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Places to Visit in Tulum : Top 20 Things To Do

If you have started preparations to go to Tulum, Mexico and are searching for a list of places to visit in Tulum, you are at the right place. We explored almost every part of Tulum for 3 days and came up with a nice list for you. As a result of our 3-day Tulum trip, let me tell you that we loved it here.😍

Tulum is rapidly becoming the popular holiday destination of recent years. Social media plays a very effective role in this situation. Because many photographic points of Tulum add fame to the fame of this place.

Tulum is an exotic place with its unique bohemian atmosphere and special places on the coastline. There are so many different concept venues behind the trees and mysterious vegetation that world-renowned celebrities come here to taste this atmosphere. For those who know, Şeyma Subaşı likes this place very much 😃

While Tulum has a cool atmosphere on the one hand, on the other hand, it is a place that has not completed its development with its streets in the centre. Roads and ongoing constructions may lower your expectations a little. Nevertheless, the streets in the centre reflect the Mexican culture much better. Especially when you dive into the side streets in the centre, you say this is Mexico. Do not leave Tulum without tasting the street delicacies in the centre of Tulum (The street where the Town Hall is located). My venue recommendations will be below.

Important Note: Before you go to Tulum, Mexico, you should definitely read Mexico Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know (https://bujuyollarda.com/en/mexico-travel-guide/). I am sure you will find the answer to many questions here.

Tulum Vlog

Map of Places To Visit in Tulum

Places to visit in Tulum are generally close to each other. Only Coba Archaeological Site and the surrounding Casa Maya Village and Cenote Tankach-Ha are far from other places. If possible, renting a car for these places will save you a lot of time. We visited the places to visit in Tulum by car and we did not have any problems in Tulum except for parking.

I have listed the places to visit in Tulum close to each other. We visited these places in a mixed way. As you know, some things can develop instantly while travelling. You can still make your own travel plan according to the proximity.

Although Xpu Ha and Akumal Beaches on my list are far from Tulum, you can choose these two if you are looking for white sand and a beautiful sea. If your time in Tulum is very limited, you can also swim in Playa Paraiso. If you have enough time in Tulum or if you are going to Tulum for the 2nd time, you can go to the paradise called Bacalar. We could not go here due to limited time. We heard from many people that Bacalar is a beautiful place.

As in every article, in this article, I am adding a map of the places to visit for your convenience and to make your own travel plan. Below you can find the list of Tulum Attractions on the map.

Tulum Attractions Map (You can zoom in on the map, click on the numbers)

Places To Visit in Tulum

  1. Xpu Ha (Plaj)
  2. Playa Akumal
  3. Dos Ojos Cenote
  4. Casa Tortuga Cenote
  5. Tulum Cervecería *
  6. Tulum Ancient City
  7. Playa Paraiso
  8. Sfer Ik
  9. Selina Tulum *
  10. Ahau Tulum *
  11. Hun Tulum *
  12. Matcha Mama *
  13. Follow That Dreams *
  14. Laguna de Kaan Luum
  15. Centre of Tulum
  16. Cenote Calavera
  17. Gran Cenote
  18. Casa Maya Village
  19. Cobá
  20. Cenote Tankach-Ha

Places To Visit in Tulum

Tulum places to visit There is nothing on our list. Natural beauties, exquisite white sandy beaches, Cenotes, historical sites … Whatever you expect from a holiday, Tulum gives you more than enough of them. Especially if you went to Tulum while winter was happening in Turkey like us, do not touch your pleasure with the sea, sand, sun trio.

As I said, Tulum is a very popular place on social media. The reason for this is that there are places where you can take beautiful photos here. In other words, it’s an Instagrammer’s paradise.😊 I added these places to the list of places to visit because I wanted you to have beautiful photos when you go.😍 All of the places to take photos in Tulum are located on the coastline except Cervecería. For your information, I put an asterisk (*) at the end of these titles in my list.

Before moving on to the list of places to visit, let me mention one more thing. It is said that there are more than 6000 cenotes on the Yucatan Peninsula. Tulum has also had its share of these cenotes. But the Mexicans were also vigilant and commercialised these cenotes. The entrance fee for most of the cenotes has skyrocketed after the pandemic. As such, we could not go to every cenote below. If we did, we would probably return to Turkey with our hearth sunk.😃

I have written the most popular cenotes in Tulum, the choice depends on you and your budget. You can also check https://bujuyollarda.com/en/cenotes-in-mexico/ for much more detailed information about cenotes. Let’s move on to our list, shall we?

