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Places to Visit in Cancun : Top 13 Things To Do

With the happiness of realising our dream trip to Mexico, I am starting my article on Cancun places to visit. During our 8-day trip to Mexico, we visited Cancun, Tulum and Chichen Itza. The name of the feeling we felt for this geography, which fascinated us with everything, is literally love at first sight.

We fell in love with its history and nature. Mexican cuisine has established a throne in our hearts. Although the jetlag effect on the one hand, the transition from winter to summer on the other hand, and our busy travel schedule battered us, we woke up to each new day with our desire to explore and our love for Mexico. We put a big tick in Chichen Itza, one of the new 7 wonders of the world, which is high on our bucket list.

In my Where to visit in Cancun article, in addition to the places you can go in the centre of Cancun, you will also see Holbox Island and Playa Del Carmen. Of course, when you come to Cancun, it is impossible to return without seeing Chichen Itza and the places around it. But since Chichen Itza deserves a separate programme and article, I have written this place under another article. The link to my article is here.

Before moving on to my list of places to visit in Cancun, I think you should definitely read Mexico Travel Guide : Everything You Need to Know, which I think you should definitely read. I am sure this article will make your work in Mexico much easier. (

Map of Places To Visit in Cancun

I added Holbox Island, Playa Del Carmen and Isla Mujures Island to the list of places to visit in Cancun on Google map. You can visit the centre of Cancun by taxi, but a car is a must for the other places I mentioned. Plus, if you want to add Chichen Itza to these places, renting a car will be much more practical for your itinerary. We travelled here by renting a car for 8 days. Otherwise, it was impossible to visit so many places without a car.

Cancun Places to Visit (Below is the ranking. You can also zoom on the map.)

Cancun Attractions List

  1. Playa Delfines
  2. Museo Maya de Cancun
  3. El Rey
  4. Cancún Underwater Museum
  5. Interactive Aquarium Cancun
  6. Coco Bongo
  7. Playa Langosta
  8. Isla Mujeres
  9. Parque de Las Palapas
  10. Mercado 28
  11. Playa Del Carmen
  12. Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue)
  13. Playa Holbox

Places To Visit in Cancun

Our list of places to visit in Cancun consists of 13 places. Most of these places are located along Cancun’s famous long coastline, known as the Hotel District.

There are historical places and beautiful beaches on the list. Cancun is a place that can offer you what you expect from a holiday. If you plan a trip to Cancun, I am sure you will come back satisfied.

After the places to visit, I tried to list everything you need to know before going to Cancun. Do not pass without reading those titles. Yes, now our first stop in Cancun is Playa Delfines, an exquisite beach.

Playa Delfines

Places to Visit in Cancun

Playa Delfines may be the cleanest beach not only in Cancun but also in Mexico. We have never seen such an organised and clean beach anywhere. If garbage falls on the ground, the cleaning staff work as if they will take and destroy it in 5 seconds. The sea is also very beautiful. Landscaping and sea got 10 out of 10 full points from us.

Another nice thing about this beach is that there are umbrellas and they are free. White sand, a beautiful sea, what more could one ask for. Lifeguards, free toilets, showers and changing rooms, everything is super. Delfines really suits Cancun very well.

They don’t accept those who don’t take photos with the letters CANCUN on the observation deck of this beach to Cancun.😃 The view of both the beach and the Caribbean is legendary here. If you are looking for a clean place to swim in Cancun, this place is 100% recommended.

  • Playa Delfines Entrance Fee: The beach does not have any entrance fee.
  • Location: Playa Delfines

Mayan Museum of Cancun

A place you should see in Cancun is Maya Museum. Yes, the options other than the sea, sand and sun in Cancun holiday region are not very attractive to people, but learning the history of the place you go to makes people travel more consciously. Therefore, when you come to Cancun, I think you should visit the Mayan Museum.

The Mayan museum is located in the Cancun hotels area. This is a very big museum as a building. You park your car and buy an entrance ticket for the museum from the box office. Then you walk in a spiral structure and come to the entrance door of the museum exhibition hall. After visiting this part, there are historical ruins in the open area of the museum. You can also visit this open area if you wish.

Let’s come inside the museum. The museum houses one of the most important archaeological collections of Mayan culture in Mexico. Not only from the Quintana Roo State but also from Palenque, Chichén Itzá and Comalcalco.

