Countries to Visit in Winter

Countries to Visit in Winter : 13 Most Beautiful Places

Whether warm or cold, if you are looking for countries to visit in winter, I am here with my comprehensive list. When it comes to winter, cold weather, snowflakes and white-covered landscapes immediately come to mind. Although these are the dreams of some, they can be torture for some. Okay, I admit that I also like that image when the first flakes float in the air, when the roofs are covered with snow, when the branches of the trees are white.

But what about the aftermath, that muddy look, the freezing and compacted ice, that extreme cold? I honestly can’t love winter for a short moment! I like warmer countries to visit in winter where I can swing in my shorts and slippers while it is snowing in Turkey and everyone is walking around like a cabbage baby.😊

My article titled Countries to Visit in Winter is full of 13 wonderful suggestions, from cosy routes that will warm you up to destinations where you can enjoy the black winter. There are many wonderful destinations where you can defy the cold and enjoy the winter or experience summer in the middle of winter. Are you ready for a journey from hot chocolate scented cafes to the summit of icy mountains, from white beaches to warm seas? If so, pack your suitcases and go on an adventure with me!

Not: Yazıma geçmeden önce kış mevsimine yönelik hazırladığım ve işinize yarayacak yazılarımın bağlantılarını aşağıya bırakıyorum. Kış için tatil planlaması yaparken bu yazılarıma bakmayı unutmayın.

Countries to Visit in Winter

Winter holiday is a concept that reminds me of a ski holiday since my childhood and never makes me fidget. However, since I started to learn about warm destinations, I have been dreaming of holidays where I throw off my coats and boots in winter and say hello to my swimsuits and hats again. 😍 But I know how eagerly winter lovers are waiting for this season.

In my article, there will be places where even cold weather can create a warm excitement. A white paradise for ski enthusiasts, the magic of old cities under the snow for history lovers, and pleasant conversations accompanied by hot drinks for flavour lovers… With these countries, winter will no longer be an ordinary season, but will turn into an adventure full of unforgettable memories. Then, shall we head towards the delightful routes I have chosen for you?

In my article, there will be places where even cold weather can create a warm excitement. A white paradise for ski enthusiasts, the magic of old cities under the snow for history lovers, and pleasant conversations accompanied by hot drinks for flavour lovers… With these countries, winter will no longer be an ordinary season, but will turn into an adventure full of unforgettable memories. Then, shall we head towards the delightful routes I have chosen for you?


kışın gidilecek ülkeler Meksika

It pains me if you expect me not to pull some strings for my favourite country on our list of countries to visit in winter. I place Mexico in the first place and recommend it with love. If you are dreaming of travelling to a warm place during the winter months in Turkey, like me, Mexico should definitely be on your list. No matter which city you visit, you will find a lot to discover.

There are wonderful beaches, magnificent cenotes, ancient Mayan ruins and much more waiting for you in Mexico. Not to mention a marvellous gastronomic experience. Tacos, burritos, oooh oooh oooh. 🔥Who wouldn’t like to experience Mexican cuisine on the spot?

Whether you enjoy the trinity of sea, sand and sun in bohemian places in Tulum, or you want to explore the paradise islands on the opposite coast of Cancun, Mexico will be one of your most unforgettable travels.


Countries to Visit in Winter

Sweden is the realisation of a northern fairy tale. This magical country is a destination that defies the cold of the north with its white winter landscapes, colourful wooden houses and natural beauties. Stretching from Stockholm to Lapland, this country welcomes its guests with a warm atmosphere in winter. Sleds pulled by reindeer, skating tours on ice and the magnificent show of the northern lights prove that Sweden is one of the most special places to visit in winter.

The Swedish winter offers a daring adventure not only for nature lovers, but also for those who love city life. Famous for its Gothic architecture, trendy cafés and art galleries, Stockholm has an energetic atmosphere even in winter. From the narrow streets of the cities to the icy lake views, winter travelling in Sweden offers plenty of activities to keep everyone interested.


kış tatili

Finland teaches you what winter means in a completely different way. This country is a winter paradise that offers a warm welcome even in the cold season. From Rovaniemi in Lapland to Helsinki, this icy landscape offers unique winter experiences, such as watching the northern lights dance and going on sleigh rides with reindeer.