Xpu Há (Beach)

Places To Visit in Tulum

Although Xpu Ha Beach is far from Tulum, you can choose this place if you are looking for a white sandy beach on the coastline. This beach seemed cleaner to us than the beaches in the centre of Tulum. The beach is quite long and beautiful. It is really peaceful to watch the trace left by your steps while walking in the sea. A tropical place, white sand, a warming sun and an exquisite sea. What more could one ask for.

Let’s come to the details of the beach. When travelling from Tulum to Playa Del Carmen, you turn right and reach Xpu Ha Beach on a dirt road. After parking your car in a suitable place, you walk through the palm trees to the beach. We had heard that there was an entrance fee here, but no one charged us anything.

The sand at Xpu Ha Beach is quite soft, the sea is shallow and clean. Compared to other beaches, there was much less seaweed here. There are also businesses on the beach, but generally people were laying their own towels and enjoying themselves. We did the same and enjoyed the sea. If you wish, you can rent umbrellas and chairs from the businesses for 300-400 pesos. If you do not prefer any business, do not forget to take drinks and food with you. Also, take your snorkel with you when you come here. You are very likely to encounter fish and stingrays. Xpu Ha Beach got full points from us.

  • Xpu Ha Beach Entrance Fee: 60 Pesos per person (I don’t know if we entered from the wrong place, but we were not charged.😃)
  • Location: Xpu Ha Plajı

Playa Akumal

Places To Visit in Tulum

There are beautiful hotels on the Tulum – Playa Del Carmen road. Although these hotels close many beaches, another beautiful place where you can swim is Playa Akumal.

When it comes to Playa Akumal, the first thing that comes to mind is turtles. But you are unlikely to encounter turtles because they are under protection. To see the turtles, you need to arrange a guide for about 300 pesos. Here you can also see underwater coral reefs and other sea creatures. Snorkelling is a must.

Car parking on the beach costs 50 pesos. You can bring your own food, drinks and umbrella and enjoy the beach. There are also restaurants on the beach and sunbed hire is available.

Akumal Beach has a very shallow sea. The wave can be more or less depending on the season. It is a very suitable place for families with children. You can choose Playa Akumal for turquoise waters and white sand.💯

Dos Ojos Cenote

Places To Visit in Tulum

There are many cenotes you can go to in Tulum. If you try to go to all of these cenotes, I think you need to stay in Tulum for 15 days. Therefore, you need to determine the cenote you will go to in advance and draw a route accordingly. Also, the entrance fee of the cenotes has been flying recently. If you consider your budget, you should be selective about cenotes.

Cenote Dos Ojos means Two Eyes Cenote. It is so named because of the two 70 metre diameter sinkholes connected by a 400 metre long passage. Dos Ojos is a cenote in the form of a semi-open underwater cave. Especially those who want to dive prefer this cenote.

The deepest part of Dos Ojos is about 118 metres. The entire cave system is at least 61 km long. The water temperature is a constant 24-25 degrees centigrade all year round. It is an ideal place for snorkelling. Don’t forget your snorkel.

  • Dos Ojos Cenote’s Entrance Fee: The entrance fee per person is 350 Pesos. Car parking is free.
  • Location: Dos Ojos
  • Visit Hours: 09:00-17:00

Casa Tortuga Cenote

tulumda gezilecek yerler

One of the other cenotes you can choose in Tulum is Casa Tortuga. This cenote consists of 4 cenotes, 2 open and 2 closed. The names of these cenotes are Cenote Wisho, Cenote Campana, Cenote Tres Zapotes and Cenote Jaguar.

There is a restaurant where you can eat in this cenote and a hotel for accommodation. There are also tour packages you can choose in this cenote. The normal entrance fee of the cenote is 650 Peso. So I really don’t know if it’s worth it. There is also the Gran Cenote in Tulum, where the entrance fee is quite salty.

Frankly, we have not heard very good things about this cenote. The management here has turned the event into a commercial rant. We came across a lot of negative comments. It is difficult to be a tourist in Mexico because they see you as a walking dollar. You have to keep your eyes open. I don’t like negative orientation, but think well when choosing this place. We did not prefer this place.

  • Casa Tortuga Cenote’s Entrance Fee: The entrance fee per person is 650 Pesos.
  • Location: Casa Tortuga
  • Visit Hours: 09:00-17:00

Tulum Cervecería *

Places To Visit in Tulum

Our first stop at photographic spots in Tulum is Tulum Cerveceria. This place is actually a restaurant. In order to attract customers and advertise it, the business has made a TULUM sign in front of it using a blue pattern of wood. Indeed, this sign is beautiful and people stop by the roadside with their cars and take photos here.

