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Bodrum Boat Tour Recommendation | Prices | Routes | 2024

Yes, we finally had the opportunity to join the boat tour in Bodrum. Bodrum The boat tour, which we always went to and could not do, was officially stuck in us. Because every time there was a problem and we postponed the tour plan. It was a little late, but after 4 years we had the opportunity to join the boat tour.😁 It was late but really super. When we saw the uniquely beautiful blue bays of Bodrum, we were very angry with ourselves why we didn’t go on this tour before. I can clearly say that; Bodrum boat tour is an activity that everyone who steps into Bodrum should do.

Those who follow us closely know that we participate in boat tours in Muğla Olüdeniz, Göcek, Akyaka and Marmaris. Our followers were constantly messaging us that there is no boat tour you can recommend in Bodrum. We turned our route to Bodrum so that we could both explore the bays of Bodrum and collect good suggestions for you. So it was time for a Bodrum boat tour for us. We immediately made plans and set off.

When it comes to Bodrum, nightlife may come to mind in the first place, but when you see Bodrum bays and beaches, you can beat the nightlife. We have seen that when you come to Bodrum, one of the most beautiful activities you will do here should definitely be to go on a day trip or a boat tour with accommodation. If you do not have a time problem, let me tell you that blue cruise is the most beautiful. We could not get enough of the turquoise bays of Bodrum on a daily boat tour. There are so many bays and beaches in Bodrum that if you want to visit all of them, you need at least 4-5 days.

Bodrum boat tour I have a very detailed travel guide about exploring Bodrum, the beautiful district of Muğla, before moving on to my article titled Bodrum boat tour. From places to visit to the question of where to stay in Bodrum, from the bays and beaches in Bodrum to what to eat and drink in Bodrum, everything is in my Bodrum Travel Guide.😊

Fast Booking: Let me state from the beginning; Since I will write my article in detail, I leave the Bodrum daily boat tour reservation number here for easy to find. For reservation Just contact the company quickly via Whatsapp and tell them the tour date and how many people you will join the tour. They easily receive the reservation from Whatsapp. After the reservation, you can sail to the Bodrum blues on the date you specify. You can get information from this number for both daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation.
📞📞📞 Phone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Bodrum Boat Tour With All Details

Bodrum Boat Tour
Where Boat Tours Depart from in Bodrum? Where the Boats Depart from in Bodrum Kumbahçe

Bodrum daily boat tours, as the name suggests, are boat tours that last throughout the day, starting at 10.30-11.00 in the morning and ending at 17.30-18.00 in the evening. Bodrum daily boat tours usually depart from Kumbahçe in Bodrum centre. There are also boat tours departing from Gumbet as an alternative to Bodrum centre.

Note: If you are going by car to the area where the boat will depart, it is useful to leave your home or hotel half an hour early. Because it is difficult to find a car park in Bodrum. You can choose İçmeler part as a car parking place for Kumbahçe area. If you cannot find a parking space, you can park your car in the last possibility paid car parks.

As I mentioned, boat tours in Bodrum depart from 2 different places (Bodrum centre and Gumbet). The boats departing from these points prefer the routes I mentioned below under the heading Bodrum Daily Teke Tour Routes. The most preferred of these routes are the boat tours with Orak Island on the route. We joined the Orak Island tour and we were satisfied with everything. I think your boat tour route should definitely be Orak Island.

Bodrum Daily Boat Trip Recommendation and Experience

Bodrum Boat Tour

Let me state from the beginning If you are looking for a daily boat tour in Bodrum, then you are at the right place. We were very satisfied with the boat tour we participated in Bodrum. Everything from the bays we visited to the food we ate, from the interest of the staff to the environment on the tour, everything pleased us. Just tell the company officials the tour date and how many people you want to join the tour. Then they write your prescription and direct you to the tour in the most accurate way.😊🤿🏑

Yes, now let’s come to the details of our Bodrum boat tour. Let me talk about how we went to the bays and how we met with the blue.

