Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets : The 12 Most Effective Tactics

I am here with my article on ways to find cheap flight tickets. Travelling by plane has become one of the most preferred and most frequently used modes of transport today. Traveling by plane is the world’s most practical means of transportation. For this journey, of course, you need a plane ticket. At this point, Finding Cheap Flight Tickets to minimise travel costs. Therefore, the answer to the question how to buy cheap flight tickets is very, very important for a traveller.

In trade, there is always the motto you have to win when you buy. I think this also applies to airline tickets. Since the most important part of the cost of a trip is the cost of the flight ticket, the affordable flight ticket you will buy will make a positive contribution to your budget. In this respect, you need to hit the appropriate flight ticket target from twelve and grasp the subject well. Air ticket prices are not very fixed like bus ticket prices. Since prices are constantly changing, the following finding cheap flight tickets tactics will be positively reflected in your budget.

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Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

If you have a travelling spirit, the direction you go is not important. You find the cheap flight ticket and buy it. But if you have a route in your destination, you should lurk and find a cheap flight ticket. Or, like us, you can find a cheap ticket and adjust your travel programme according to the ticket. Since the goal is to travel in both cases, the decision is yours. Below you can find important tactics for cheap flights. If you also have tactics for finding cheap flight tickets, share for sure in the comments. Let’s try your methods immediately.

Early Booking & Buying Airline Ticket Early

Early booking is one of the most effective ways to find cheap flights. Airline companies usually sell the remaining seats at a higher price after selling the cheapest seats. Especially if the company has made a campaign on airline tickets, the speed of exhaustion of the tickets is going through the ceiling. This speed brings with it an increase in prices. During the campaign period, the ticket price of 100 lira can be 300 lira in half an hour.

If your travel plan is clear in advance, early booking provides a very serious advantage. If you do not have a definite plan, it makes much more sense to book early and buy flexible airline tickets in addition. Statistics say that in order to find the cheapest flight ticket, it is necessary to start looking for tickets on average 25 weeks in advance, taking into account all destinations. Although 25 weeks is not valid in all cases, consider this period for long-distance travelling.

Cheap Flight Tickets by Month

Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

The season or month in which you will travel is very important for finding cheap flight tickets. Because demand increases in the summer season, your season choice directly affects the price of the ticket. I can clearly state that if you travel in winter (except for summer holidays) if you have the opportunity, your chances of catching a cheap flight ticket will increase.

Buying a ticket during the winter season depends entirely on your work situation and leave status. At this point, let me immediately state that you should keep in mind that public and religious holidays are serious opportunities. You can combine these holidays with a weekend and get away somewhere.

If you are planning to travel in the summer, purchasing tickets up to 3 months in advance can significantly reduce costs. However, in some destinations, ticket prices may be more expensive 6 months before the flight and much lower 1 month before the flight. What I said is more valid on the Asian route. If you ask when is the best month to find cheap flight tickets, there is no definitive answer. You can get information about ticket prices by month by searching with the “Cheapest month” option on flight search engines. As I said, winter months are always more affordable.

Set Alarm on Air Ticket Search Engines!

When it comes to catching a cheap flight ticket, you should try every tactic. At this point, setting alarm on flight ticket search engines is a logical option. If you have determined an average figure in your mind as a result of your research on the route you will go after the place and day you will travel, you can set an alarm below this price on the flight ticket search engines. The alarm will fall either to your phone or to your e-mail. After it falls, all that remains is to buy the ticket.

Flight Ticket Campaigns

Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Yes, we have come to the most critical point. Air ticket campaigns are the most important tactic to find affordable flight tickets. At this point, let me point out that if you have found a cheap ticket during the campaign period, do not think too much and buy it immediately. Many airline companies make very good campaigns from time to time and reduce ticket prices by up to 50%. You can follow these campaigns very well and find a suitable ticket with a point shot. If you are a travel enthusiast and your destination is not clear, buy a ticket for the most suitable place from the campaign and your destination will be clear:)

Of course, these campaigns may not always be attractive. We saw this very well during the discount days called 2019 Black Friday / Legendary Friday. The websites were locked due to the intensity and we could not buy any tickets because the prices were higher than normal.) Still, campaigns are the best. If you follow closely and be fast, you can get tickets at an affordable price.

Using Air Ticket Search Engines

Our biggest weapon at the point of tactics for finding cheap flight tickets Air Ticket Search Engines. Nowadays, since there are hundreds of airline companies, we do not have a situation such as entering the site of all of them one by one and searching for tickets. Cheap flight ticket search sites that do this job for us save us from a huge burden. Definitely but definitely how to buy cheap flight tickets The answer to the question is to use these sites well. I have an important warning before moving on to my favourite and most used flight ticket finding sites.

Warning: Although it is practical to buy tickets from flight ticket engines, do not forget to get a quick price quote from the website of the company from which company you will buy a ticket from these engines. Because the ticket can sometimes be more affordable on the company’s own website. This warning is especially valid for Pegasus Airlines. Yes, if we come to my favourite and frequently used cheap flight ticket finding applications;

Our Most Used Flight Ticket Search Engines

  • TURNA: I don’t know if anyone uses the Turna application like me, but I definitely use it differently from the search methods you are used to. For example, I type cheap flights to Seychelles in Google, click on Turna on the page that appears. And ta ta 🙂 It shows the most affordable date of return to Seychelles, one way price, and the cheapest tickets to Seychelles from anywhere outside Turkey. Apart from that, when I enter the place I want to go and the dates I think and search for it on Turna, it is much easier to see the price of the whole month graphically and it is much easier to see from here instead of changing the dates and searching one by one.
  • SKYSCANNER: Skyscanner is one of the world’s largest flight ticket search engines. Since it is worldwide, you can find most airline companies in this search engine. The fact that there is a flight ticket search feature based on period and month is very good for catching suitable flight tickets.