Like I said, it’s on the side of the road. After taking a position, you should slow down when you approach here. Cerveceria is on the right side when travelling from Playa del Carmen to Tulum.

In Tulum, some places charge a fee at the photo points. But you don’t pay any fee here. Only the staff of the establishment kindly invites you to the restaurant. And you say thank you.

Cerveceria is good in terms of photo but it would be better without the bars in front of it. I leave the location here.

Tulum Ancient City (Tulum Ruins)

Places To Visit in Tulum
Places To Visit in Tulum : Tulum Ruins

We came to Tulum Ancient City, the most important historical site of Tulum. While we were visiting here, the weather was so hot that we thought that we would probably steam up soon. After parking your car, you pass through the shopping places. Then you walk about 2 km to the ruins of the ancient city. When the walking distance was quite a lot, the heat really forced us. Don’t forget to take water and sun cream with you.

The ancient city of Tulum was one of the most important harbour cities of its time. The first traces of settlement in Tulum Ruins date back to AD 564 . Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans. Between the 13th and 15th centuries, this highly developed city lost its importance after the Spanish began to occupy Mexico. At the end of the 16th century it was completely abandoned.

There are three main structures of interest in the archaeological site of Tulum. El Castillo, Temple of the Frescoes and Temple of the Diminishing God. The most important of these structures is the El Castillo structure. This building was built according to the solar calendar. In front of the Castillo is one of the better preserved structures, the Temple of the Frescoes. Inside the temple there is a mural painted in three sections. The first level represents the Mayan world of the dead, the middle level depicts the living and the last highest part depicts the creator and the rain gods.

The city has five entrances and two watchtowers. Tulum Ancient City is completely surrounded by walls. There are 2 theories as to why it is surrounded by walls. According to the first theory, it is thought that there was a Mayan population of 600 people inside the city, protected from invaders. According to the other theory, it is suggested that only priests and nobles were housed inside the walls, while the peasants were kept outside.

You are very likely to encounter iguanas while travelling around the city. Also, watch the Caribbean landscape behind El Castillo and take plenty of photos. There is such a beautiful breeze coming from the sea here that it refreshes you a little.

  • Tulum Ancient City Entrance Fee: 80 pesos per person
  • Visit Hours: 09.00 – 16.15
  • Location: Tulum Ruins

Playa Paraiso

Places To Visit in Tulum

If you are looking for a nice place to swim in the centre of Tulum, Playa Paraiso , or Paradise Beach is a very good option. This place is located on the outskirts of Tulum Ruins and fully lives up to its name.

You reach the entrance of this place by car on a narrow road. Car parking is troublesome. There is a car park right opposite the entrance, but since we were not going to spend much time here, we parked our car in a nice place on the roadside. There were many people who rented bicycles to the beach. If you wish, you can also choose a bicycle for transport.

The beach is a legendary beautiful beach. It has white sand and turquoise sea. Everyone was laying their towels and enjoying themselves. If you are going to stay here for a long time, don’t forget to take food and drinks with you. Also take your snorkel with you for diving.

Playa Paraiso Entrance Fee: This is a public beach and entrance is free.
Location: Playa Paraiso

Sfer Ik

tulum müzeleri
tulumda nereler gezilir
Tulum Gezilecek Yerler : Üstün Meditasyon Yaparken.:)

We continue our list of places to visit in Tulum with Sfer Ik Museum. Sfer Ik Museum was opened in April 2018 and has hosted many exhibitions since then. You realise that this is a very interesting place from the entrance and entrance gate. After buying a ticket, you take off your shoes and visit the museum.

The name SFER IK means ‘spherical’ and curvilinear structures have always been used in the design. There are no right angles, straight walls or straight lines inside the museum. In addition, the word ‘Ik’ is associated with dreamers, imagination and creativity, no doubt a reference to ‘Azulik’.  

When you walk barefoot in Sfer Ik, the contemporary art museum of Azulik Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Mexico, you feel like you are in a giant cocoon. Inside you see curved walkways and bridges made of vine-like bejuco tree. The museum has a very mystical atmosphere. Don’t forget to meditate on the cushions, especially in the innermost room.😊 Cushions are thrown in every corner of the museum, try to rest here and feel that peaceful atmosphere.

  • Sfer Ik Entrance Fee: 200 Pesos per person
  • Hours of Visit: 10.00 – 18.00
  • Location: Sfer Ik

Selina Tulum *

tulum gezi rehberi

Tulum coastline is a paradise of photographic spots. Each place has made beautiful photo spots for both advertising and attracting customers.

One of these points is the entrance point of Selina Hotel made of wood. This entrance point is located right at the mouth of the road. Since it is photographic and of course touristic, nobody interferes with you to take photos.