I am leaving the contact information of the boat tour we joined for Bodrum boat tour below. You can contact directly via Whatsapp and learn the tour details and make your reservation easily. Since it is high season in summer, it is useful to act early for booking. Telephone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Note: If you want to make a private boat tour with low capacity or if you are looking for a tour with accommodation, you can get information from this number. The capacity of these boat tours is low. Accordingly, the price is higher. If your budget allows, I think a private boat is more preferable.😊

The Bays We Visited on the Bodrum Boat Tour and Our Route

With the advantage of living in the centre of Muğla, we got up early and reached Bodrum for a day trip. We parked our car on the İçmeler side and reached our boat departing from Kumbahçe around 10.30 a.m. After having breakfast on our boat with our Muğla bagels we bought from outside, we started to sail the blue waters around 11.00 a.m. and set off towards our first stop.

Bodrum boat tour routes are carried out on 2 main routes, the boats departing from Bodrum centre and Gumbet. Boats departing from these routes can follow different routes. The most preferred of these routes is Orak Island boat tour. If you are going on a boat tour for the first time in Bodrum, Orak Island Tour will be the most logical for you.

As for the bays visited on the Bodrum boat tour, this route is shaped according to the preferences of the boat captain. An average of 4-5 bays are visited on a daily boat tour. Thanks to the preferences of our captain in the bays we visited, we did not encounter many crowds in the bays. The busiest place on the tour is Orak Island. Here again, according to our captain’s arrangement of the arrival time, there was no overcrowding.

The Bodrum boat tour route we joined was Tavşan Burnu Bay – Alman Bay – Orak Island – Kızılburun Bays. We joined this tour for Orak Island, but the other bays we visited were also legendary. I would like to point out here that the 4 bays we visited may seem small in number, but the long distance between the bays and the fact that we spend more time on Orak Island causes the number of bays to be small.

Bodrum Boat Tour Bays

  1. Rabbit Cape Bay
  2. German Bay
  3. Orak Island
  4. Kizilburun Bay
  5. Meteor Bay

Rabbit Cape Bay

Bodrum Boat Tour

Bodrum Boat Tour

Rabbit Cape Bay was our first stop on the boat tour. This bay was named Rabbit because it looks like a rabbit from above. The bay has a legendary turquoise coloured sea like glass. The bay has a small beach. When you snorkel, you get the feeling of swimming in an aquarium.

We had a swimming break for about 30 minutes in this beautiful bay. We swam and snorkelled to the fullest. When you look from the boat, you can easily see 6-7 metres below the sea. With its deep blue waters, Rabbit Cape Bay got full points from us.

German Bay

alman koyu

I don’t know why they call this place German Bay, but Alman Bay is also a bay of great beauty. After our boat anchored a little offshore in the bay, we dived directly into the water. The turquoise coloured sea took us away from us.

By the way, there is no land access to any of the bays we visited on the boat tour. Therefore, since the bays are not crowded, you encounter crystal clear waters. German Bay was one of these bays. Nothing like swimming with fish 🤿🏑👙

After a swimming break in this bay, we had a lunch break. Meals such as grilled chicken, salad and pasta were served. After the lunch break, we steered to Orak Island, the place we really wanted to see.

Orak Island

Bodrum Boat Trip
Bodrum Boat Trip Recommendation – Orak Island Drone View

The photos and comments we see on the internet and social media do not reflect the truth. Because this place is far beyond what can be described in words. Orak Island is really a legendary bay. We understood this very well when we took photos with the drone. This is a bay that looks beautiful from the boat but much more beautiful from the air.

Since the main point of the tour was Orak Island, it was a bit crowded here. But we stayed in the bay for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The crowd withdrew in the last half hour and we enjoyed Orak Island beautifully. Instagram stories. Follow them while you are looking.😊

Orak Island, which has a turquoise coloured, glassy sea, conquered our hearts. But I must say that the other bays we visited were as beautiful as Orak Island. If you come to Bodrum, do not return from Bodrum without seeing this beauty even once. Location of Orak Island here.

