The coolness of the water is very refreshing during the summer heat.

Note: If you have the opportunity to visit this beach, don’t forget to also see Badavut Beach, which is as beautiful as Sarımsaklı and located right next to it.

Altınoluk Beach – Balıkesir

Türkiye'nin en temiz plajları

Altınoluk, the most popular holiday resort in Edremit, a region rich in beaches in Turkey, is one of the most frequented spots for sea holiday lovers. There are many beautiful beaches and beach clubs in Altınoluk, known for its blue flag beaches.

One of the most important beaches of Altınoluk is Altınoluk Public Beach, which is generally preferred by summer vacationers. Entrance to the public beach is free. If you wish, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas from the businesses on the beach, or you can enjoy the sea at your own expense.

Altınoluk Public Beach has a pebbly structure, but the seabed is sandy. Since the sea is not deep, it is very suitable for families with children. There are changing cabins, showers and toilets on the beach. As I said, Altınoluk has very beautiful places in terms of beaches. You can also evaluate the Altınoluk Beaches listed below.

Altinoluk Beaches

  • Altınoluk Antandros Beach
  • Altınoluk Central Beach
  • Altiner Hotel Beach
  • Akçam Hotel Beach
  • Aphrodite Resort Beach
  • Goca Könçek Beach

Akvaryum Beach – Çanakkale Bozcaada

Türkiye'nin en temiz plajları
Turkey’s Best Beaches: Bozcaada Aquarium Beach

Bozcaada, the pearl of Çanakkale, is one of the most beautiful islands in Turkey’s Aegean Sea. This island is famous for its historical riches, natural beauties and beautiful beaches. One of the most famous of these beaches is Aquarium Beach.

Aquarium Beach took its name from its clear sea and white sandy beach, which resembles an aquarium. The sea of Akvaryum Beach, which does the island justice well, is quite shallow. The beach, which is very suitable for families with children, is located 5 km away from Bozcaada center.

There are no facilities in Akvaryum Bay, which is one of the bays that diving lovers should visit. You must make preparations before reaching Bozcaada Aquarium Beach, where there is no business for sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms and food and beverages. You can buy your needs from the island center and enjoy yourself like a fish in the Aquarium. Don’t forget to take a snorkel with you. The location of the beach on the map is here.

Filyos Beach – Zonguldak

Türkiye'nin En Güzel Plajı

All the places on my list are from the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Especially the Aegean has the most beautiful beaches and coves in Turkey. There are coves and beaches in the Black Sea as well, but they are not as beautiful due to the sea. I wanted to include a place from the Black Sea in my list, and I added Filyos Beach in the Çaycuma district of Zonguldak, which is well-known by many people.

Filyos Beach, located west of the Filyos River, has a very spacious beach that stretches for about 2 kilometers. Right next to the beach, you can find the ruins of the ancient city of Tios. While you’re at Filyos Beach, don’t forget to visit this ancient city.

Filyos Beach is located approximately 20 kilometers away from the city center. Since the coastline is long, the crowd effect is minimal. You can find the location of the beach on the map here.

Here is Turkey’s Most Beautiful Beach

I was finally able to complete my list. There are so many beaches in our beautiful country that it is really difficult to choose. I tried to list the most beautiful ones for you. Now it’s time for the best of them. When I was making my list, I wrote about why I chose these beaches in the first place. I will evaluate these criteria and list the best, most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Turkey. At this point, it is your decision whether you agree or not, but I am waiting for your favorite list in the comments section.😊

Turkey’s Most Beautiful Beaches My Top 5 Places

  • Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Beach
  • Adrasan Suluada
  • Muğla Akbük Bay and Beach
  • Çeşme Ilıca Beach
  • Bozcaada Aquarium Beach

Here are my top 5 places, these beaches. At the top of my list is Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Beach, which, in my opinion, is among the best beaches not only in Turkey but also in the world. This is a very special place in every sense. I recommend you to see Kumburnu Beach at least once in your life.

Turkey’s Best Beaches – FAQ

Which is the most beautiful beach in Turkey?

I already answered this question in my article. In my opinion, the answer to this question is Kumburnu Beach, located in Ölüdeniz District of Muğla’s Fethiye district. The nature of Ölüdeniz and the fact that it is adjacent to the blue lagoon are among the factors that make this place the best. I call the most beautiful beach in Turkey, Ölüdeniz Kumburnu Beach, with its facilities, activities, cleanliness and the color of the sea.

Where is the best sea in Turkey?

When the sea is mentioned in Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is the Aegean. There are also beautiful places in the Mediterranean, but the Aegean has a special place. At this point, there are many beautiful bays and beaches in the Aegean. Especially the bays in the west of Antalya and on the Muğla side are among the places that really need to be explored. So, I would say that the best sea in Turkey is the Aegean in terms of cleanliness, clarity and natural beauty.

Where is the warmest sea water in Turkey?

Sea water temperature in Turkey varies depending on seasons and geographical locations. However, in general, Turkey’s southern coastline, especially the Mediterranean coast, has warmer sea waters in the summer months. The hottest sea water in Turkey is calculated to be in Iskenderun. Generally, the sea water temperature in this region during the summer months is between 25-30 degrees.

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    Hello! Incredible paradise beaches, it reminds me of the cliffs we have here in Malaga, Spain. Truly amazing. Sandra

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