The biggest problem of taking photos in the coastal areas of Tulum is the problem of car parking. At this point, you can either park your car in a car park and take photos by walking around or you can take care of your business with short short parks. The decision depends entirely on you and your time. You can also consider cycling as an option.

It is free to take photos in Selina. Location here.

Ahau Tulum (Statue of Ven A La Luz) *

Places To Visit in Tulum
Places To Visit in Tulum

The most famous photographic spot in Tulum is Ven A La Luz statue at the entrance of Ahau Hotel. Every visitor to Tulum cannot return without taking a photo here. It is really a very popular place. There is a queue in front of it and you wait for half an hour.

South African artist Daniel Popper created this sculpture for an art and culture festival in Tulum, Mexico. The sculpture “Ven a la Luz” depicts a female figure. Wood and ropes were used in its construction. In this sculpture, the artist tried to describe a woman who opens her heart to everyone.

You have to pay a fee to take a photo in front of this statue. 60 pesos per person. Your time for the photo is 1-2 minutes. The photos are much better from the angle on the left side of the statue rather than the opposite side. Location here.

Hun Tulum *

Places To Visit in Tulum

This photo spot is our discovery. Hun Tulum is a hotel and restaurant. We really liked the entrance of this place. When the security brother here chatted with us and took our photo, we warmed up to the place.

The inside of the place is as beautiful as the front. When we went, the place was just opening. So we couldn’t go inside.

If you have searched Tulum, you have seen a hand sculpture in the forest where people take photos. The security brother told us that this sculpture was inside the venue. Since the place was not open, we decided not to evaluate this place.

We only took photos at the front and continued on our way. You can find the statue I mentioned on Hun Hotel’s page. Location here.

Matcha Mama *

Places To Visit in Tulum
Tulum Gezilecek Yerler : Matcha Mama

Matcha Mama is one of the most famous places in Tulum. It’s quite small. There are 6-7 swing chairs. What makes this place famous is the sign “I love Tulum so matcha” written with colourful paints on the surfboard.

Matcha Mama’s drinks and breakfast are quite famous. Smoothies served in bowls are generally preferred. Let me also mention that the prices are quite high.

We took a photo in front of it and continued on our way. I think there are much more beautiful places for photography. Even if you don’t drink anything, the owner doesn’t mind you sitting on the swing and taking photos. Location here.

Follow That Dreams *

Tulum’s signboard is also famous.😃 Instagram has made the signboard popular. Although there is no queue in front of the Follow that dreams sign, everyone passing by takes photos here.

There’s not much to say about Follow that dreams. The sign is in front of a boutique called Lolita Lolita. You get the best photos with the road and palm trees in the background.

You don’t pay a fee here, don’t be afraid.😃 You can park your car somewhere close and take photos. Let me also mention that the photos are much more beautiful with a bicycle. Location here.

With Follow those dreams we came to the end of the photographic spots on the coastline of Tulum. There was also the rabbit statue that we saw in front of the place called Conestesia in our previous researches. We said enough for the photo and we skipped it. I thought I would write it here for you to keep in mind.

Laguna de Kaan Luum

Places To Visit in Tulum

One of Tulum’s most interesting cenotes is Laguna Kaan Tulum. This is an open air cenote. You can reach here by passing through the centre of Tulum.

There are no toilets, life jackets or any facilities in the cenotaph. Facilities are quite limited. The main colour of the water is yellow-green, the sea gets more beautiful when the sun comes out. The water is quite shallow and the temperature is low.

The round part in the middle of the cenote is very deep and consists of light green and blue colours. If you go there for photography, you need luck because the water colour may not meet your expectations.

There are hammocks and swings over the sea here, quite nice for taking photos. There is also an observatory where you can go up the stairs to get a full view of the cenotaph.

  • Laguna de Kaan Luum Entrance Fee: Entrance fee per person 300 pesos
  • Visit Hours: 09.00 – 16.00
  • Location: Laguna de Kaan Luum

Centre of Tulum

tulum merkez
Places To Visit in Tulum : Front of the Town Hall

We leave the coastline of Tulum and come to the centre. As I mentioned above, the centre is not very developed. There is construction everywhere and the roads are quite bad.

Tulum is one of the eleven municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. it was founded on 13 March 2008. There is a middling square in front of the Tulum City Hall in the centre. Here you can have a rest if you are not disturbed by bird sounds.

There are places in the centre where you can meet all your needs. Currency exchange, bank, many places where you can shop and taste Mexican flavours are on this street. You can see my recommendations for eating and drinking in the centre below.

