Scuba Diving in Aqaba

Scuba Diving in Aqaba | The Amazing Underwater World

Scuba diving in Aqaba is among the best activities you can do in Jordan. The Red Sea has a truly fascinating underwater world. The naturalness, coral reefs, plants, colourful fish and submerged wrecks at various points have a share in this amazing beauty. All these beauties take the diving experience in Aqaba to a very special dimension.

Aqaba is Jordan’s only gateway to the sea. After the fascinating ancient ruins of Petra and the red deserts of Wadi Rum, Aqaba turns the corner. It fascinates people with its turquoise coloured eye-catching waters and amazing underwater world. I will tell you about Aqaba, the Red Sea and everything you need to know about scuba diving.

Information About Scuba Diving in Aqaba

You probably know that we live in Muğla. In summer, we live with our snorkel glued to our face.😁 Underwater always excites us. Despite this, we haven’t had the opportunity to scuba dive even once in all these years. It was destined for the Red Sea.😊

In our researches before we went, we had seen that some sources wrote that the Aqaba scuba diving experience was not very necessary and that there was not much to see underwater in the Red Sea. I think satisfaction or dissatisfaction is very personal, so we wanted to experience and see for ourselves. We thought that we would at least scuba dive, but the Red Sea gave us much more.

Where is the Red Sea?

The Red Sea is a must-see place with its rich flora and fauna. Located between Africa and Asia, the Red Sea is connected to the Indian Ocean. Its length reaches 2 thousand 250 kilometres. The Red Sea has borders with 8 countries. It is surrounded by Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen and Djibouti. If you want to dive in the Red Sea, the most ideal places to go are Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, Hurghada and Aqaba in Jordan.

Red Sea Diving Tour

Scuba Diving in Aqaba

Akabede Tüplü Dalış
Scuba Diving in Aqaba: Our Diving Instructor Ismail Tane Tane explains:)

The Red Sea diving tour starts with the departure of the boat from Akabe marina. It takes about 1 hour to reach the first diving spot. Already during this time, people who will scuba dive for the first time are given a little training. They tell you everything you need to know.

The boat stops at 2 different points and diving is done. If there are many participants, the first group dives in the first place and the second group dives in the second place. These groups are divided into groups of 3-4 people and each group is accompanied by a diver from the team. You put on your clothes, put on your equipment and jump into the water. First you practice a little bit, if you are used to snorkelling you will realise that it is very similar. Then you start going down to the bottom.

You witness the unique underwater richness of the Red Sea and swim next to sunken wrecks. The diver diving with you takes your photos underwater. Before you realise how the time passes, you go back up again. Lunch is included in the diving tour. Local dishes are served. You can find details such as which company we dived with, contact information and prices below.

Scuba Diving Experience in Aqaba

While planning our trip to Jordan, we tried to organise every detail. We arranged where to go on which day, where to eat, where to eat, accommodation, tours, etc. For scuba diving in Aqaba, we preferred Coral Garden Diving Centre. We informed the date we would go and they asked us to be at the location they sent 1 day ago at 9 am.

After waking up in a Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum, we travelled about 1 hour to Aqaba. Firstly, we met at their office. We filled in the necessary forms and everyone was provided with a diving suit in the appropriate size. Since everyone arrived at different times, we were in the office until about 11 p.m. Afterwards, those who wished took the shuttle service, and those who had their own vehicle took their own vehicle to the marina.

Scuba Diving in Aqaba
Scuba Diving at Aqaba: Sunken Aircraft Wreck

We got on our boat which was very luxurious and beautiful and started our journey. I think there was the palace of the Jordanian King in that area. It is forbidden to take photos and videos for a certain period of time after leaving the marina. You are free after about 10 minutes. There was unlimited tea, coffee and cold water. We sailed in the blue of the Red Sea with a cup of coffee.

We were asked if anyone had dived before and those who were going to dive for the first time, namely us, went downstairs. We were given the necessary information for diving. Important details such as how we should breathe, which hand signals to communicate with the diver accompanying us under the water were explained. And now we were ready to dive 🤿😊😊

Akabede Tüplü Dalış
Scuba Diving in Aqaba: Coral and Reefs

At the first stop, the first group was prepared and went down to the depths of the water for scuba diving. While waiting for them, they said that those who wanted could do snorkelling. As a group of about 10 people, with one of the boat crew, we had our first look at the Red Sea and the magnificent nature under the water. Oh my God! What a beauty. Colourful plants, coral reefs, various kinds of fish. We were amazed.

Even though we didn’t want to get out at all, we got on the boat and continued on our way to our 2nd stop. At the 2nd stop, we got ready for Aqaba scuba diving by putting on our clothes and equipment as the 2nd group. We went metres under the water and here we were next to a sunken plane.😍 The diver who accompanied us took our photos. We were in constant eye contact and liaison. Although I was a little worried before diving, I felt zero fear and infinite happiness afterwards. I think I am now an incorrigible scuba diving addict.😁

We all went up safely and the food was ready when we got on the boat. We had grilled chicken, meatballs, rice, salad and appetisers. It was the most delicious food we ate in Jordan. While we were enjoying our meals, the boat was on its way back.

The whole team was incredibly caring and friendly. And it was one of the most amazing experiences we have ever had in our lives. Who says scuba diving in Aqaba is no big deal! If you are travelling to Jordan, do not leave the country without having this unique experience. Of course, whether an experience is good or bad depends largely on the company. We were very satisfied with the company we preferred. I mean, good advice from bujuyollarda 😍

Coral Garden Diving Centre Contact Details

Scuba Diving Prices in Aqaba

Scuba Diving in Aqaba
Scuba Diving in Aqaba

The diving price includes transport from the hotels in Aqaba and back, food, water, tea and photos taken underwater. You can dive 1, 2 or 3 times. You pay 30 JD for 1 dive, 60 JD for 2 dives, 75 JD for 3 dives. They also have services such as night diving and underwater professional shooting. I recommend you to examine their website in detail.

I was teleported to those moments again while writing. That’s why I love travelling and writing separately.😍 Let’s meet in new travels that will make me write more. Be sure to read my other guides about Jordan.

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