Places to Visit in Amman

Places to Visit in Amman : Top 13 Things To Do (With Map)

The first stop on our 7-day trip to Jordan was the capital Amman. We had a plan to visit Jordan from north to south. For this, we bought a round trip ticket to Amman and first flew from Ankara to Amman. We flew, but when Pegasus delayed for 12 hours, we lost half a day. So we said no demoralisation and revised our travel plan again. In the end, we had to remove some places from the list of Amman places to visit and we continued our trip.

Although we started our trip with a negative situation, Jordan completely reversed this negativity. Both the beauty of the places to visit and the warmth of the people made us love this country very much. We travelled Jordan almost from top to bottom and had the opportunity to see many places. In one sentence, I say You should definitely discover Jordan.

For detailed information before going to Jordan, be sure to check out my very detailed article titled Jordan Travel Guide. I explained everything from currency exchange to sim cards. The links to my articles about other places we visited in Jordan are below.

Places to Visit in Amman

Places to Visit in Amman

Amman is a typical capital city. I guess when a place becomes a capital city, it attains a certain standard and takes on a gloomy air. We felt a little bit of this in Amman. Thousands of earth-coloured houses and government buildings in rows and rows gave us a capital city atmosphere. Well, if you ask if Amman sightseeing places are worth exploring, I would say yes. Maybe not a big yes, but you should still explore Amman.

Amman is a bit in the shadow of other places to visit in Jordan. In other words, no one thinks of Amman when there is Petra or Wadi Rum. It is a justified thought, but there are still some nice places to discover here. We liked some of the places in Amman very much. Places to visit in Amman are generally close to each other. Only the last 4 places on my list (Jerash Ancient City, Ajloun Castle, Baptism Site – Bethany Beyond the Jordan, Mount Nebo) are far from the centre of Amman.

Let me state from the beginning that if you have very little time in Jordan, I recommend you not to spend time in the centre of Amman, if you have limited time, I recommend you to spend 1 or half a day, if you have more time, I recommend you to spend 2 days. So how should you visit Amman when you have time? I recommend you to visit the first nine places on my list in 1 day and the other four places in 1 day. This is exactly what we did. On our 2nd day in Amman, we visited Jerash, then Mount Nebo and then headed to the Dead Sea.

Note: As I mentioned above, we had to remove some places from our existing plan due to the delay. Ajloun Castle and The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ were eliminated from our list.😥

Places to Visit in Amman (You can click on the numbers on the map and zoom in)

Places to Visit in Amman

  1. Amman Citadel
  2. Amman Roman Theatre
  3. Roman Nymphaeum
  4. Rainbow Street
  5. Jordan Museum
  6. King Abdullah I Mosque
  7. Royal Motor Museum
  8. King Hussein Mosque
  9. Royal Tank Museum
  10. Jerash Ancient City
  11. Ajloun Castle
  12. Baptism Site – Bethany Beyond the Jordan
  13. Mount Nebo

You can start your sightseeing in Amman from the centre closest to your hotel location. At this point, get help from the map above. If you ask Do you need a car for Amman centre, I don’t think it is necessary, but it would be better if you had one. Since we rented a car for the whole of Jordan, we travelled around Amman by car. Amman traffic was a bit of an ordeal, but we still had no problems. For your information, I have listed the places to visit on the map according to proximity.

Amman Citadel

Places to Visit in Amman
Places to Visit in Amman : Amman Citadel Temple of Hercules

Amman Citadel is one of the must-see places in the capital Amman. As you can guess, this place is located at the top of Amman due to the fact that it is a castle. If you want to go up on foot, you can get quite tired. We reached the castle by driving on slopes and narrow roads and parked our car in the free parking area.

This place offers a beautiful view of Amman. Even though there are earth coloured houses in the landscape, this is the architecture of this place. I think it is beautiful and unique. After paying the entrance fee, we entered the castle. Now let’s come to the details of the castle and what’s inside.