The town hall is located here. You can use the side streets for car parking. Don’t forget where you parked the car though.😃

Cenote Calavera

tulum gezilecek yerler

Cenote Calevara is a very small cenote. It is not crowded compared to other cenotes. If you go early in the morning, you may encounter fewer people.

In this cenotaph, you descend directly into the water with a ladder. There is also a swing where you can take photos. It may be difficult to get a clear frame due to the crowd. You can also jump into the darkness from one of the rock holes here.

There is a business in the cenotaph. You can buy snacks and drinks from the business. Since it is quite close to Tulum, you can also reach here by bicycle. Since the cenote is small in area, it does not lift many people.

  • Cenote Calavera Entrance Fee: The entrance fee is 250 pesos per person. If you need a life jacket, you can rent it for 50 pesos. Car parking is included in the fee.
  • Visit Hours: 09.00 – 17.00
  • Location: Cenote Calavera

Gran Cenote

tulum gezi rehberi
meksika tulum gezilecek yerler
Places To Visit in Tulum : Gran Cenote 2nd Entrance

The most famous cenote of Tulum is definitely Gran Cenote. Although the entrance fee has rocketed in recent years, it would not be possible to return from Tulum without visiting this place. Gran Cenote, which is very close to Tulum and on the road to Coba, is really a legendary place.

Gran Cenote, which is operated by a very nice business with all kinds of facilities, offers you very beautiful views as nature. You park your car free of charge at the entrance and wait in line for entry.

After paying the entrance fee, there are cabins where you can change your clothes when you enter. You have to take a shower before going down to the cenote. This cenotaph has 2 entrances. The first entrance is more crowded than the other entrance. You can swim from the first entrance to the other entrance. Of course, you need to be careful with your belongings. If you wish, you can also rent a safety deposit locker for a fee.

The water of Gran Cenote, which is half open, is crystal clear. You swim with the turtles. I would definitely take your snorkel with you. We took our snorkels with us from Turkey 😃 Underwater diving is legendary. There are also places where you can sunbathe near the cenote entrances. You can rest here if you wish.

  • Gran Cenote Entrance Fee: 500 Pesos per person.
  • Visit Hours: 08.00 – 16.45
  • Location: Gran Cenote

Casa Maya Village

tulum gezilecek yerler

When you come to Tulum, you cannot return without seeing the life of the Mayans, right? Very little is known about the Mayans, who have a very mysterious history. In some villages of Tulum, the culture of the Mayans is trying to be kept alive. One of these villages is Casa Maya Village.

In Casa Maya village, the locals try to keep the traditions and customs of the Mayans alive. We tasted the special honey of the Mayans, observed their music and rituals, laughed and had fun with the children of the family and had unforgettable moments.

The Mayans benefited from nature so well that they made the best use of what nature gave at every point. They used different plants in many fields from medicine to chemistry. I already tried to share most of them in the vlog.

If you come to Tulum and want to see the Mayan culture closely, you can visit one of these villages. The village we visited was between Coba and Punta Laguna.

Location: Location 18 on the map above.

Cobá Ruins

meksika tulum gezilecek yerler

We almost couldn’t go to Coba because of some mishaps we had. This place closes at 4pm. Üstün said we’d catch up and we flew, so we got in at the last minute.

We entered but it started to rain and oh my god, we got very wet in 1 minute. After paying the entrance fee in Coba, you have to go a long way to see the ruins. When it started to rain, we hired one of the bicycle taxis here. We paid 90 Peso for the round trip and visited the ruins by bicycle taxi. Otherwise we would have been soaked.

Coba means ‘waters stirred by the wind’. The settlement is surrounded by two large lagoons. Coba was an overlooked part of Maya history for many years due to its location. Located between Tulum in the state of Quintana Roo and Valladolid in the state of Yucatan, Coba was first discovered in the mid-1800s. However, due to the dense forest and lack of funding, it took a long time to unearth.

Cobá was opened to the public as an archaeological site in 1973. Archaeologists estimate that 6,000 structures existed here, but only three sites are open to public visitation. What makes Coba different from other sites is that it is connected to the city’s central pyramid by more than 16 Maya ceremonial paths (sacbéob).More than 50 sacbe (white elevated paths) have been discovered in the settlement of Coba, 16 of which are open to the public. All the paths start from the main pyramid and run in four main directions.

tulum coba
Places To Visit in Tulum : Coba

Three main pyramids can be seen in the Coba Ruins. These are Nohoch Mul structures (main pyramid), Conjunto Pinturas (spiritual area) and Macanxoc pyramids. The 120-step Nohuch Mul pyramid used to be accessible on foot, but it was forbidden to climb the pyramid during our visit.