Internet Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

using the internet in a good way is one of the most important tips for finding cheap tickets. Because there are much more advanced company software in every aspect. We have all witnessed that the price of the ticket we looked at the same direction at the same time while buying a plane ticket increased after 10 minutes or even increased more after 20 minutes. In this case, the site where you look for tickets understands your intentions and tries to create a panic atmosphere. Last 1 seat left. The site officially says to your subconscious: Brother, until you buy a ticket, look, tickets are running out, be fast and buy your ticket immediately.

So how do these sites do it? You know, when you enter the site, you give consent to cookies, those cookies provide this situation. So what do you need to do to avoid falling into this trap. Before searching for the ticket for the 2nd time, you must clear the cookies on the site. For this, you should say Ctrl+H and say clear cookies. You can also put your browser in incognito mode and search. For this, it will be enough to do the following small operations.

Incognito mode for Chrome and Safari: Ctrl+Shift+N
Incognito mode for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer:

Another internet tip is to buy the ticket not from any IP in Turkey but from another country’s IP. Sometimes the ticket price can change in searches from country to country. This is a valid situation for international flights. Of course, you will need to use VPN to do this. Using a VPN, you can hunt for cheap flight tickets as if you are connecting to the internet from another country.

One Way or Round Trip Dilemma

Ucuz uçak bileti nasıl alınır
Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Among the methods of finding cheap flight tickets One way or round trip ticket should be purchased The question is always in competition. When looking for a plane ticket, we usually search round trip to make it easier. Although it is not always a valid situation, searching for a one-way ticket while searching for a ticket can provide us with more affordable prices.

In other words, searching for two one-way tickets can make the ticket cheaper. In another case, some airline companies can provide more discounts on round-trip flights. I recommend you to buy a one-way or round trip ticket. That is trial and error way. Since this situation varies from company to company, trial and error is the best option.

Alternative Airways Search

Another method of finding cheap flights is to search for flights from alternative airlines. It would be especially logical to search for tickets from the airline company of the country you are going to. Sometimes flight ticket search engines may not offer you the price offer of every airline company. At this point, you can do a good research and find tickets at an affordable price from the websites of these companies. In addition, if there is more than one airport in your destination, you can also evaluate airport alternatives to find cheap flight tickets. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is the best example of this.

Finally, connecting flights can sometimes be very convenient. Do not ignore connecting flights, especially if you are travelling to distant countries. For example, if you are going to fly to any country in the American continent, you should consider other cities such as Kiev as a transit point, not just Istanbul. Let me tell you that I have seen a ticket from Kiev to New York for 250 dollars:)

Downloading Airline Companies’ Mobile Applications & Signing Up for E-Newsletters

Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets
Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

You should always be ready for the most affordable flight ticket prices. Since you cannot follow this yourself all the time, you can either download the airline companies’ phone applications or sign up for email lists. These two situations are very important for you to be fast during the campaign periods and to be aware of these periods. Also, follow the social media accounts of airline companies. Sometimes campaigns are first/only announced on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

NOTE: Campaigns are the crucial point in finding cheap flight tickets. Therefore, do not forget to activate the notifications of the airline or ticket company applications downloaded to your phone.

Credit Card Earning Flight Miles

Some of the credit cards that almost all of us use have a mile earning feature. As you shop or travel, you earn miles and with the miles you earn, you can make your future flights free of charge. When you find a cheap flight ticket with the miles you earn, it turns out to be an exquisite situation.

Other Tricks to Find Cheap Flights

Ucuz uçak bileti nasıl alınır
Ways to Find Cheap Flight Tickets
  • Prefer low cost airlines. List of low cost airlines: Pegasus Airlines, Easyjet, Ryanair, Airbaltic, Airasia, Norwegian, Eurowings, WizzAir, Vueling, Transavia. Some of the low cost airlines are not included in the system of flight search engines such as Skyscanner. Therefore, you need to search for tickets directly from the websites of the companies.
    NOTE: Cheap flight tickets of low-cost airlines are generally non-refundable and non-changeable.
  • Cheap flight ticket finding programme has not yet been done in software, but instead of these programmes, some websites find cheap tickets for you and notify you by e-mail. These websites that you will use for cheap flight tickets are usually foreign origin.
  • To catch the best airfare for flights between cities in the USA Expedia.
  • If you can arrange your leave, try to fly on weekdays. In general, flight tickets are more affordable on weekdays than on weekends.
  • The cheapest flight tickets are usually available on Tuesday departures.
  • Fly connecting flights to America and the Far East.

Now, if we summarize the issue in general, the most important factor in finding cheap flight tickets is tracking. When you find a cheap flight ticket with the campaign, decide quickly and grab the ticket immediately. Use your smartphones wisely to find the most suitable and cheapest flight ticket. If your route is clear, do not forget to make an early reservation. If you have your own unique tactics for finding cheap flight tickets, we would be happy if you share them with us. May you have many days of traveling. 🙂

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