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Marmaris Boat Tour Recommendation | Prices | Routes | 2024

A bomb-like Marmaris boat tour article is waiting for you. When you come to Marmaris, one of the most beautiful activities you will do here should definitely go on a boat tour. You can choose a boat tour in Marmaris as a day trip or a blue tour with accommodation. These options depend entirely on your holiday programme and budget.

There is a fact that Marmaris If you want to explore all of the uniquely beautiful bays of Marmaris, you should definitely join one of these boat tours. Because not every bay in Marmaris can be reached by car. The only way to go to the bays that are not accessible by car is to sail by boat.

Without going into the details of my article titled boat tour in Marmaris, Muğla‘s beautiful district of Marmaris, I have a very detailed travel guide that you will not find anywhere. From places to visit to the question of where to stay in Marmaris, from bays and beaches to what to eat and drink in Marmaris, everything is in this travel guide. ➡➡➡ Marmaris Travel Guide

Fast Booking: Let me state from the beginning; Since I will write my article in detail easy to find I leave the Marmaris daily boat tour reservation number here. For reservation Just contact the company quickly on Whatsapp and tell them the tour date and how many people you will join the tour. They easily receive the reservation from Whatsapp. After the reservation, you can sail to the blue waters of Marmaris on the date you specify. You can get information from this number for both daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation.

📞📞📞📞 Phone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Marmaris Boat Tour with All Details

Marmaris Boat Tour
Cordon from which the boats depart

Marmaris daily boat tours, as the name suggests, are boat tours that last throughout the day, starting between 09.00-10.00 in the morning and ending at 17.30-18.30 in the evening. Marmaris daily boat tours are usually made by the boats that are located in Marmaris centre long the cordon and the boats depart from here.

As a concept, the cost of lunch on these boat tours is included in the boat tour fee you pay. The routes of the boat tours vary from tour to tour.

Boat tours in Marmaris generally organise routes to 4 main points. These are tours to Marmaris Bays and Beaches, Marmaris – Hisarönü Tours, Marmaris – Gökova Tours and Marmaris – Dalyan – Sultaniye Hot Springs respectively. We chose the first option to explore Marmaris bays in detail and filled our sails with wind.

Our Daily Boat Trip Recommendation and Experience in Marmaris

Marmaris Boat Tour

Let me say from the beginning that the Marmaris Boat Tour we experienced was quite nice from the beginning to the end. Our boat had a capacity of about 50 people, but our captain said that he never set off at full capacity. The captain, who has been captaining in the region for years, knows his job and the environment well. Wherever there is a beautiful, quiet, calm bay, he dominates everywhere. Now let’s come to the fine details of our boat.

  • The boat tour we attended was quite decent. There is absolutely no loud music. There is peace here.
  • Lunch is included in the boat tour fee.
  • There is a barbecue for grilling on the boat and the food is quite delicious.
  • The boat is really very, very clean. Our hygienic score is 10 out of 10.
  • There is no unlimited drinks on the boat. Drinks are paid.
  • The capacity of the boat is 50 people. But the tour starts with less capacity.
  • The boat offers you a really clean and decent environment. Generally couples and families are accepted as customers.

If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing boat tour, the reservation number is above. Yes, now let’s come to the details of our exquisite boat tour.

Note: Boat tour programmes in Marmaris usually start at the latest at 10.00 – 10.30. But it is useful to join the tour early. Because if you have a car, it can be a little difficult to find a parking space. In our boat tour, the tables were arranged by the company in advance, but when the number is small, almost all the tables are yours.

The bays we visited on Marmaris Boat Tour and our route

Marmaris boat tour routes are organised on 4 main routes as I mentioned above. The most well-known and most preferred of these tours are of course the boats going to Marmaris bays. If you want to choose a longer route here, you should go on a blue cruise. On the blue cruise, you have the opportunity to visit the bays for a few days. If we have not had a blue cruise experience in Marmaris and we are satisfied with the tour, we will update this article for you.