Coba’s buildings were influenced by the architecture of the Teotihuacan pyramids, which proves that the Cobans had contact with Central Mexico. Coba was one of the most important commercial cities of its time. It is believed that the settlement of Coba ended after the Spanish occupation of the Peninsula around 1550.

Coba Ruins Entrance Fee: Entrance fee per person 100 Pesos, car parking fee 60 Pesos.
Visiting Hours: 09.00 – 16.00
Location: Coba Ruins

Cenote Tankach-Ha

meksika tulum gezilecek yerler
Places To Visit in Tulum : Cenote Tankach – Ha

Located very close to Coba, Cenote Tankach ha is a very mysterious cenote. This is a completely closed cave cenote.It has a really eerie structure.

After changing your clothes at the entrance, you pay a fee and go down to the cenotaph. A long staircase leads down to the cenotaph for about 30 metres. You can also see people jumping from these stairs. When you get to the bottom, there is a rocky area where you can leave your belongings. You cannot leave it on the ground because there is water on the ground.

We dived here with Üstün and we were very impressed. I think it is much more logical to prefer such cenotes instead of very popular cenotes. Besides, this place was not very crowded compared to other cenotes.

If you are going to visit Coba, I suggest you also consider this cenote. I am sure you will not regret it.

  • Cenote Tankach-Ha Entrance Fee: 100 Pesos per person
  • Visit Hours: 08.00 – 18.00
  • Location: Cenote Tankach-Ha

We have come to the end of Tulum places to visit list. I did not want to extend this list even more. We had to act according to our time. If you have more time, you can visit Azulik Uh May and Mystika Museum in addition to the above places in Tulum. Even if you go, I would be glad if you express your opinions in the comments section.

What to Eat in Tulum & My Place Recommendations

What to Eat in Tulum & My Place Recommendations ? During the 3 days in Tulum, we tried to experience as many places as we found the opportunity. I said as we found the opportunity because the kitchen of Nerea Hotel where we stayed in Tulum was legendary. We didn’t need to go anywhere for breakfast. The hotel’s breakfast was literally delicious. The appetisers and the main course got 100 points from us.

Apart from the hotel, we were able to go to a few places in the centre of Tulum for dinner and we were quite satisfied with these places. Below I will write the places we have experienced and heard as Tulum restaurant recommendation. If you find nice places, don’t forget to share them with us in the comments. Let’s first say what to eat in Tulum and then let’s move on to restaurant recommendations.

What to Eat in Tulum & My Place Recommendations

  • Tako
  • Tortas
  • Espanados
  • Empanadas
  • Panuchos
  • Quesadillas
  • Tostadas
  • Chiles en Nogada
  • Salbutes
  • Taze Karides
  • Tascalate


tulumda ne yenir

Huauzontle is a very nice restaurant in Tulum where you can taste traditional Mexican food and eat mum’s food as if you were a guest in a family home. I think we liked this place the most as a restaurant in Tulum.

The owner Alex is very friendly and helpful. He made us taste almost all the flavours little by little. Presentations and flavours were very successful. Macaroni soup, nachos, fried taco, rice are among the delicious flavours you should taste. The last dessert was delicious.

Prices are very reasonable in the place. A little more expensive than free compared to the places on the Tulum coastline.😃 If you are on your way to the centre of Tulum, definitely visit this beautiful place. Don’t forget to say hi to Alex from us.

Location here.

Antojitos La Chiapaneca

tulum restaurant tavsiyesi

Antojitos La Chiapaneca is the ideal place to taste Mexican flavours. It looks very similar to our döner restaurants from the outside. The place is quite crowded. Everyone from tourists to locals is in this place. The prices are quite affordable according to Tulum conditions. 18 peso taco portions start from pesos.

This is a taco restaurant. Three kinds of meat. Veal, chicken and pork. We had beef and chicken and we were very satisfied with the flavour. When it comes to Mexico, sauces immediately come to mind. The sauces were also very tasty here. We tasted most of the flavours here. We liked empanadas the most. Empanadas are fried tacos with cheese inside. It’s similar to our bake. The portion price increases with extra cheese.

It’s a shabby place. It’s not without its cons. The waiters don’t speak English, that’s not a big deal, but one of them tried to lock the bill. We realised, we told him and he fixed it immediately. Probably the waiters are pocketing the extra money. You have to be vigilant not only here but in Mexico. Remember you are dollars. 😂 I still think you can go to this place. Location here.

Burrito Amor

Another restaurant recommendation in Tulum is Burrito Amor. This place, which you can choose for dinner, has very delicious food.