In the first room of the museum there are artifacts found in the state of Quintana Roo. The works are exhibited chronologically according to the period in which they appeared. The sequence begins with the oldest burials found in submerged caves off the coast of Quintana Roo, continuing through the history of monumental sites in the south of the state to the rise of the northern region, or East Coast. Funerary rituals, architectural elements and household items used by the Maya of Quintana Roo throughout their two-thousand-year history are exhibited in this room.

The second room of the museum deals with the general way of life of the Mayan civilisation. In this room, the relationship of the Maya with the environment, the origin, development and decline of their cities, their economic activities from agriculture to trade, the characteristics of the ruling elite and the wars between them, the most important cultural expressions such as writing and the calendar, and some rituals such as the ball game are depicted. This ball game is something very different. You may get a chill when you read the descriptions.😨 In the third and last room of the museum, the theme of the museum and the presentation of temporary exhibitions are shown.

As a couple who love history and archaeology, we liked the Mayan Museum. The building was big but not very full. It was nice to learn the history of the Mayans by seeing the artefacts. After leaving the building, you can also visit San Miguelito garden and the temple ruins here.

  • Maya Museum Entrance Fee: Entrance fee per person 85 Pesos
  • Museum Visiting Hours: 09.00 – 18.00
  • Location: Museo Maya de Cancún

El Rey

Places to Visit in Cancun
Places to Visit in Cancun : El Rey

El Rey Ruins is one of the most important archaeological sites in Cancun. While it was a small settlement in the early days, it developed economically and architecturally between 1200 and 1550 AD.

According to research, El Rey was one of the most important places for maritime trade and fishing activities in the nearby San Miguelito.

After the Spanish occupation, the settlement system on the East Coast was disorganised, which caused the population of El Rey to disappear in a short time.

Don’t expect to see much at the El Rey archaeological site. There is a lot of destruction. If you are staying in the hotel area or if you are interested in history, you can visit here. There are also quite a lot of iguana here. When you come, you will see that you are very likely to encounter them. 😊

  • El Rey Ruins Entrance Fee: Entrance fee per person 80 Pesos
  • Visit Hours: 08.00 – 17.00
  • Location: El Rey Ruins

Cancún Underwater Museum

Places to Visit in Cancun

Another place to visit in Cancun is the Cancún Underwater Museum. This museum features 500 sculptures underwater, many by British sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor and others by five Mexican sculptors.

After the largest coral reef in Cancún, the Manchones Reef, was damaged by divers and snorkelers, the idea of establishing such a museum in another area was put forward to remove people from this reef. In 2013, this museum was established by placing 500 sculptures underwater.

This museum is run by an organisation. You buy the tour package you want from the website and dive underwater. There are 4 types of tours Snorkelling, Diving, Jungle Tour and Glass Bottom Tour.

  • Web Site of the Organising Company:

Interactive Aquarium Cancun

Places to Visit in Cancun

If you are a family with children, this is the activity for you. Interactive Aquarium in Cancun is a small aquarium in terms of area. It will not take much time to visit.

You can see many kinds of fish in the aquarium. There are about 1200 kinds of sea creatures. On the upper floor there are sharks.

The most ideal show for children may be the dolphin show. Groups of 8 people can attend this show for 120 dollars. This fee includes a trip to the aquarium. To swim with dolphins only, you have to pay 80 dollars.

Here you can take an aquarium walk and witness the life of sea creatures up close. For detailed information and tour packages, you can visit the website below.

Coco Bongo

Places to Visit in Cancun
Cancun Attractions : Coco Bongo

If you have a lot of time in Cancun, it is impossible not to go out at night. If you are going to go out at night, the best address is Coco Bongo.

In this club, concept shows are performed with beautiful costumes. There are shows of about 10-15 minutes and they play music with videos on giant screens at every interval. And then dance.

For Coco Bongo, you need to open your mouth a little. The tickets you buy are in the form of membership. For example, the gold membership is around 150 dollars. The lowest package is around 90 dollars. You have to pay 195 dollars to watch the shows from the front. There is also a VIP Table application. If you are coming with many people, you can evaluate this application.

Many agencies sell entrance tickets to the venue, but you can also buy tickets yourself. The shows start at 8 pm and end at 11 pm, then you can dance until 2 am. You can go here both to have fun and to watch beautiful shows. By the way, you should be informed that beach parties are also organised in this club.