Winter in Finland is also famous for its sauna culture. Wouldn’t it be great to experience the most delicious way to challenge the cold of the north with this warm and pleasant ritual to maintain body temperature in the face of freezing temperatures? This winter, build a snowman in the magical atmosphere of Finland, make friends with reindeer and enjoy this northern fairy tale!


kışın gidilecek ülkeler Almanya
Countries to visit in winter – Munich/Germany

Germany is a country wrapped in a fairy-tale atmosphere during the winter season. With Christmas markets and colourful lights decorating the cities, the streets of Germany are transformed into a fairy tale. Floating with Santa Claus figures, warm glühwein (mulled wine) scents and snowflakes, the cities change the cold weather of winter with a warm tolerance. Every corner of Germany, with its historic buildings and traditional texture, takes on a charm of its own in winter.

From the snowy mountains of Bavaria to the historic towns along the Rhine, Germany is the ideal destination for winter holidays. Romantic roads look different under the snow in winter, historical castles look different with snowy views. We went to Munich in February, and even though we travelled in frost, we enjoyed it very much. 😁


Countries to Visit in Winter georgia

With the mysterious beauties of the Caucasus, snow-capped mountain peaks and friendly people, Georgia is one of the most enjoyable destinations to visit in winter. The historic capital Tbilisi is a winter city with its brightly lit streets, bohemian cafés and unusual art galleries. The old tower houses in the Svaneti region, which have been preserved for centuries, the cable cars to the summit and the snow-white landscapes make the Georgian adventure in winter even more unforgettable.

A culinary feast full of local delicacies, traditional dance performances and extraordinary festivals are just a few of the elements that colour the Georgian winter. Georgia is a country you will want to explore in winter with its mysterious landscapes under the snow, friendly people and fun-filled atmosphere. This winter, why not say a warm hello to the cold of the Caucasus?


kışın gidilecek ülkeler Bali

There’s no better place to swap the grey days of winter for a colourful and exotic paradise. This tropical country challenges the cold winds of winter with its warm sands, palm trees and white beaches. The mysterious temples of Bali, the rainforests of Sumatra and the active volcanoes of Java are just a few of the many surprises to discover in winter in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, you can not only lie on warm beaches, but also explore coral reefs on the diving paradise islands of Raja Ampat, meet Komodo dragons and dance in Bali’s vibrant nightlife.

The country’s rich culture, mystical customs and the friendliness of the locals make Indonesia one of the most fun destinations to visit in winter. This winter, put on your sunglasses, strap on your colourful sarongs and enjoy the tropical warmth of Indonesia! Read all our Bali articles before you set off. It will be very useful for planning your holiday step by step. 🏝️


kışın gidilecek sıcak ülkeler
Countries to visit in winter – Seychelles

A winter route and a summer one. I and summer lovers should be happy, right? 💙 Seychelles is still waiting to be ticked off at the top of my bucket list. My dream destination. If you dream of a real tropical holiday, Seychelles is one of the most beautiful places you can go in winter. In winter, this Indian Ocean paradise is one of the places you can choose with its mild climate and low rainfall rates.

Wandering around the elegant islands of Seychelles, snorkelling in the coral reefs or relaxing on the breathtakingly beautiful beaches is like an oasis for holidaymakers arriving in winter. The Seychelles fascinates with tropical forests, exotic bird species and colourful vegetation hidden in the interior of the islands. Enjoy the exotic fruits on my behalf.



Switzerland offers a winter dream with its stunning mountain landscapes, ice-crystallised towns and world-class ski slopes. Starting in Zurich, this Alpine paradise is the perfect starting point for discovering Switzerland’s winter charm, with unrivalled views of the dazzling white mountains, romantic walks around glacial lakes and cosy alpine villages to stay in.

Gliding down the ski slopes, skating on an icy lake or soaking up the sun at the foot of the Alps while drinking hot chocolate are just a few of the delightful moments Switzerland has to offer in winter. Dive into the winter fairytale of Switzerland and discover the fresh beauty of this country in winter!


kışın sıcak ülkeler

Mauritius is a tropical oasis that makes the dreams of winter sun-seekers come true. Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, this paradise island offers postcard-perfect landscapes with its white beaches bathed in azure waters, colourful coral reefs and breathtaking natural beauty. The mild climate of Mauritius in the winter months provides a warm escape for travellers escaping the cold weather in the northern hemisphere countries.