Kizilburun Bay

Bodrum Boat Trip

Our next stop after Orak Island was Kızılburun Bay on our way back to Bodrum. There were incredible fish in this bay. It was priceless to swim with 100’s of fish, I say 100’s, you say 1000’s of fish.

Since it was the last stop, no one had much energy left, but when we saw the fish with Üstün, we couldn’t get out of the sea. This was a bay that hit our hearts from 12.

After 4 exquisitely beautiful bays, we came to the end of the boat tour in Bodrum. We wanted our boat tour to never end, but we left the harbour with the consolation that we will do it again. If you come to Bodrum, you can contact the number I gave above (Telefon/WhatsApp: 05304353627) and join the boat tour you want in Bodrum. Other details about the boat trip in Bodrum are below.

Bodrum Boat Tour Bays Visited

Bodrum Boat Tour

As I explained above, we participated in the Orac Island Boat Tour in Bodrum. Apart from that, you have many alternatives as a route. Let me also state that there is no such fixed order in the boat tour. The route order can change according to the density of the bays and the captain’s preferences. Below you can see the boat tours throughout Bodrum.

1- Boat Tours Departing from Bodrum Centre

  • Bodrum Boat Tour (Karaada Boat Tour)
  • Bodrum Orak Island Boat Tour
  • Bodrum Pirate Boat Tour

2- Boat Tours from Gumbet

  • Gumbet Boat Tour (All Inclusive)
  • Gumbet Pirate Boat Tour

Bodrum Boat Tour Bays (Karaada Boat Tour)

Bodrum Karaada Boat Tour Destinations

  • Karaada Hot Water Cave
  • Aquarium Poyraz Bay
  • Kumluk
  • Kızılburun
  • Diver’s Nose

Bodrum Orak Island Boat Tour Bays Visited

bodrum orak adası

Bodrum Orak Island Boat Tour Bays Visited

  • Orak Island
  • Kizilburun
  • Rabbit Cape
  • German Bay

Gumbet Boat Tour Bays

bodrumda gunubirlik tekne turu
Aquarium Bay

Gumbet Boat Tour Bays

  • Aquarium Bay
  • Bagla Bay
  • Camel Beach
  • Adaboğazı

Let’s come to other details. So which boat tour should I choose, which one is more beautiful. I can say that if you are looking for silence and peace, you should definitely choose the Orak Island tour. The capacity of the tour boats going to Orak Island is lower than other tour boats. Low means less crowd.

I think you should save the Bodrum Karaada tour for later. Apart from these tours, there are also tours with pirate boats. On pirate boats, music is played during the cruise and sometimes even a DJ performance is performed. If you want more movement and dance, you can choose pirate boat tours. The route of pirate boat tours is the same as the route of other normal boat tours.

Bodrum Boat Tour Hours

bodrumda tekne turu
Bodrum Boat Tour Hours (10.30-18.00)

As I mentioned above, Bodrum boat tour hours start at 10.30 in the morning and end at 18.00 in the evening. The boats return from wherever they depart. You must reserve 1 day for the boat tour. It is most logical to have breakfast in the morning and join the boat tour. Lunch is usually included in the tour fee, so there is no problem in terms of eating and drinking.

Bodrum Boat Tour Vlog

Bodrum Private Boat Tour

Yes, the part I mentioned until this title was for Bodrum daily boat tours. You can think of Bodrum daily boat tours in 2 ways. The first one is the boats with high capacity working in the form of filled boats and the other is more special, that is, daily private boats with lower capacity. The boat I described above falls into the daily boat class that works as a full boat.

Now let me talk a little bit about what are the differences between day trips and private boats. Bodrum private boat tours are organised in a more boutique way. The maximum capacity is 15 and the tour is special for you. If you are going on a boat tour with a group of friends, I think the private boat tour is for you. Of course, private boat tour is more expensive than normal boat tour. But you can determine everything in the bay you want in the time you want and hang out according to your head.

bodrum özel tekne turu

So which one should you prefer? I think if your budget allows, especially if you are going on a boat tour with a group of friends, you should prefer a private boat tour. You are more free on a private boat tour. You can stop and enjoy as much as you want wherever you want. The next stage of the daily private boat is the boat tour with accommodation. Accommodation boat tours are also organised for at least 3 days. This is called a blue cruise journey.