  • For Official Website and Ticket Sales:
  • Location: Coco Bongo (Forum By The Sea)

Playa Langosta

cancun gezilecek yerler

We arrived at Playa Langosta, the favourite beach of Cancun locals. This is a wide white sandy beach and a favourite spot not only for locals but also for tourists.

Split in two by a long jetty, Playa Langosta has calm, shallow, crystal clear waters like most of the other beaches on the north side of the Cancun Hotel Zone. It is ideal for families with small children and those who just want to relax by the sea.

There is a business on the beach and there are toilets and a playground on site. Make preparations at the point of food and beverage. You can bring your own towel and chair and hang out on the beach as you wish.

  • Playa Langosta Entrance Fee: This is a public beach. There is no entrance fee. There is free car parking.
  • Hours of Visit: Entrance from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Location: Playa Langosta

Isla Mujeres

ısla mujeres

Isla Mujeres, the island of women, is a beauty that you should definitely spend a day and visit in your list of places to visit in Cancun. The fact that the island is very close to Cancun and is easily accessible makes it even more attractive. Isla Mujeres is like a vow to give you the Caribbean holiday you dream of. Get ready to spend an unforgettable day with its long beach and the sea where you can see the sweetest shades of blue.

We preferred to go to Isla Mujeres by tour. Private tours take you to the island by catamaran. The journey itself is an experience in itself. If you come across a fun team, I can say that it will be very enjoyable. As part of the tour, you have unlimited alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks on the catamaran all day long. The staff is incredibly attentive, they are always around you asking what you want to drink.

After a pleasant journey, we anchor off the island and have a half hour swimming break. Then we go to the beach club for lunch. The place we go to is located on the Playa Del Mar beach of the island. Here, an open buffet lunch and unlimited drinks are included in the tour package. After a pleasant lunch, we get on the catamaran again and go to Playa Norte, the centre of the island.

There is 2 hours free time here. If you wish, you can visit the souvenir shops in downtown and taste tequila. You can also swim. The beach is suitable for you to lay your towel and sunbathe. There are also many places to rent sunbeds and umbrellas for those who are fond of comfort.

As I mentioned above, we went to Isla Mujeres with Fantastic Tour. We also joined the Holbox Island tour with the same company. You can find the contact information of the company in Holbox section.

Individual Ferry to Isla Mujeres – Return

You can reach Isla Mujeres from the Ultramar ferry terminal departing from Puerto Juarez. There are several ferries a day from here to Isla. A round trip from Cancun to Isla Mujeres costs 300 pesos for 1 adult. You can get detailed information from this link.

Parque de Las Palapas

meksika sokak lezzetleri

Parque de Las Palapas is one of the best places to taste Mexican flavours. This place is divided into small little shops and all businesses sell food as a menu. Do not expect to see luxury restaurants here.

Prices are written in almost all of the places. Do not expect too much in terms of hygiene because these are the street flavours of Mexico. There are also festivals and celebrations in Las Palapas.

They sell flavours such as tacos, espanados in the form of chicken, beef or pork. We didn’t eat anything here because we weren’t very hungry. To be honest, we didn’t appetite a bit 😃 We just took a few photos and continued on our way. The location of Parque de Las Palapas is here.

Mercado 28

Places to Visit in Cancun
Abla is lurking as you can see 😀

If you want to buy souvenirs in Cancun, you can choose Mercado 28. In fact, they should prefer this place. Why because it is cheaper here.

After parking our car in the car park, we entered here. We did, but we have never seen such sticky shopkeepers. We were going to leave at some point, we said a little more patience. We entered a shop, we said okay, we will buy from here, the woman is constantly trying to give us a basket. 10 pieces for 100 pesos. We say we won’t buy 10, she says take the basket. In other words, whether you go in or not, this place has a sticky shopkeeper.

There is a place selling Mexican food right in the middle of Mercado 28. It was packed when we went there. If you get hungry, you can also consider this place.

In summary, if you want to buy something cheap in Cancun, you can evaluate this place. Let me also say that you should definitely bargain. Remember, if you are a tourist in Cancun, you are a walking dollar. Location here.

Playa Del Carmen

cancun gezilecek yerler
Cancun Attractions : Monument in Playa Del Carmen

We visited Playa Del Carmen on our way back to Cancun from Tulum. Tulum is not a very developed place in terms of development. That’s what we thought Playa Del Carmen was like, but what do we see?

Playa is really a very developed beach city. If we had time, we thought we should hang out here a bit more. The place had a really cool atmosphere with its beautiful cafes, restaurants and shops.

