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Gocek Boat Tour Recommendation | Prices | Routes | 2024

When it comes to Gocek, turquoise coloured bays and beautiful beaches come to mind first. Gocek, which is frequented by yacht and boat enthusiasts, is like a place from paradise. I am sure that Gocek, which is a very beautiful place in its own way, will succeed in attracting you with its cool atmosphere. There are so many beautiful bays and beaches here that I am sure you will be saturated with the sea and the blues in Göcek.

When you come to Göcek, boat trip is one of the most important things to do. Boat tour is a must to explore the beautiful bays. If you wish, you can make a blue cruise with boarding boat tours, or you can explore the unique blue bays from morning to evening with daily boat tours.

Of course, daily boat tours are much more advantageous in terms of time and cost. All day long you visit the stunning turquoise bays, see amazing places where history and nature meet and turn into a water bird 😍

For 3 years, I have been participating in the Gocek boat tour every summer without exception and I go and swim in those bays. Even countless people go with my advice. How many times we came across on the boat with my followers, we took photos 😊 It is great to be inspired. Especially when you go and are satisfied, there is no one happier than me. Then Bujuyollarda proudly presents; Göcek Boat Tour experience and our recommendation are before you with all the details.💁‍♀️

Fast Booking: Let me state from the beginning; Since I will write my article in detail I leave the Göcek daily boat tour reservation number here so that it is easy to find For reservation Just contact the company quickly on Whatsapp and tell them the tour date and how many people you will join the tour. They easily receive the reservation from Whatsapp. After the reservation, you can sail to the blue waters of Gocek on the date you specify. You can get information from this number for both daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation.

📞📞📞📞 Phone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Gocek Boat Tour

I will try to give you all the details about the daily boat tour we participated in Gocek. Gocek Boat Tour Routes, Gocek Boat Tour Prices 2024, Gocek Boat Tour Hours, Gocek Boat Tour Recommendation You will find the answers to many issues such as in this article.

I tried to write all the details. If you join this tour, I expect comments from you under this article. Thanks to the comments, I learn your opinions and act accordingly, and I collect up-to-date information from you and update my article. I would also be very happy if you follow and support me on Instagram. You can closely witness my new travels and many of my suggestions.

Gocek Boat Tour Route

Göcek boat tour routes vary from boat to boat. Even the captain’s preferences, weather conditions, bay density are among the effective factors in determining the route. There are so many options as bays in Göcek that it is impossible to visit them all by boat in 1 day. There is an island and dozens of bays on almost every side. Göcek bays and beaches You can find detailed information about Göcek bays in my article.

Daily boat trip routes in Göcek

  1. Cleopatra Hamam Bay
  2. Aquarium Bay
  3. Bedri Rahmi Bay
  4. Yassica Islands
  5. Yavansu Bay

The bays I mentioned above are generally preferred by boat tours. In Göcek, there is almost 1 bay for every 10 people.😄 As I said, Göcek has maşallah in terms of bays and beaches. God has given here in terms of beauty. With its natural beauty, virgin bays, turquoise sea, Göcek is among the most preferred places for blue cruise lovers. Especially 12 Islands Boat Tour is quite famous in this region. Now let’s move on to the details about our Gocek boat tour.

Gocek Boat Trip Experience

Boat tour, one of the must-haves of Gocek, saturates you with blue and green. We had an exquisite experience in the waters of Göcek, where we sailed with the tour we participated in. The bays we visited and their details are waiting for you below. As I said, the order of the bays may change in some cases. Our first stop is Bedri Rahmi Bay.

Bedri Rahmi Bay (Taşkaya Bay)

Gocek Boat Tour

göcek koyları ve plajları

The first stop of our Gocek boat tour route was the uniquely beautiful Bedri Rahmi Bay. Bedri Rahmi Bay, also known as Taşkaya Bay, has a really exquisite beauty. The bay has a small pier. There is also a small fisherman restaurant in the bay. In 1974, after the painter and writer Bedri Rahmi visited this place and drew a picture on a stone, this place started to be called Bedri Rahmi Bay.

Bedri Rahmi, who came here to eat fish with his friend, did not have enough money to pay the bill, so he agreed with the restaurant owner and made a fish figure here. Although this figure drawn on the rock looks like a fish, you can see that 6 animals are hidden in it.😊

Gocek Boat Tour

There are also ancient rock tombs on the slopes of Bedri Rahmi Bay. History and nature gush from everywhere. Bedri Rahmi Bay, which is a magnificent place with everything, is one of the most popular bays of Göcek. I definitely recommend you to add this natural wonder bay to your Gocek blue tour route.

Cleopatra Hamam Bay

göcek tekne turu hamam koyu

göcek koyları ve plajları kleopatra hamam koyu

Kleopatra Hamam Bay was one of the most beautiful and most crowded bays in terms of boats on our Gocek boat tour. It is really a legendary place. Both nature and history are intertwined. The reason why it is called Cleopatra Bay is that Cleopatra, the last Hellenistic queen of Ancient Egypt, is believed to have visited here.

According to the legend; Cleopatra built a bathhouse in order to bathe when she came here. In fact, the bay was once called Hamam Bay because of the ruins of this bath. It is believed that the hot water spring coming out of the ruins of the bath is the source of Cleopatra’s beauty and that this water is good for skin diseases.

Note: A snorkel is absolutely essential to enjoy bays with ruins like this one. Put on the snorkel and witness the world under the sea.

Lunch Break

göcek tekne turu yemek

After enjoying Hamam Bay, we had a lunch break on our boat. Of course, there is no energy left after swimming so much, food is a must to energise. Our meals were fresh sea bream, salad and pasta with sauce and all of them were delicious and clean. The flavour of the captain’s sea bream is not found in any restaurant, let alone other boats. While eating on the boat, the interest and smiling face of the staff made us very happy. After filling our bellies like Miss, we continued to sail the blue waters.