Burrito means burrito as we know it. There are different types of burritos with the way the tortilla is folded, bean puree, meat, chicken, cheese and other ingredients.

Prices are quite affordable compared to Tulum. You can also choose this place for breakfast. This place gets crowded in the evenings. You can wait about 10 minutes to sit at the table. Location here.

El Camello Jr.

If you are good with seafood and want to taste them in Tulum, you can visit El Camello. Prices usually range between 200 – 300 pesos.

The seafood is quite fresh. There can be a queue here too. So your order may be a little delayed. There are many varieties such as fish, squid, lobster, octopus, shrimp.

The portions are quite large. Only cash is accepted. If you crave for fish in Tulum, you can add this place to your list. Location here.

Where to stay in Tulum ?

tulumda nerede kalınır

Where to stay in Tulum There is a very good answer to the question. We were really satisfied with the hotel we stayed so much that if we go again, we will choose the same place again.

Before I give the details of the hotel below, let me tell you about 3 areas where you can stay in Tulum. Firstly Tulum centre area, secondly Tulum’s famous coastline and thirdly Tulum – Playa Del Carmen hotels.

If you are looking for an affordable hotel, you can choose hostels in the centre of Tulum. If you say I will flow to parties, Tulum Beach Town is waiting for you. On your way from Cancun to Tulum, you will see a lot of hotels on the way. Our hotel was Nerea, which is located on this coastline 4 km away from Tulum. We were very pleased with our hotel, details below.

❤❤❤ Nerea Hotel Tulum ❤❤❤

We checked in to our hotel around 22 p.m. Since we were jetlagged, we couldn’t understand much and went straight to sleep. When we woke up in the morning, we were so relaxed that the pain of the 20-hour plane journey was over.

The rooms of our hotel were very stylish. Especially the bed was so large and comfortable that our sleep quality was maximised thanks to the bed. There was everything we needed in the room. Mini fridge was at our full service. The bathroom toilet was spotlessly clean and quite nice. The hotel got full points from us in terms of cleanliness. Our room also had a rooftop that was off and off. When we went up to the roof, a pool was waiting for us.😍

Let’s talk about the hotel’s food and breakfast. We loved the hotel’s breakfast. There were such beautiful presentations that we never felt the need to go out. The snacks and the hot things that came afterwards were very tasty. You understand very well that you have come to a tropical place from tropical fruits. We had dinner at the hotel for 1 night and we loved the food. Our chef had prepared a cocktail that was legendary. I was really hungry even when I was telling. The hotel’s restaurant Umbal also got full points from us.

tulumda otel tavsiyesi
tulumda nerede kalınır

Let’s come to the facilities of the facility. In the centre of the hotel, there is a very nice pool between the rooms. We could not fully enjoy it, but it was very nice. Since the hotel is on the coastline, there is also the opportunity to swim in the sea. There are canoes on the beach that you can use for free. The hotel also provides free bicycles to its guests.

As for guest relations, everyone was really very, very interested. Guest relations, which we attach great importance to, was very successful. Isa at the reception helped us a lot. Everyone was friendly and everyone was very professional.

As a result, Nerea Hotel offered us a very nice accommodation experience. If you go to Tulum, you can choose this place blindfolded. You can see the details of our experiences in the hotel on my Instagram account.

Nerea Hotel Tulum Contact Details:

Adres: Quintana Roo, Fracc. Tankah III Mza 3 Lote 21 Bahia Tankah, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Meksika
Telefon: +52 984 147 6515
Website: https://www.nereatulum.mx/
Konum: Nerea Otel

Know These Before Going To Tulum !

How many days to visit Tulum?

tulum nerede nasıl gidilir
Tulum Attractions : Gran Cenote

The list of places to visit in Tulum is quite extensive. There are also places on this list that I did not write, of course. Taking into account the cenotes, I think the ideal time for Tulum is 5 days. If you want to enjoy a little more, you can increase this period to 1 week.

We spent 3 days in Tulum and I can say that we travelled Tulum to the fullest with every moment. Of course, provided that you get up early in the morning. Since we were already jet lagged, we were going to bed at 11 pm and getting up at 6 am, which saved us a lot of time. We just didn’t have much nightlife, and that’s not important. Because the places to visit were more important for us.

If you have limited time in Tulum, you can skip the photo spots. Coba side takes some time, you can push it out of the plan. So everything depends on the time you plan to spend here. We allocated 3 days because we had Cancun and Chichen Itza.

Where is Tulum?

Tulum is a city in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. This beautiful city on the Caribbean coast was originally known for the ruins of Tulum.

