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Dikili Boat Tour Recommendation | Prices | Routes | 2024

I am here with my article titled Dikili boat tour full of blue waters. If you have an idea to sail the blue waters in Dikili and are in search of boat tour advice, this article will be like a medicine for you. In my article, you will find everything you can think of about boat trips in Dikili.

From the boat tour route to current prices, from where the boats depart to my company recommendation, everything is in this article. In my article, you will be exposed to plenty of turquoise waters and you will say that I should join this tour. In my opinion, the most important thing you should do when you come to Dikili is to join a daily or private boat tour. Without further ado, I’ll start my article by saying sails fora.⛵⛵⛵⛵

Dikili’s coastline is home to Turkey’s most beautiful bays and beaches. These bays shine like the pearl of the Aegean. I am not exaggerating when I say shining, the bays are so clean and clear that your eyes are dazzled when you look at the sea. These bays are like a hidden treasure. The cool wind blowing in the sea, the olive trees on the shore, the turquoise sea, everything is like a magnificent painting. Especially there is a Garip Island where you are literally mesmerised by the blue.

Check out my article below for “Dikili bays and beaches” for all the bays and beaches in Dikili, the beautiful district of Izmir. In my list you can find both bays by car and bays only by boat. Let me just say that the roads to the virgin bays of Dikili are not very good. If you don’t want to upset your car, it would be more logical to join a boat tour and explore these bays from the sea.

Fast Booking: Let me state from the beginning; Since I will write my article in detail easy to find I leave the Dikili daily boat tour reservation number here. For reservation Just contact the company quickly on Whatsapp and tell them the tour date and how many people you will join the tour. They easily receive the reservation from Whatsapp. After the reservation, you can sail to the blue waters of Dikili on the date you specify. You can get information from this number for both daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation.
Telephone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Things You Should Know About Dikili Daily Boat Tours

Dikili Tekne Turunda Gittiğimiz Koylar ve Rotamız

In this title, you can find the pills you need to know about Dikili daily boat tour . As someone who participated in boat tours in many parts of Izmir, the boat tour we participated in Dikili took us to beautiful bays. We officially left our hearts to these bays. Especially there was a Garip and Kalem Island that we came to the point where we said to the captain to leave us here and pick us up after 1 week.😂

Daily boat tours, as the name suggests, are boat tours that last throughout the day, starting between 10.30 -11.00 in the morning and ending at 18.30-18.00 in the evening. Dikili daily boat tours depart from the area next to the Coast Guard Command in the centre of Dikili. You need to park your car near here and walk to the area where the boats depart. We parked our car somewhere on the main street. You just need to take the parking into account and adjust your boarding time accordingly.

So What should you do when you come to Dikili? As I said, the first thing you should do is to join the boat tour. Apart from that, there is not much activity here. To take a boat tour in Dikili, you should devote 1 full day to this activity. Because the tours take almost 1 full day. If you are close to Dikili, you can come to Dikili early in the morning and return to your accommodation after taking a boat tour. This is a very nice and logical option for those who want to see different places.

As for the food on the boat tour. In Dikili daily boat tours, the fee you pay in general includes the lunch fee given on the boat. Drinks are not included in the price you pay. If you drink drinks, you have to pay at the end of the tour. You have plenty of time for breakfast as the boats leave at 11. Otherwise, you can have breakfast with bagels and pastries.

When it comes to Dikili boat tour routes, the route subject varies from boat to boat. There is no fixed route. But the bays are generally similar. One boat goes to X bay at the same time while the other goes to Y bay. This situation is at the initiative of the captain depending on the weather and the crowded condition of the bay. Below I will write the Dikili boat tour route in general terms. The most important place to be on the route is Garip Island.

Dikili Boat Trip Recommendation and Experience

First of all, we loved the boat tour we joined in Dikili. When you see the beautiful bays, you forget about the boat and jump into the sea. So the sea satisfies you very much. We boarded our boat at 11.00 and took our place on the top floor. Our boat was run by a nice family and the whole family was very friendly and interested.😊

Before going into the details of our boat tour, I would like to give some information about the boat.

  • The boat we joined the tour is run by a family. There is a nice environment on the boat. You can join the tour with your family with peace of mind.
  • Lunch is included in the boat tour fee. You can choose fish, meatballs or chicken as an option. Pasta and salad are also served.
  • The inside of the boat is spotless. Our score in terms of hygiene is 10 out of 10.
  • Drinks on the boat are subject to extra charge.
  • The boat offers you a really clean and decent environment. Generally couples and families are accepted as customers.
  • There is a shower facility on the boat after the sea.
  • There are life jackets, sunbeds, a cafe where you can eat and drink, a changing room and a toilet on the boat.