Aquarium Bay

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Aquarium Bay is a bay between Pig Island and Tersane Island and has a glassy sea. Among the bays we visited on our boat tour, this was the place with the most fish. So it more than lived up to its name. The ruins here are from an old lighthouse. Definitely have a snorkel with you for Aquarium Bay, which is the popular point of Gocek 12 Islands Boat Tours.

Tersane Island

göcek tersane adası

Gocek Boat Tour

Gocek’s largest island, Tersane Island, got its name because it was used as a shipyard during the Ottoman period. There are no traces of the shipyard now, but there are ruins. There are also the ruins of the old Greek settlement evacuated after the exchange. We did not stop here on our boat tour, we saw it by listening to the captain’s information and continued.

Yassica Islands

fethiye az bilinen koylar
Göcek Boat Tour Drone Shooting and Yassica Islands

Gocek Boat trip

We came to the last stop of our Gocek boat tour route Yassica Island. Yassica Islands, which have become the symbol of Gocek 12 Islands Tours, consist of many large and small islands. As you can see from the drone image, this place has a magnificent beauty. The islands are an indispensable point of Göcek blue tour routes.

Since there is a natural lake at the tip of the Yassica Islands, this place has a worldwide reputation. You can go to the summit to catch the view of the island. At the same time, you can accompany the goats by walking on the island.😊

Gocek Boat Tour Recommendation

Gocek Boat trip

göcek tekne turu tavsiyesi

If you come to Gocek and if you have time, it would be a big deficiency if you do not take a boat tour here. 12 Islands and Gocek’s unique beauty is not to return without seeing the bays. We joined a daily boat tour on the last day of our 3-day holiday. The captain of our boat is a former yacht captain and a very experienced person. The captain knows the region very well and analyses the situation of the bays very well according to the density.

Now let me give some information about the boat. The boat is a complete family boat. So you will not see anyone participating in the tour for different purposes! The captain does not allow this situation. The boat always tours under its capacity. This ensures that you are not crammed.

The boat has two floors. You can sunbathe above or sit at the tables below. Everything was very nice on our boat tour, from the food we ate, the bays we went to, the attitude of the staff to the cleanliness of the boat. The captain gives you such a sea bream that you can’t get enough of its flavour. Especially there is a sauce that you can’t get enough of. Families can choose this tour with peace of mind.

As I said, the tour participants are carefully selected. I recommend this tour to you with peace of mind and Bujuyollarda experience. If you join the tour, say hello to the captain from us, let him take good care of you.😊

For Gocek Boat Tour Reservation, you can contact the company on Whatsapp and make a reservation immediately and open to the blue waters. Just tell us the tour date and how many people will join the tour. Let me also state that there is no discount for children. Because each table is reserved for 1 family separately and a tour that is not crowded is organised. You can also get information for both Göcek daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation from the number I will give. Whatsapp/Telephone: 05304353627

Gocek Boat Tour Prices 2024

Gocek Boat trip

Prices of Gocek daily boat tours vary according to the service provided from tour company to company. But in general, Gocek Boat Tour prices for 2024 vary between $40-$50 per person. Inflation and fuel prices have also affected boat tour prices. This price includes the lunch fee. In the tour we joined in Göcek, you can choose sea bream, chicken or meatballs as the main course. It is served with pasta and salad. Watermelon is served afterwards.

If you want to join a blue cruise in Göcek, prices usually start from 1000$-1200$ at least daily. I don’t know where the price scale goes to the maximum because this yacht business is endless.😊

Gocek Daily Boat Tour Hours

The hours of Göcek Boat Tours generally start at 09:30 in the morning and end around 17:30 in the evening. However, there may be deviations of half an hour or 45 minutes, departure 10:00 return 18:00.

Note: At this point, let us state the following. In holiday regions, car parking on the coastline is usually a problem. Pay attention to parking in order not to miss the boat tour time in the morning. We usually park our car in a safe place in the town or district and join the tour. Parking is also a problem in Göcek. Therefore, set off early. No problem if you are staying in Gocek.

Gocek Boat Tour Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Gocek boat tour 2024?

Gocek daily boat tours vary in price between $40-$50. Although this price varies from company to company, it is important to get good service.

Which bays of Gocek boat tour?

Göcek boat tours generally visit bays such as Cleopatra Bath Bay, Aquarium Bay, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Yassıca Islands, Tersane Island, Yavansu Bay and Göbün Bay. The route varies from boat to boat.

Where does the 12 islands boat tour depart from?

To join the 12 islands boat tour, you must go to Gocek. You can explore the 12 islands with daily boat tours departing from Göcek coast.

Gocek boat tour recommendation We have come to the end of my article. We were extremely satisfied with the boat tour we participated in. You can browse the links below for my other articles about Göcek and other districts of Muğla. For all the details about the boat trip, you can look at Fethiye Göcek stories that I have fixed on my instagram page. Don’t forget to follow while looking. Let’s meet on deep blue routes. 💙


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    Roya Jannesari

    We are in Mugla for 3-4 days.
    Do not have a car.
    However loved your article extremely helpful on organising our day trips and places to see.
    What do you suggest for 12 island tour?
    Do we have to drive to Gocek? Or is there another way?
    We are right on the marina looking at all these boats !


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      Hi Roya, Thank you so much your kindly comment.

      A boat tour is a must to go to the 12 Islands bays. You can do this by either renting a private boat or choosing shared boat tours. You can contact the phone number in my article and make a reservation for a boat tour.

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