Here, you can get lost in exotic orchards, snorkel while discovering unique marine life or simply spend a peaceful day under the palm trees. The island offers a unique blend of Indian, African and European cultures. Discovering colourful markets, traditional dance performances and local delicacies will make the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Mauritius even more special.


kışın nereye gidilir

Iceland, a land of ice magic on the list of “Countries to Visit in Winter”, is an adventure paradise where the northern lights dance and the glacier valleys are covered with mystery. Under the blast of cold air and north winds, the winter season illuminates Iceland in a spectacularly beautiful way. Starting from Reykjavik, this country’s unique geography and stunning landscapes offer intrepid travellers the opportunity to peak in winter. Opening its doors to the freezing cold, the warm embrace of thermal waters, sleigh rides through snow-covered valleys and romantic walks under the northern lights await you.

In Iceland’s winter, nature has its own magic. Experiences such as the northern lights, which are a riot of colours in the sky, getting lost in glacier caves, spending the night in a warm thermal pond will open the doors to accumulate warm memories in this cold country. Visiting Iceland in winter means witnessing nature’s winter fairy tale while soaking up the cold breezes of the north. This winter, embark on an adventurous journey in the glacial kingdom of Iceland and experience a winter like no other!

The most important places to see in Iceland

  1. Blue Lagoon
  2. Golden Circle
  3. Þingvellir National Park
  4. Gullfoss Waterfall
  5. Geysir Geothermal Area
  6. Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon
  7. Akureyri

Costa Rica

kışın gidilecek ülkeler

This Central American paradise will make your winter holiday unforgettable with its warm sun, colourful tropical birds and butterflies. Adventurous trails in the rainforest, hot springs at the foot of volcanoes and azure waters off the Caribbean coast prove that Costa Rica is a fun destination even in winter. The country’s positive energy, the friendliness of the locals and the dance-filled festivals make it the perfect place to say goodbye to your winter depression.

Costa Rica’s winter shines not only with natural beauty, but also with a unique cultural richness. The colourful markets of San José, the street stalls full of local delicacies and the enthusiastic dancing of the locals complete the warm atmosphere of this country. In winter, Costa Rica appeals to those who are tired of ordinary holidays, love adventure and want to enjoy the sunshine. What are you waiting for this winter to swing in a hammock under the palm trees and cruise the Tortuguero canals filled with crocodiles?



With its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees, Maldives is waiting to embrace those who want to escape the grey days of winter. Staying in bungalows overlooking the water, exploring the colourful coral reefs and walking on the sand at sunset are just a few of the perfect activities to enjoy the warm atmosphere of the Maldives. Moreover, winter is not only warm here; unique underwater restaurants, diving tours and seafood filled with local delicacies will make your Maldives holiday unforgettable. If you are looking for an unforgettable getaway in winter, the mild climate of the Maldives, luxury accommodation options will save you from the suffocating atmosphere of winter and leave you in the arms of paradise.


Countries to visit in winter – Denmark

For those looking for a winter destination with its north winds and fairy-tale atmosphere, Denmark draws you into a winter fairy tale. With its colourful houses, historical castles and quaint streets, Copenhagen shines with energy even in winter. Taking a walk in Nyhavn harbour where you can buy snacks with coins, drinking hot coffee and watching the performances of street artists are among the moments that Copenhagen keeps its vitality even in winter. In addition, the colourful light shows and the ice skating rink at Tivoli Gardens in winter make Denmark’s winter atmosphere even more enchanting.

In the Danish winter, there are also many surprises to discover in the countryside. Hiking in the coastal towns along the North Sea, witnessing the Viking history and enjoying a cosy sauna in the cold weather are unforgettable memories of the Danish winter. Despite the cold weather, Denmark’s warm people, friendly atmosphere and energetic nature make this country an ideal destination for a winter holiday.

Hot Countries to Visit in Winter

kışın gidilecek ülkeler
Warm Countries to Visit in Winter – Indonesia / Bali

Warm countries are the salvation route for those who are tired of the icy cold of winter! These colourful paradises attract people with the warm embrace of the sun instead of freezing winds. In these countries, where golden sands replace white snow, tropical fruit cocktails replace hot soups and light pareos replace thick winter clothes, winter is not just one of the four seasons in the calendar, but a festival of joy. In these warm paradises, where traditional dance performances replace blackened days and blue oceans replace frozen ponds, forget what winter means and enjoy the sunshine!