Structures You Should See in Amman Fortress:

  • Temple of Hercules
  • Jordan Archaeological Museum
  • Byzantine Church
  • Umayyad Palace (Ummayad Palace)

Amman Citadel is located on the highest hill in Amman, Jebel Al Qala’a (about 850 metres above sea level). The citadel is surrounded by a 1700 m long wall, which was rebuilt many times during the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad periods. There are many buildings to be seen inside the castle. The most important of these are the Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace. The Jordan Archaeological Museum is also located in this castle.

amman kalesi emevi sarayı
Places to Visit in Amman : Amman Citadel Umayyad Palace

The Temple of Hercules, one of the most remarkable structures of the castle, was built during the reign of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-80 AD). Fragments of the podium and the columns seen around it remain from the temple. It was called the Temple of Hercules because of the magnificent hand, believed to be the hand of a large Roman Hercules statue. The Romans came all the way here and left really beautiful artefacts. After the Temple of Hercules, we went to the Archaeological Museum just diagonally.

amman arkeoloji müzesi
Places to Visit in Amman : Amman Archaeological Museum

Jordan Archaeological Museum exhibits artefacts unearthed in the castle and surrounding areas. This is a very small and modest museum. In the museum you can see the artefacts unearthed from the Bronze Age to the present day. There is no entrance fee here.

After leaving here, we saw the Byzantine Church located right next to the museum. It is estimated that the church was built in the 6th century. Today, only the columns, floor plan and some mosaics remain.

Our next stop after the church was the Umayyad Palace, another important building inside the citadel. The buildings forming part of the Umayyad Palace are the best preserved structures in Amman Castle. It is estimated that the palace was built between the 7th and 8th centuries. Most of it was destroyed in earthquakes. The dome and rooms of the surviving building are very interesting. Inside the palace, there is a courtyard containing the remains of residential buildings and a cistern used to carry water to the palace.

  • The entrance fee for Amman Castle is 3 JOD per person. If you have a Jordan Pass, you can visit here for free.
  • Location here.

Amman Roman Theatre

Places to Visit in Amman

One of the most beautiful monuments left by the Romans in Amman is the Roman Theatre and Odeon. It is estimated that the theatre was built in the 2nd century. Its capacity is 6000 people. Amman used to be known as Philadelphia and this theatre was one of the most important buildings of Philadelphia. A Greek inscription on one of the columns indicates that the theatre was built in honour of the Emperor  Antoninus Pius  (138-161 AD).

The theatre was built on the north side to protect the audience from the sun. Seating was according to social ranks. The theatre has a large stage. The Roman theatre is still used today for performances, concerts and events. To the east of the theatre is the Odeon, a smaller Roman auditorium for musical performances. You can also visit Odeon when you are here. The rooms behind the theatre also house the Jordan Museum of Popular Tradition and the Jordan Folklore Museum.

  • The entrance fee for the Roman Theatre in Amman is 3 JOD per person. Jordan Pass is valid both in the theatre and in the museums inside.
  • The location of the Roman Theatre of Amman is here.

Roman Nymphaeum

amman gezilecek yerler

We continue our list of places to visit in Amman with another historical place. This is Roman Nymphaeum. It is located very close to the Roman Theatre. If you are very bored of historical places in Amman, you can skip this place.

The Nymphaeum or the main public fountain of ancient Philadelphia dates back to the end of the 2nd century AD. Nymphaeas were built over caves with running water, believed to be sacred to mythological nymphs. This was a public gathering place and was seen as a sign of a city’s wealth.

The Amman Nymphaeum, with its monumental structure richly decorated with carvings, mosaics and sculptures, has a symmetrically designed half octagonal structure 68 metres long. Unfortunately, it has been damaged by many earthquakes in history. After 3 years of restoration, the Nymphaeum was reopened as an archaeological park in October 2018.

  • There is no entrance fee for the Roman Fountain.
  • Location here.

Rainbow Street

rainbow street

One of the most popular streets of Amman, Rainbow Street is a place you should visit especially to taste the street flavours. Amman is a city built on 7 hills. Therefore, both walking and driving on the streets is a bit challenging. If you want to walk on the streets of Amman, the most logical place to go is Rainbow Street, Rainbow Street.

Rainbow Street is located close to the places mentioned above. If you are going to walk here, slopes await you. When you come here, you can sit in beautiful cafes, smoke a hookah or taste Jordanian flavours. We came here by car and parked our car in a suitable place and walked down the street. This street adds a different atmosphere to Amman. It gives you the feeling that you are in a beautiful city.