Playa also gave us an unforgettable moment. We went to pick up our car from where we parked, and we looked and saw that they had attached a huge thing to the wheel of the car. They glued something on the windscreen. Everything is in Spanish. Üstün asked someone and learnt the way. Of course he got a parking ticket. And 580 Pesos.😥 Üstün paid at a place called Oxxo and then called the number on the receipt. They came and dismantled the apparatus. So Playa sent us off with a 580 peso fine. My advice is to choose where to park your car in Mexico.

This negative situation did not prevent us from loving Playa Del Carmen. Playa, which is exactly between Cancun and Tulum, has very nice hotels and beaches. If you are planning a trip to this area, I recommend you to spend 1 or 2 days in Del Carmen.

Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue)

Quinta Avenida

Let’s come to Quinta Avenida, the busiest street of Playa Del Carmen. This street is closed to traffic and is about 3 km long. It is so lively and beautiful that this vibrancy gave us life.

Quinta Avenida has many shops, restaurants, boutique hotels and bars. The places are quite high quality. Brands are all top level. In the evening, when the street was colourful and the breeze was light, it was very pleasant to walk here.

On the way to this street, we saw a place called Istanbul Cafe and we were very touched.😃 The end of this street leads in front of the famous statue of Playa Del Carmen. A Mayan show coincided with us, which was very nice. When you come to Playa Del Carmen, be sure to stop by here. Be careful not to pay a parking fine like us.😃

The location of Quinta Avenida 5th Avenue is here.


cancun gezilecek yerler holbox

We came to Holbox, the most remote but most beautiful place on the list of places to visit in Cancun. Holbox is an island. And what an island! It is like the Mexican branch of Maldives with its turquoise sea and white fine sands. Moreover, it has such beautiful beaches that you may think you have fallen into paradise.

We went to Holbox with Fantastic Tours. It starts very early in the morning. When I say early, I mean really early. 05.30 or so 😃 According to the location of the hotel you are staying in, the vehicle collects all the participants in order and sets off. The journey is to Chiquila. If you want to go individually and not with the tour, you will get on your watercraft to Holbox from the Chiquila pier. The round trip ferry ticket between Chiquila and Holbox costs an average of 15 USD. Since this fee is included in the tour, we did not make any payment.

After arriving in Chiquila with a journey of about 2 hours, we board the speedboat and our first stop is Yalahau. This is a cenote about 30 minutes from Holbox. For many years Yalahau was used as a natural fresh water source for Holbox. Our tour gives a swimming break for about 1 hour in the cenote. It is compulsory to wear a life jacket here. You do not need to pay an extra fee. There is also a restaurant at the entrance where you can eat and drink something. This open cenote in the forest is like a hidden paradise.

Then we get on our boat again and head to Passion Island. This small island is 15 minutes away from Holbox. It is a place of great beauty where you can observe birds in their natural habitat and you will feel like you are on a deserted island in the famous question of if you fall on a deserted island. After about 20 minutes of photo break, we are back on the boat and hop on Punta Mosquito.

Punta Mosquito is the perfect place to walk for kilometres in the middle of the sea. The shallow turquoise water waiting for you under the bright Caribbean sun invites you to take a peaceful walk along the wide stretches of sandy beach. If you are lucky, you can even see flamingos around Punta Mosquito. This is truly a legendary place.

And here we are at Holbox. We enjoy our lunch, which is included in the tour, and enjoy our 2 hours of free time. We take photos in front of the famous Holbox sign, explore the beach and immerse ourselves in the warm turquoise waters. Time passes so fast that we are experiencing the fastest 2 hours of our lives.

The tour was incredibly enjoyable. We were very satisfied. Irıs Mrs, who worked in the sales department on the tour, helped us at every point. You can easily contact her on Whatsapp. Iris answers every point you have in mind. If you are going to visit Cancun with the tour, I definitely recommend this company. If you say I came with the advice of Bujuyollarda, you will get 5% discount.😊

holbox passion island

If you say I want to go to the places on the island individually, you will see that there are places selling tour packages on the island. In summary, I list Holbox Island places to visit below. You should definitely see these places. The location of the island is here.

Holbox Island Attractions:

  • Holbox Centre Beach
  • Passion Island
  • Punta Mosquito
  • Yalahau

What to Eat in Cancun & My Venue Recommendations

For the answer to the question What to eat in Cancun, we had the opportunity to experience a few places in our limited time. In Cancun, where you can taste Mexican flavours, you have many alternatives at the point of eating. From street flavours to luxury restaurants, you can find places that will appeal to every budget in Cancun.