As for the bays visited on the Marmaris boat tour, this route is shaped according to the preferences of the boat captain. On average, 5-6 bays are visited on a daily boat tour. Thanks to the preferences of our captain in the bays I went to, the bays were not crowded at all.

Bays Travelled in Marmaris Boat Tour (Route)

  1. Aquarium Bay
  2. Amos Bay
  3. Ciftlik Bay
  4. Gebek Church Bay
  5. Armella Bay
  6. Kadırga Bay

Aquarium Bay

Marmaris'te Tekne Turu

Marmariste Tekne Turu

Aquarium Bay was our first stop on the boat tour. Such a colour. A wonderful turquoise coloured sea like glass. The water was cold when we first entered the sea, but we quickly got used to this beauty.

We had a swimming break for about 40 minutes in this beautiful bay. We swam and snorkelled to the fullest. When you leave here, you wish we had stayed a little longer and your mind will definitely stay here. Aquarium Bay, where blue and green meet, got full points from us.

Amos Bay

Marmaris Boat Tour

amos koyu ve plajı

Amos Bay is a magnificent bay with everything. Amos Bay, which has a clean sea, is also accessible by road. In Amos, which is a tiny bay in front of the Professors Site, the boats anchor a little offshore. If you go by land, you can reach the bay by passing through the site I mentioned.

Since the boat tour route is determined according to the weather conditions of that day and the crowdedness of the bays, a fixed order is not applied. Amos Bay was not on our route when we first joined the Marmaris boat tour. When we went on a boat tour for the second time, we stopped by Amos. So you will understand that we made the opening with a legendary place.

The sea of Amos Bay is stony and glassy. I cannot say that the water is very hot, if you like swimming in slightly cool waters like us, you will love Amos. There is also an ancient city with the same name in Amos Bay. If you come here by land, not by boat tour, you can visit this ancient city. In fact, I would say that you should definitely go to this ancient city and set the day with a unique view. For a more detailed article I wrote about Amos Bay, you can check this link.

Ciftlik Bay

Marmaris Boat Tour

marmaris tekne turu tavsiyesi
Boat Tour in Marmaris – Drone View of Çiftlik Bay

There is no such beauty. With its colour and beach, Çiftlik Bay really took us away. It is an incredibly beautiful bay. This place became one of our favourite bays in Muğla. There is also a road access here. Çiftlik Bay, which is 60 km from Marmaris, also has a business where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. We swam to the fullest in Çiftlik Bay, which we will put among the best bays in Muğla. We promised to come here again!

After our stop at Çiftlik Bay, we had a lunch break. Energy was a must after all that swimming. The food served by our boat is very clean and delicious. It got full points from us in terms of hygiene and flavour.

Kadırga Bay

Marmaris Boat Trip
Boating in Marmaris – Kadırga Bay
marmaris tekne turu

The last stop of our boat tour was Kadırga Bay. We didn’t visit this place for the second time. We went to Kadırga on our first tour. Of course, everyone had run out of energy here, but we hadn’t.😊

The sea of Kadırga Bay was really beautiful and glassy. This beautiful bay, where you can find every shade of blue, also got full points from us.


kumlubuk koyu ve plajı

We passed the tangent without stopping by Kumlubük, the apple of Marmaris’ eye. Kumlubük, which is one of our favourite bays in Marmaris and which we often visit by car, already has a different place for us. My detailed article about Kumlubük is in this link.

After the beautiful bays, we came to the end of our boat tour. Both boat tours were legendary for us. We wanted it to never end. The sincerity of the family business caused us to have a nice day.

If you come to Marmaris, we recommend this boat tour 100%. Other details about the boat tour in Marmaris are below.