When you come to Rainbow Street, you can experience the following places and flavours.

Rainbow Street Venue Recommendations

If you have a lot of time on Rainbow Street, you can visit Souq Jara near the end of Rainbow Street. This is an open-air flea market and ideal for buying souvenirs. It is not open every day of the week. In addition to this Wild Jordan Centre. There are stylish restaurants, bars and a luxurious boutique hotel here. You may consider this place to have a Turkish coffee.😊

Jordan Museum

amman gezilecek yerler listesi

If you want to have detailed information about the history of Jordan, you should visit the Jordan Museum. Designed by Jordanian architect Jafar Toukan, the museum was opened in 2013. The Jordan Museum tells the history of Jordan both chronologically and thematically, using more than 2,000 artefacts and specially designed materials. Part of the collection comes from the former Archaeological Museum in Amman’s citadel.

Jordan Museum is the largest museum in Jordan and home to the country’s most important archaeological finds. The museum exhibits stone inscriptions in various ancient languages. You can also see the famous scrolls of the Dead Sea here. A copper scroll containing the inscriptions of the hidden legendary treasure is also here. On the second floor there are also very interesting and interactive scientific exhibitions, mostly aimed at children.

Among the most remarkable artefacts of the museum is the Ain Ghazal statue, one of the oldest sculptures made by humanity.

  • The entrance fee for the Jordan Museum is 5 JOD per person. Jordan Pass is not valid here.
  • Location here.

King Abdullah I Mosque

Places to Visit in Amman
Places to Visit in Amman

The first mosque on the list of places to visit in Amman, King Abdullah I Mosque, was our first stop in Amman because it was close to our hotel. The mosque is a very beautiful place in terms of spiritual atmosphere. The dome is covered with blue mosaics. The huge chandelier inside the mosque and the red coloured carpet look quite impressive.

With a capacity of 3000 people, the mosque was built between 1982-1989. As you might guess, it is named after King Abdullah I of Jordan.

Do not forget to cover up while visiting King Abdullah I Mosque. They give you a abaya to cover up at the entrance. There is also an Islamic Museum under the mosque. You can also visit here if you wish.

The mosque does not have any entrance fee. There are places selling souvenirs at the entrance downstairs. There is also no car parking problem. Location here.

Royal Motor Museum

In Amman, we came to the Royal Automobile Museum, one of the most beautiful places in Amman, which impressed us. We visited this place with our mouths open. There are Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Ferrari, Mercedes in the museum. There are, but all of them are very old and at least 40 years old.

The Royal Automobile Museum was the first public automotive museum in the Arab region. It houses cars and motorbikes belonging to King Abdullah I, King Talal and King Hussein of Jordan. Inaugurated in 2003 by King Abdullah II, the museum depicts a cross-section of Jordanian history in addition to cars. Some of the vehicles in the museum are even over 100 years old. We loved all the vehicles in the museum, but orange open-top sports Mercedes was something else. I think if you come to Amman, you should definitely visit this place.

In the museum, the vehicle used in the film “The Martian”, which was shot in Wadi Rum, is also on display. Please be informed that this vehicle is not inside the museum but outside.

  • The entrance fee for the Royal Automobile Museum is 5 JOD per person. I think it is definitely worth this fee. Jordan Pass is not valid.
  • The museum is located in Al Hussein Public Park. In addition to this museum, the park also includes the Children’s Museum and the King Hussein Mosque. Location here.

King Hussein Mosque

ürdün nerede ürdüne nasıl gidilir

The next stop after the Automobile Museum was the King Hussein Mosque. They are very close to each other in terms of location. The marble floor and the atmosphere of this mosque are very beautiful. You will be really impressed by its courtyard. We came here at sunset and we were really impressed. But we couldn’t see inside the mosque because it was only open for the time prayers.

The King Hussein Mosque was built in the mid-7th century by the second caliph of Islam, Hazrat Umar, but was rebuilt in 1932 by King Abdullah I (Abdullah bin al Hussein) using the existing white and pink stones. The mosque is named after King Hussein. However, the mosque underwent a major restoration in 1987 to give it a more modern appearance. The plane trees in the garden were brought from our country.