We have experienced two places and we were very satisfied with these places. I wholeheartedly recommend these places. But always do your specific research before going anywhere.

100% Natural Cancun

cancunda ne yenir

If you want to have a particularly nice breakfast in Cancun, I wholeheartedly recommend 100% Natural. Almost all products here are natural. The business buys some of the products they serve from the villagers to support the locals. The other part is produced by themselves.

The business’s perspective on nature is really beautiful. They have added a different perspective to themselves as a mission. The place has a very nice courtyard. You eat your meal in a lush green environment.

There is not only breakfast here, of course. You can also have lunch or dinner. We preferred fajita and it was very good. You should also try the smooths here. Open until 20.30, 100% Natural is located here.

Pizzaiolo Cancún

cancunda ne yenir

We went to Pizzaiolo on our last day in Cancun. Why because Mexican flavours don’t stick after an hour. You start to see tacos everywhere and tortillas everywhere. Since the flour of tortilla bread is a bit heavy, the body signals that enough is enough. So we found ourselves in Pizzaiolu Cancun in search of a different flavour.

In this beautiful restaurant, first of all, the staff is very polite and attentive. Although we had trouble with English, we were able to communicate with hand gestures and Google translate.

We ordered pizza and pasta as an order. Such a pizza came that it had a great size. We might as well not order the pasta. The food was very tasty. We made our warning in advance because we don’t eat pork. Because pork is consumed quite a lot in Mexico.

The ambience of the place was very nice. It had a simple and elegant design. If you are looking for something different other than Mexican flavours in Cancun, definitely put this place on your list. The location of the place is here.

Where to stay in Cancun?

cancun'da nerede kalınır

Where to stay in Cancun Cancun is literally a holiday paradise. There are beautiful hotels in the hotels area here. Of course, the places in the hotels area are more luxurious and salty. As an alternative to the hotel zone, you can also stay in Cancun centre. The hotels here are more affordable than the hotel zone.

If you say I want to relax in a 5-star hotel, you can arrange a place from the accommodation in the hotels area. Most of the list of Cancun places to visit I wrote above is also located in the hotels area. It can also be convenient for you in terms of travelling.

Let’s come to the question of where we stayed in Cancun. There are many hotel alternatives in Cancun, but we heard something very, very different and we chose this place. We really had a very different experience. We had such an experience for the first time in our lives and we were very pleased. We said that we were glad we chose this place. Where did we stay in Cancun. We stayed at Cancun Yellow Kapsule Hotel.

You may have heard of capsule hotels. You know, you stay in the capsule, it’s like a space shuttle. I won’t write too much about the hotel, because the Vlog I took about this hotel tells everything. Let me summarise; If you come to Cancun, I highly recommend Yellow Capsule Hotel. You can choose this place for a different accommodation experience. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment here or on Youtube.

Yellow Capsule Hotel Contact Details:

  • Web Site:
  • Address: Blvd Cumbres SM 310 MZ 109 LT4, Local 30, 2do Piso, 77560 Cancun
  • Phone: +52 998 234 4526
  • Location: Yellow Capsule Hotel

Know These Before You Go To Cancun !

Where is Cancun?

Cancun Nerede
Cancun Attractions : Holbox Punta Mosquito

Cancun is located at the easternmost tip of Mexico, within the state of Quintana Roo. Historically the land of the Mayas, Cancun is geographically located in the north-east of the Yucatan Peninsula.

This beautiful location of Cancun has added great value both historically and in terms of tourism. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Caribbean, Cancun’s location on the map here.

How to get to Cancun?

Cancun'a nasıl gidilir
Cancun Attractions : Isla Mujeres Catamaran Tour

How to get to Cancun from Turkey  The only way to get to Cancun from Turkey is by air. There is also a sea route, but I honestly don’t know how. We will talk about the details of transport by air.

There is a direct flight to Cancun from Turkey. THY has a direct flight to Cancun. So if you wish, you can fly directly from Istanbul to Cancun. Of course, this is a little more salty.

We reached Cancun by connecting flight. It was quite a long journey for us. We travelled with Air France on the way there and KLM Airlines on the way back. On the way to Cancun, we travelled as Istanbul-Paris-Cancun and on the way back as Cancun-Amsterdam-Istanbul.