Now let’s come to the details of our boat tour. The bays we visited and what greeted us in these bays are below. Continue reading.⛵

Bays we visited on Dikili Boat Tour and our route

Dikili boat tour routes are generally organised towards the bays in the south of Dikili. The presence of Garip Island and Kalem Island on this route makes this route very attractive. If you fall in love with these blues, you should go on a 2-3 day blue cruise. It is a great comfort to have as much time as you want in the blue cruise.

We followed the following route on the boat tour in Dikili. Our route was Küçük Zindancık Bay, Bademli Ilıca Bay – Kalem Island – Garip Island – Aquarium Bay and Hanımın Bay respectively. At these points, he took an average of 45-60 minutes swimming break. Depending on the time planning and weather conditions, an average of 4 or 5 bays are visited.

Which Bays Does Dikili Boat Tour Go To?

  • Küçük Zindancık Bay
  • Bademli Ilıca Bay
  • Kalem Adası
  • Garip Island
  • Aquarium Bay
  • Hanımın Bay

In addition to the beauty of the sea in these bays, extra natural beauties await you. For example, while there is a thermal water source in Ilıca Bay, you can peel with clay in Hanımın Bay. Now let’s enter Turkey’s version of the Maldives and get into the details of the bays 😊

Küçük Zindancık Bay

Dikili Boat Tour

The first stop of our boat tour was Küçük Zindancık Bay with turquoise waters. This is an exquisite bay located in Bademli Village of Dikili. The name comes from the fact that it is very dark at night. Boats are usually anchored offshore and you can swim here.

The sea is legendary, you want to swim as you swim. The entrance of the sea from the coast is stony, but as you progress, the ground becomes white sand. It is quite a virgin bay. There is access by car but the road is troublesome. Not to say the road, you pass through the paths. So the best is a boat trip. This beautiful bay is quite virgin. There is no facility and wc. If you come by car, be supplied.

We took a break here for about 45 minutes. The sea was quite cool. I can’t tell you how nice this coolness is in the heat. I am sure you will love this bay. Don’t forget to take a snorkel with you. The location of Küçük Zindancık Bay on the map is here.

Ilıca Bay

If there is a thermal spring in a place, there is thermal water there. There is also a thermal spring in this bay. After Küçük Zindancık, our next stop was Bademli Ilıca Bay. Here, in addition to the swimming break, we also had a lunch break. Since the sea makes you hungry, it is imperative that you eat well and energise yourself.

There is access on foot by land, but the road is troublesome. Although the sea water is normally cold in this region, the sea water is a bit warmer in Ilıca Bay due to the thermal spring. The water is quite clean, you can swim with fish.

There is a ruined building in this bay, thermal water comes out around this building. The water is sulphurous and smelly. It can be a bit nasal. Hot water on one side and cold on the other. It is a very nice place for the shock effect.😊

After stopping here for about 1 hour and 30 minutes including food, we continued on our way. The location of the bay is here.

Kalem Island

We have come to two of the most vivid parts of the Dikili boat tour. Kalem Island and Garip Island. These two sister islands add a great beauty to Dikili. If this place is called the Turkish branch of Maldives, it is thanks to these two islands. The sea of the islands is so beautiful that you feel like a fish.

Kalem Island is not a virgin island. There is a large hotel. Having a hotel also made it quite popular. The island was bought by a famous businessman in 1973 and then the facility was built.

Some of the Dikili boats stop at Kalem Island while others pass this island in parallel and stop at Garip Island. Both islands are visually marvellous. The sea is already legendary. The boat tour is the easiest way to reach the island or it is possible to reach the island by land by the boat owned by the hotel. The location of Kalem Island on the map is here.

Garip Island

garip adası

If they say where is the most beautiful route of Dikili boat tour, my direct answer would be Garip Island. Don’t look at the name Strange, the beauty of the island and the sea is everywhere. It is one of the best bays not only in Izmir but also in the Aegean and Adriatic Sea. I am sure you will love it very much.

Garip Island is as beautiful under the sea as it is above it. Make sure to take a snorkel with you. You will be sorry if you return without seeing the bottom of the sea.

Apart from the boat tour, you can also reach Garip Island by small boats departing from Bademli Pier. These boats are for 6 people. You can also agree with the boat owner for a tour in the neighbourhood. Do not forget to bargain. If you are going to use this road, you need to be well supplied in every respect.

Location of Strange Island here.

Akvaryum Bay

When the sea is beautiful and there is no name for a bay, it becomes Aquarium Bay. I think there are 40-50 bays with this name in Turkey. Aquarium Bay in Dikili is located on Garip Island. So we can say Garip Island equals Aquarium Bay.