You should also visit the Royal Motor Museum while you are here. Location here.

Royal Tank Museum

tank müzesi

The Royal Tank Museum was founded in 2007 on the instruction of King Abdullah II and opened in 2018. The museum building was designed by Zaid Daoud Architecture as a “futuristic sand castle borrowing from the language of secrecy”.

The museum has 13 rooms in total. With an area of 20,000 square metres, the museum exhibits hundreds of light and heavy military items. As for tanks, there are around 110 tanks in the museum. These tanks are from the Cold War period and World War II. The museum has a cafe upstairs where you can play World of Tank.

  • Entrance to the Royal Tank Museum costs 5 JOD. Children under 12 are admitted free of charge. Jordan Pass is not valid.
  • Location here.

After the Royal Tank Museum, you can also visit Ashabul Kehf 7 Sleepers Cave, which is not on any blog I have seen on the map. It is almost close in terms of location. We couldn’t go, but I thought I would share it with you anyway. If you have a lot of time, you can add this place to the list of places to visit in Amman. Location here.

Royal Automobile Museum or Tank Museum ? If you have to choose between the two, I recommend the Automobile Museum. If you are going to go to both, there is no need for an answer. Jordan was nice, but it would be even better if they didn’t make the entrance fee x10 for tourists.😒

Yes, we have completed the list of places to visit in Amman centre. Below you can find places to visit in the centre of Amman. As you can see from the map, the first 5 places are within walking distance of each other. For other places it is better to have a car.

Amman Centre Attractions

  1. Amman Citadel
  2. Amman Roman Theatre
  3. Roman Nymphaeum
  4. Rainbow Street
  5. Jordan Museum
  6. King Abdullah I Mosque
  7. Royal Motor Museum
  8. King Hussein Mosque
  9. Royal Tank Museum

The last 4 places on my list of places to visit in Amman are located around Amman. If you are going to visit all of these places, it is useful to get up early in the morning. As I said, a car is a must. We excluded Ajloun Castle and The Baptismal Site from our list due to the plane delay. After visiting the remaining places, we headed towards the Dead Sea. Now let’s get to the details of these places.

Jerash Ancient City


I think the most important place on the list of places to visit in Amman is Jerash Ancient City. I can even generalise this situation as Jordan, but of course, Jerash is in the shadow of Petra while Petra is the reality. This beautiful ancient city is a fascinating ancient Roman city located 52 km from Amman. In Roman times, it was known as Gerasa . The surviving buildings are very well preserved. So if they say how a Roman city would be, Jerash would be a very good example.

Jerash (Old Gerasa) is an ancient Hellenistic city. The city reached its heyday when the Romans took control of it in 64 BC and Jerash became part of the Roman Decapolis. The city was highly developed due to its location on trade routes. Most of the buildings in the city date from the 1st and 2nd centuries. The prosperity of Jerash continued until the Byzantine period. The city was severely damaged by a great earthquake in the 8th century.

In Jerash you will see the following buildings. These buildings are in very good condition. If I write the details of all of them, the article will be very long, but I will keep it short.

Structures in the ancient city of Jerash:

  • Hadrian’s Arch (similar in Antalya)
  • Jerash Racecourse (capacity 500 people)
  • Temple of Zeus
  • Oval Plaza (originally 160 columns)
  • Southern Theatre
  • Cardo Maximus
  • Cathedral Complex
  • Three Church Ruins
  • Nymphaeum (Fountain)
  • Temple of Artemis
  • North Tetrapylon
  • Northern Theatre

These buildings in Jerash have been well preserved until today. You need 2-3 hours to visit this place. When it comes to us, this time increases to 4 hours, of course.😂This is the best historical place in Amman. Definitely be on your list.

  • The entrance fee of Jerash Ancient City is 10 JOD per person. Jordan Pass is valid here. There is a ticket control after the hippodrome inside.
  • Location here. Free car park.

Ajloun Castle

ajloun castle

Ajloun Castle was built between 1184-1188 under the rule of sultan and military leader Saladin Ayyubid. Saladin had the castle built in the 12th century at a strategic point overlooking the Jordan Valley to counter the Crusades.