Note: For Marmaris Boat Tour reservation Just contact us quickly via Whatsapp and tell us the availability, tour date and how many people you will join the tour. Then let the blues come.
Telephone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Marmaris Boat Tour Routes

Marmaris Boat Tour Routes: As I explained above, the boat tour route we participated in was Aquarium Bay – Çiftlik Bay – Gebe Church Bay – Kadırga Bay in our first tour and Amos Bay – Çiftlik Bay – Gebe Church Bay – Armella Koyu in our second tour. Apart from that, each boat can follow different routes. The bays travelled by boat tours departing from Marmaris and following different routes are as follows. In my opinion, if you come to Marmaris, you need to follow our route.

Note: There is a very detailed article I have prepared for Marmaris bays and beaches. In this article, there are bays travelling by car. For details, you can take a look at my article Marmaris Bays and Beaches.

Bays visited on daily boat trips around Marmaris

Marmaris Tekne Turu Rotaları

Day Boat Tour Route Around Marmaris

Marmaris – Dalyan – Iztuzu Beach – Mud Bath Boat Tour Routes

dalyan iztuzu plajı

Marmaris – Dalyan – Iztuzu Beach Boat Tour Route

Marmaris – Gokova Gulf – Cleopatra (Sedir) Island Boat Tour Route

muğla koyları

Marmaris – Gokova Bay Boat Tour Route

Bays visited on Marmaris – Hisaronu Bay Boat Tour

Marmaris – Hisaronu Boat Tour Routes

  • Selimiye Hidden Cove
  • Dişlice Island
  • Camellia Island
  • Rabbit Island
  • Bencik Bay
  • Kiz Kumu Beach (Orhaniye)

Marmaris Boat Trip Prices 2024

marmaris tekne turu fiyatları 2024
Marmaris Boat Trip Prices 2024

Marmaris Boat Tour Prices 2024 How Much? Boat tour prices in Marmaris vary from company to company. In general, the price of a daily boat tour varies between $40 – $50 per person. While this price includes lunch, drinks are not included. There is a very delicious menu at lunch. There is no charge for children. But if they eat, they are subject to a fee.

Things to Consider in Daily Boat Tours

Boat tours are really a type of activity where you can have fun and relieve your stress beautifully. However, if you do not pay attention to some important points on these tours, the boat tour you go on may have bad consequences for you. Please pay attention to the points I have listed below and have a smooth boat tour.

  • Do not forget to take sun cream with you. If possible, make sure it is a high factor cream.
  • You can buy moisturising cream for your body after sunbathing.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses, flip flops and sea shoes.
  • If you want to see the undersea beautifully, you can buy a snorkel.
  • I don’t need to tell you about towels, hats, swimsuits and shorts.
  • Do not jump directly into the sea from the high parts of the boat. Unfortunately, we have seen those who slipped and fell:(
  • When leaving the sea, your feet will be wet, so be careful where you step to avoid slipping.
  • Since some boats do not dock at the shore, you can take a waterproof case with you if you want to take photos with your phone on the beach.
  • You can take medication for nausea or dizziness caused by the wave.
  • If you are going to drive from your location to the location of the boat, it is very important to park your car in a safe place. Do not encounter a surprise after the boat.
  • It will be useful to bring a separate special bag for your personal belongings.
  • If possible, join the tour without wearing a wedding ring.
  • It is useful to book in advance due to high season occupancy rates.

Boat trip in Marmaris 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the boat tour prices in Marmaris?

Marmaris boat tours are between 40$-50$ for the year 2024. Prices may vary from boat to boat, but these are average prices. This price is valid for daily boat tours and includes lunch on the boat.

What time do Marmaris boat tours start?

Boat tours in Marmaris generally start at 10.00 – 10.30. It ends around 18.00 in the evening. From wherever the boats depart, they return to the same place.

We have come to the end of my Boat tour recommendation and experience in Marmaris article. If you have any questions about the boat tour and Marmaris, you can contact me by commenting below. I will return within 24 hours. I wish everyone happy and peaceful travels.😊

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