The sea here really lives up to its name. The turquoise colour is quite clear. It’s perfect for snorkelling. The sea water is quite cool. In summer, you may hear a hissing sound from your body. Be aware that the sea is generally cool in this region. But it makes you like a nail. Don’t be afraid of cold water. The sea is healing.

Dikili boat tours generally stop at Aquarium Bay on Garip Island. You will love this place as much as the other places. After a swimming break for about 45-60 minutes, the destination is Hanımın Bay.

Hanımın Bay

hanımın koyu

We came to our last stop on the Dikili boat tour. Hanımın Bay, which is on the return route, is a beautiful bay like the other bays. I think the name of this place must have been given by a man who loves his wife very much. Üstün also gave my name to a bay on Google Maps, but it is still not accepted 😂 Joking aside, the bay was named after one of the fragrant herbs in the region.

The sea is quite calm in Hanımın Bay. There is no land transport here. The sea gives you peace. The sea with white sands is so beautiful that you never want to get out of the water.

The boats stop here a little more. Because you do Clay Bath in this bay. People are exfoliating in the clay soil on the shore of the bay. Apply the clay on your body and wait for it to dry and then clean it. Let it be healing.😊But when we saw that there were 100 people who wanted to make clay when we went, we said to keep it.

There is an olive processing plant in Hanımın Bay, which is a private property. There is no access to the bay by land. A boat trip is a must for transport. Location here.

We came to the end of the Dikili boat tour with Hanımın Bay. We sailed to the coast with the 10th Year Anthem. We reached Dikili centre around 18.15. We were very satisfied with the tour. If you come to Dikili, we recommend this boat tour 100%.

For booking Dikili Boat Tour, you can contact the company via Whatsapp. For availability, just tell us the tour date and how many people will participate in the tour. If there is availability, the reservation is taken immediately and you are called for confirmation. You can easily learn all the details over the phone. You can also get information from this number for both daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation.😊 Telephone/Whatsapp: 05304353627

Dikili Daily Boat Trip Routes

Dikili Günübirlik Tekne Turu Rotaları

Dikili boat tour routes are generally on the same route. In other words, boats departing from Dikili centre do not go to separate routes. The route includes bays especially on the south side of Dikili. On the north side of Dikili, there are popular places like Sarımsaklı Beach. Boats prefer the more virgin south side. Garip Island and Kalem Island on the south side are already enough on their own. Below you can find the bays that Dikili boat tours generally visit. The order of these bays may change from boat to boat during the tour.

Bays visited on a boat trip in Dikili

  1. Küçük Zindancık Bay
  2. Killik Bay
  3. Pissa Bay
  4. Bademli Ilıca Bay
  5. Kalem Island
  6. Garip Island
  7. Aquarium Bay
  8. Hanımın Bay

Dikili Boat Trip Prices 2024

Dikili Boat Tour

Dikili Boat Trip Prices 2024 ? Daily boat trip prices in Dikili vary from company to company. For the year 2024, the prices of the Dikili boat tour vary between $40-$50. 0-6 years old are free of charge and 50% discount is charged for 6-11 years old. Prices may also change in the near future as everything has recently increased. While the price you pay includes lunch, drinks are not included.

Dikili Boat Tour Hours

Dikili Boat Tour Hours ? The boat tours in Dikili start a little late due to the fact that the bays are close to Dikili. In fact, the fact that the tours start a little late is an advantageous situation both in terms of temperature, making breakfast comfortable and coming to Dikili from distant places. Dikili boat tours  generally start at 11.00 pm and end at 18.30 pm. The tour lasts about 7-8 hours and there is an average of 45-60 minutes swimming break in 4 or 5 bays. It is a very reasonable option to join the boat tour in terms of both seeing the bays that are only visited by boat and eating for free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dikili Boat Tour

How long is the boat trip in Dikili?

Dikili boat tours generally start at 11:00 in the morning and end at 18:30 in the afternoon. So the tour lasts about 7-8 hours. On average, 4 or 5 bays are visited. There may be changes in hours depending on the weather.

How much are the prices for daily boat trips in Dikili?

For 2024, the price of daily boat trips in Dikili varies between 40$-50$ per person.

What is included in the price of Dikili boat tour and what is not included?

Lunch is included in the price you pay on Dikili boat tours. But drinks are not included in the tour fee. Some boats can offer tea or fruit.

Is Dikili sea water cold?

Sea water in Dikili is generally cold. But let me point out that this cold water goes very well in the extreme heat of summer. You officially become like a nail. In the spring months, I would not recommend it too much because the water will be very cold, but in summer the water is like medicine. Do not be afraid of cold water. It is very good for the body.

We have come to the end of my Boat tour recommendation and experience in Dikili article. If you have any questions about boat tours and Dikili, you can contact me by commenting below. I will return within 24 hours. See you on azure routes. 😊

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