This is a castle from the 12th century. The castle is located at the top of Mountain Auf. From the castle you can see the lands of Palestine, Israel and Syria. Over the years the castle has been rebuilt many times and many towers and rooms have been added to the original structure.

Ajloun Castle is about 50 kilometres from Amman. It is close to Jerash. It is half an hour’s drive between them.

When you come to Ajloun Castle, you can visit the museum here, watch the view of the Jordan Valley, and take a walk among the surrounding olive groves.

  • The entrance fee for Ajloun Castle is 3 JOD per person. Jordan Pass is valid here.

Baptism Site – Bethany Beyond the Jordan (El-Mağtas)

amman gezi rehberi

We have come to a very important place for Christians. It is known as El-Magtas, which means “baptism” or “immersion” in Arabic. Located on the Jordan – Israel border and listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Baptism Site is recognised as the site of the Baptism of Jesus and the seat of John the Baptist.

El-Magtas covers two main archaeological sites. The ruins of a monastery on a mound known as Jabal Mar-Elias (Elijah Hill) and a region close to the river with churches, baptismal pools, pilgrimage and mound settlements. The two areas are connected by a stream called Wadi Kharrar. Jabal Mar-Elias is traditionally referred to as the place where the prophet Elijah ascended to heaven.

The site has become a very touristic spot with the visit of the popes in recent years. Thousands of Christians flock to the site to celebrate holy days.

We had to skip this place because our time was limited. We only went to Mount Nebo in this region. I don’t know if it’s worth going here. Also, the entrance fee is 12 dinar for your information.😂 Jordan Pass is valid here. But when you buy Jordan Pass, you need to add Bethany Beyond the Jordan (Baptism Site) to the basket. Location here.

Mount Nebo

nebo dağı
Places to Visit in Amman : Statue on Mount Nebo

We visited Mount Nebo instead of Baptism Site. Mount Nebo, located in the Medeba province of Jordan, was the mountain where Moses was forbidden to enter the “Promised Land“. The mountain became very popular with the Pope’s visit. It is in the holy books that Moses died here and was buried on this mountain.

In the 4th century AD, Mount Nebo became a centre of pilgrimage due to its religious history, and a church and a sanctuary for worship was built on the mountain to honour Moses. By the 6th century AD, monks built a Byzantine monastery in the area, which survived for about six hundred years. Although the building is no longer there, the mosaics from that period can still be seen.

The view from Mount Nebo is beautiful. From the summit of the mountain, some parts of Jerusalem can be seen. Visitors to this mountain can also see beautiful mosaics and historical artefacts. In the mosaics, besides the images of hunters and animals, the wine making process is also described.


At the viewpoint is the Serpent Cross, a symbolic combination of the bronze serpent thought to have been created by Moses and the pilgrimage of Jesus. At the entrance to the site, you can also visit the museum with information about the religious history of Mount Nebo and the surrounding area.

  • The entrance fee for Mount Nebo is 3 JOD per person. Jordan Pass is not valid here.
  • Location here.

After Mount Nebo, we travelled to The Dead Sea. Since the Dead Sea is far from Amman, I did not include it in my list of places to visit in Amman. If you have time, you can also visit Madaba city, where Mount Nebo is also located. Madaba is home to the largest number of mosaics discovered in their original locations in the world. Below you can find a list of Madaba Attractions.

Madaba Attractions:

  • St George’s Church and Madaba Map
  • Mount Nebo
  • Madaba Archaeological Park
  • St. John The Baptist Roman Catholic Kilisesi
  • Memorial Church Of Moses.

Amman Attractions Vlog

Good to know before travelling to Amman

Where to Amman?

amman nerede
Amman Fort

Amman is the capital of Jordan and is located in the northern part of the country. Built on seven hills, Amman is the populous city of Jordan. Amman, one of the oldest cities in the world, has a population of nearly 4 million. Amman, a typical Middle Eastern city, is best known for its earth-coloured houses. The location of Amman, which has many historical beauties, on the map here.

  • Amman to Petra Ancient City 232 kilometres 3 hours,
  • Amman to Aqaba 324 kilometres 4 hours,
  • Amman to Medeba 36 kilometres 50 minutes,
  • The distance between Amman and Jerash 52 kilometres takes 1 hour. Amman – Jerash arası 52 kilometre 1 saat sürüyor.