Warm Countries to Visit in Winter

  1. Thailand (Phuket, Koh Samui): Escape the freezing cold of winter and dive into the warm embrace of Thailand, where warm sands instead of snow and tropical breezes instead of cold winds await you!
  2. Mexico (Cancun, Playa del Carmen): The most delicious way to say goodbye to the grey days of winter is Mexico’s warm sun, colourful beaches and amazing tacos filled with hot peppers!
  3. New Zealand (North Island): Going to New Zealand in winter means bungee jumping in the sunshine instead of skiing in the snow – this is the place for an adventurous winter holiday!
  4. Australia (Sydney, Melbourne): Australia is the place to raise the blood pressure of the winter holiday and dance with kangaroos.
  5. Seychelles: Seychelles awaits you to drink tropical fruit cocktails and snorkel under colourful coral reefs and much more.
  6. Maldives: How about the Maldives to live a summer dream in the middle of winter?
  7. Caribbean Islands (Jamaica, Bahamas): Imagine a holiday where you decorate your cocktail with colourful umbrellas and swing in a hammock among palm trees. Here are the Caribbean Islands!
  8. Fiji: Bu pasifik cenneti Fiji en unutulmaz kış tatillerinizden olacak.
  9. Belize: Here is another great exotic destination, Belize! Think of hibernating destinations.
  10. South Africa (Cape Town): Cape Town means soaking up the sun under Table Mountain, getting lost in the colourful streets of Bo-Kaap and having a romantic sunset picnic in the vineyards.
  11. Costa Rica: Go to Costa Rica to watch butterflies as light as a feather, adventure in the rainforest and inhale the delicious scents of tropical flowers.
  12. Barbados: This winter, enjoy an extraordinary holiday in Barbados!
  13. Malta: How does it sound to get lost in the streets that smell of history, to explore the narrow streets of the charming Valletta?
  14. Cuba (Varadero): The warmth of winter combines with the rhythm of Cuba and we enjoy an extraordinary escape!
  15. Philippines (Boracay, Palawan): Say goodbye to the cold of winter in the tropical warmth of the Philippines and enjoy a holiday in the paradise of the islands!

European Countries to Visit in Winter

kışın gidilecek avrupa ülkeleri

Among the countries to visit in winter, there are many destinations in Europe that attract attention with their enchanting atmosphere. Germany’s fairy-tale Christmas markets, France’s snow-covered chateaus and Switzerland’s impressive mountain landscapes open the doors to a holiday full of unforgettable memories that you can spend in Europe in winter.

From the bustling streets of Vienna, where people come out for a hot drink in the cold weather, to the alleyways of Prague, which reeks of history, each country offers its own magic in the European winter. Destinations in this continent of winter bring a new perspective to the winter season by offering a magic born from the combination of history, culture and nature. Here are the European countries you can visit in winter.

European Countries to Visit in Winter

  1. Switzerland
  2. Austria
  3. Norway
  4. Sweden
  5. Finland
  6. Germany
  7. France
  8. Italy
  9. Russia
  10. Iceland
  11. Estonia
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Scotland
  14. Slovenia
  15. Latvia

Balkan Countries to Visit in Winter

In the list of countries to visit in winter, the Balkans stand out with their historical richness and diverse cultures. Bosnia-Herzegovina’s snow-covered Mostar Bridge, Albania’s dazzling coastline and Montenegro’s impressive mountain landscapes make the Balkans’ winter atmosphere special. From Belgrade’s energetic nightlife to Sofia’s historic architecture, each country offers its own unique charm. Hiking in the snow, sitting by warm fireplaces and discovering local delicacies are just a few of the activities that will spice up your winter holiday in the Balkans.

Balkan Countries to Visit in Winter

  1. Serbia
  2. Montenegro
  3. Albania
  4. Bosnia-Herzegovina
  5. Macedonia
  6. Kosovo
  7. Croatia
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Greece
  10. Romania
  11. Slovenia
  12. North Macedonia

Countries to Visit in Winter FAQ

Where is the warmest place in Turkey in winter?

The warmest place in Turkey in winter is usually Antalya province located in the Mediterranean region. Since Antalya is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, it usually has a mild winter. During the winter months, the temperature can usually vary between 10-20 degrees. However, the high parts of Antalya get their share of the winter cold.

Kış turizmi en çok nerede yapılır?

Winter tourism is usually done in regions that are popular for snowy landscapes, winter sports and other winter activities. People prefer various destinations for holidaying and enjoying winter sports during the winter months. Here are some of the most popular winter tourism destinations: Alps (Europe)Rocky Mountains (North America)Himalayas (Asia)JapanCanadaGeorgia and Turkey are among the winter tourism hotspots. For the best ski resorts in Turkey, check out this article 

I have come to the end of my list of countries to visit in winter. My favourite is warm countries, but the white snow has a special place. I hope you liked my list. If you have your favourite destination, share it in the comments section. Goodbye.😊

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