The planes were very comfortable. On the ocean voyage, there were 2 times meal service and unlimited snacks both on departure and on return. There were many activities such as films, music and games on the seat back screens.

How many days to visit Cancun?

cancun gezilecek yerler

Your total time to visit the places I mentioned above is 3 or 4 days. You can spend 1 day in Isla Mujures, 1 day in Holbox and the remaining 1 or 2 days in Cancun centre. If you add Chichen Itza to the Cancun plan, you should spend another +1 day here.

During the periods I mentioned, you should get up early in the morning and make the most of the day. Otherwise the day dies. Especially for Holbox and Chichen Itza, you have to be up at 6 am.

When to go to Cancun?

When to go to Cancun  The best period to go to Cancun is between November and April between. During this season you can expect sunny weather and high prices 😃

During our 8-day trip to Cancun and Tulum, it rained only 2 days, the rest of the days were very sunny and hot.

What Season to Go to Cancun ? As I said, the ideal time for Cancun is between November – April. It is likely to be sunnier between February and April. We were in Cancun in March and the weather was fine except for 1 day. Of course, all situations can change when it comes to nature.

Car hire in Cancun

cancun araç kiralama

We spent a total of 8 days in Cancun, Tulum and Chichen Itza. During these 8 days, we travelled everywhere with the car we rented in Cancun. We had arranged our car while we were in Turkey. When we arrived in Cancun, company officials picked us up and took us to their offices near the airport. After filling out a short form here, we received our Suzuki Vitara brand vehicle.

When renting a car, in addition to the daily payment 150 Dollars we gave a deposit. After we delivered our car, we got 150 Dollars back again. It was a very simple, very easy process for us.

For car hire Sky Blue Rent a Car we preferred the company. The company official Daniel helped us very, very much. He told us that our driving licence in Turkey is also valid here. During 8 days we did not come across any police control. Let me state once again that this situation is valid for Cancun and Tulum.

When renting a car, it is useful to pay attention to the following points.

  • A new car, if possible. It’s no good if an old car gives you trouble.
  • Ask for the vehicle registration and make sure it is in the car.
  • Check every part of the vehicle. Both if there is a different item and if there are dents and scratches, detect them and definitely take a photo of them.
  • Check the fuel level of the vehicle. Deliver it at the level at which you bought it.
  • Keep a copy of the car hire form in the car.
  • Watch your speed. You don’t want to get caught on the radar.
  • Parking was quite a problem in Tulum and Cancun. We even paid 580 Peso parking fine in Playa Del Carmen, so be careful where you park your car.
  • Your offline map always on your phone.
  • If you are going to do a lot of kilometres, prefer a low-combustion vehicle if possible.

Shopping in Cancun

Cancun is a very developed place in terms of shopping. There are many shopping options from modern shopping places to shabby places.

You can buy Mexican souvenirs from these places and spend pleasant moments. Especially in La Isla Shopping Village you can find world famous brands. Below I leave a list of places where you can shop in Cancun.

Cancun Shopping Spots

  • La Isla Shopping Village
  • Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center
  • Mercado 28
  • Las Plazas Outlet Cancun
  • Luxury Avenue Cancun

Is Cancun Expensive?

cancun pahalı mı ucuz mu
Cancun Attractions : Holbox Island

Is Cancun Expensive ? Yes Cancun is an expensive place. We even thought Tulum was more expensive, but on the contrary Cancun is more expensive. After all, it is a holiday region, yes, but they can be a little more ruthless.

In Mexico, bargaining should be obligatory, not sunnah. The men open their mouths from the top of the hill. The price of the goods he says is 250 pesos can drop to 50 pesos. So feel free to bargain here. Since people see you directly as a dollar, bargaining becomes an inevitable reality.

I wrote the entrance fees of the places to visit in Cancun one by one in my list. Compared to the places in Tulum, the entrance fees here are a little more humane. Other than that, the conditions are generally the same. Car parking in Cancun is troublesome, you need to be extra careful not to get a ticket in this regard.

Cancun Stories on Instagram

For our adventures in Cancun, you can check out my Cancun stories that I pinned on Instagram. You can see not only Cancun but also Tulum and Chichen Itza in the stories. I guess you won’t forget to press the follow button after watching my stories.😀

Cancun places to visit We have come to the end of my article. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below. If I am not travelling, the answer will come within 24 hours. May you always have peaceful and happy travels.😊

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