While it was a village in the 1990s, it has developed thanks to tourism. While the population of the city is around 50k, this number increases considerably with tourists.

You can think of Tulum as two regions, the centre and the coastal side. There is quite a difference in terms of development between these two places. The number of boutique hotels and restaurants on the coast of Tulum, two kilometres from the city centre, is around 70. The coastal part is much more developed than the centre of Tulum. Location of Tulum on the map here.

How to get to Tulum ?

tuluma nasıl gidilir
Inside the Paris-Cancun Aircraft

It is quite troublesome to reach Tulum from Turkey. If you live in Anatolia, you need to cross 2 more continents for Tulum. Is it worth all this trouble, we think yes it is. Living the Mayan culture, feeling the bohemian atmosphere of Tulum, having a tropical holiday in winter, walking on the white sands and many other things, you have a wonderful experience in Tulum.

Let’s come to the answer to the question How to get to Tulum. THY has a direct flight from Istanbul to Cancun. But the tickets have become quite expensive with the recent hikes. If you find a ticket below seven thousand from round trip THY, do not miss it. Be sure to read this article (https://bujuyollarda.com/en/ways-to-find-cheap-flight-tickets/) to find cheap flight tickets.

Secondly, you can do as we did. We travelled from Bodrum-Istanbul-Paris-Cancun and returned to Turkey in the form of Cancun-Amsterdam-Istanbul-Bodrum. Firstly, let me state that in order to reach Tulum, you must first go to Cancun and then go to Tulum by land. As soon as we landed in Cancun, we went to Tulum with the car we rented. Yes, we went to Tulum with jetlag. It was quite difficult, but we were able to throw ourselves into our hotel.

France and the Netherlands do not require a Schengen visa for connecting journeys to Tulum. Since you are a transfer passenger, you can take a direct flight to Cancun. You can find everything about visa, transport, car hire in my Mexico Travel Guide.

What to do in Tulum?

tulumda ne yapılır
Tulum Attractions : Gran Cenote

Tulum is a great place for activities, nature, history and nightlife. There are many things you can do in Tulum. If you have plenty of time, try to do everything I have listed below. In addition to time, you also need a budget.

What to do in Tulum?

  • There is plenty of swimming and diving in the cenotes.
  • Bicycle tour on the beach in Tulum.
  • Let’s not forget scuba diving and snorkelling.
  • Photographs are taken at the photographic spots of Tulum.
  • The history of the Mayans is discovered in the ancient city of Tulum.
  • Mexican delicacies are tasted in the centre of Tulum.
  • Swim in the turquoise sea of Tulum.
  • Let’s not forget to flow into Tulum nightlife. Beach parties are waiting for you.
  • The ancient city of Coba is discovered.
  • In the Mayan villages, the traditional life of the Maya is witnessed.

Is Tulum Expensive ?

tulum pahalımı

Is Tulum expensive The question is important for everyone who thinks about the budget. But if you are going on holiday or want to explore somewhere, you have to adjust your budget in the best way.

Tulum is an expensive place compared to other places in Mexico. You can think like our Bodrum. But there are also cheap places in Tulum. Especially in terms of eating and drinking, Tulum centre was cheaper than Cancun. In addition, the hotels here are much more reasonable in terms of price compared to the coastline.

If you are going to hang out on the Tulum coastline, then a solid budget is a must. The places here are concept venues and quite expensive. Especially if you are a tourist, you have to keep your eyes open.

After you arrange your hotel in Tulum in advance, the rest is not much of a problem. The most expensive thing for us in Mexico was the entrance fee of cenotes. After all, it is a natural place but they want 500-600 pesos per person. Gran Cenote for example 500 pesos. We did not say what kind of entrance fee this is.

Tulum Nightlife

When it comes to Tulum, crazy parties and nightlife come to mind. We were fainting at 23 o’clock due to travelling and jetlag. This is the case when our aim is to explore the places to visit. If we go for the second time, we will of course flow into the nightlife.

I leave the best places of Tulum nightlife below. I am writing these places as a result of the research I have done. Do not forget to carefully check the comments of the places before you go and the account after you go. Even if you find a nice place, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section.

Tulum Nightlife’s Best Spots

  • Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar – Pueblo
  • Ki’bok – Pueblo
  • Casa Jaguar
  • Pasito Tun Tun
  • Santino Bar Tulum
  • Kin Toh – Beach Town
  • Papaya Playa Project – Beach Town
  • Gitano – Middle Beach Zone

Tulum Adventure on Instagram

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If you want to see our Tulum adventures on Instagram, you can check out Tulum stories I pinned on Instagram. Don’t forget to follow while browsing.😊

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