In summary, which boat tour you choose depends on your personal preference and budget. You can contact the number I mentioned for either a daily full boat, a daily private boat or a boarding boat tour. Telephone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Bodrum Boat Tour Prices 2024

bodrumda tekne turu fiyatları

Daily boat tour prices in Bodrum vary from company to company. The daily boat tour we participated in costs 40 $ per person including lunch. Lunch includes grilled chicken, pasta and salad. The prices I have given below are valid for 2024.

Bodrum Boat Tour Prices 2024

  • Bodrum Boat Tour price 40 $ per person.
  • Bodrum Orak Island boat tour price 40 $ per person
  • Bodrum Pirate Boat Tour price 50 $ per person
  • Gumbet Boat tour price 50 $ per person.

Other Details:

  • Boat tours are half-fare for children aged 6-12 years and free for children aged 0-6 years.
  • Bodrum daily boat tour includes lunch (grilled chicken, pasta, salad) and fruit. Drinks are extra.

Things to Consider in Daily Boat Tours

bodrum tekne turu

Boat tours are really a type of activity where you can have fun and relieve your stress beautifully. However, if you do not pay attention to some important points on these tours, the boat tour you go on may have bad consequences for you. Please pay attention to the points I have listed below and have a smooth boat tour.

What to Consider on Daily Boat Tours

  • Do not forget to take sun cream with you. If possible, make sure it is a high factor cream.
  • You can buy moisturising cream for your body after sunbathing.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses, flip flops and sea shoes.
  • If you want to see the undersea beautifully, you can buy a snorkel.
  • I don’t need to tell you about towels, hats, swimsuits and shorts.
  • Do not jump directly into the sea from the high parts of the boat. Unfortunately, we have seen those who slipped and fell:(
  • When leaving the sea, your feet will be wet, so be careful where you step to avoid slipping.
  • Since some boats do not dock at the shore, you can take a waterproof case with you if you want to take photos with your phone on the beach.
  • You can take medication for nausea or dizziness caused by the wave.
  • If you are going to drive from your location to the location of the boat, it is very important to park your car in a safe place. Do not encounter a surprise after the boat.
  • It will be useful to bring a separate special bag for your personal belongings.
  • If possible, join the tour without wearing a wedding ring.
  • It is useful to book in advance due to high season occupancy rates.

Bodrum Boat Trip Frequently Asked Questions

2024 How much is a boat trip in Bodrum?

The price of Bodrum daily boat tours can vary from boat to boat. But in general, the cost of Bodrum daily boat tours varies between 40$ – 50$. This fee includes lunch as a general concept. These tours last an average of 8 hours and there is a swimming break in about 4-5 bays.

Which bays do Bodrum boat tours go to?

Bodrum boat tours follow the Orak Island and Karaada routes. Both routes are quite beautiful. On the Bodrum Orak Island tour, you can go to Tavşan Burnu Bay, Alman Bay, Orak Island, Kızılburun Bay and Meteor Bay respectively. The route can vary from boat to boat.

Which is the most beautiful bay in Bodrum?

In my opinion, the most beautiful bay of Bodrum is by far Orak Island. You can see this bay, which I described in detail above, on Orak Island boat tours.

Bodrum boat tour recommendation and experience We have come to the end of my article. Below I leave the link to other boat tours I have participated in. If you want to take a boat tour in other districts of Muğla, you can evaluate it.

If you have any questions about the boat tour and Bodrum, you can contact me by commenting below. I will return within 24 hours. If you want to see our Bodrum boat tour experience, you can look at the stories I have fixed to Instagrama. Don’t forget to follow while looking. I wish everyone happy and peaceful travels.😊

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