When to go to Amman?

You can go to Amman every month of the year. Because there are usually historical places in Amman in terms of places to visit. Of course, if you say it is not hot or cold, you can choose the spring months as a season. This is only valid for Amman. So if you are not going to be content with Amman, if you are going to visit Jordan completely, I think the spring months are the most ideal months.

We went to Amman in the second half of September and the weather was fine. It was neither oppressive nor cold. It was even a little hot. Therefore, you may prefer spring as a season and April – May and September – October as a month.

How many days to visit Amman?

You can easily visit the places to visit in 1 day in Amman. You can already see their proximity on the map above. You can also spend 1 day around Amman and spend the night somewhere else. So don’t spend more than 2 days in Amman.

If your time is wide, you can spare 3 days, but if it is narrow, 1 day is enough. The most important places to see in Amman are Amman Castle, Jerash Ancient City and Royal Automobile Museum. These places will satisfy you more than enough. Other places depend entirely on your travel plan.

I can say the following about Jordan; it is a country that gets more beautiful as you go from north to south. So plan your time well and read my Jordan Travel Guide article.

Is Amman dangerous?

ürdün gezi blog

I have a clear answer to the question Is Amman dangerous and that is NO. Jordan is generally a safe country. Amman is even safer because it is the capital city. People are respectful and hospitable. So there is no danger problem. There are police in many places and security is provided at a high level.

Although people have prejudices such as Middle Eastern country, there are terrorist acts here, there is sharia, Jordan is a country that always negates them. Be sure you will love this country very much.

Amman Traffic

The point we did not like in Amman was traffic. We even thought that we should not rent a car in an Arab country, but then we said that Jordan would not be without a car and we rented a car. We did not have any problems with the car and the roads. We only had a little difficulty in Amman traffic.

From time to time we got caught in traffic and we could barely get out in half an hour. We said that this situation is also in our big cities and we did not worry about it. But really people are respectful in traffic or I don’t know if it was us, but how many times we entered the opposite direction, they smiled and politely warned us.😂

So if you are a good driver, do not be afraid of traffic. I recommend you to rent a car with automatic transmission only. This situation is very relaxing.

Where to stay in Amman ?

The Boulevard Arjaan By Rotana

ammanda nerede kalınır

Since Amman is the capital of Jordan, it is a developed and modern city in every sense. You have many options in terms of accommodation. From luxury suite apartments to classic city hotels, there are options for every budget. We started our trip to Jordan from Amman. Since we had a tiring track like Petra and Bedouin tent experiences in the desert in Wadi Rum, we wanted to spoil ourselves a little in Amman and stayed in a very nice hotel.

The Boulevard Arjaan By Rotana is a very centrally located hotel in Amman. Don’t mind me calling it a hotel, even we said that if this is a hotel, what were the ones we stayed in before 😁 This is an accommodation facility consisting of suite apartments. There are also those who stay by renting for a long term. The apartments have a kitchen, living area, bedroom, balcony, toilet and bathroom.

amman otel tavsiyesi

We stayed including breakfast. I can say that it has a very rich breakfast. You will never feel unfamiliar. You will see most of the products in Turkish breakfast here anyway. The staff was also interested and friendly. We were extremely satisfied with our stay here. I can highly recommend it. If you want to choose this hotel, all contact information is below.

The Boulevard Arjaan By Rotana Contact Details:

What to eat in Amman & What is famous in Amman?

Jordanian cuisine includes many flavours from Lebanese cuisine as well as its own local dishes. If you have been to Lebanon or know Lebanese food, you will encounter many of them in the menus of Amman restaurants. Hummus, mütebbel, falafel and many other foods are also available in Jordan. Mansaf, shawurma, kunafeh are the most specific answers to the question of what to eat in Amman. So, if you ask what and where to eat Buju, let me tell you my detailed suggestions.

What to Eat in Amman & What is Famous in Amman?

  • Shawarma
  • Mansaf
  • Humus
  • Falafel
  • Mutebel
  • Maklube
  • Künefe
  • Şiş Kebap

Shanab Shawarma

ammanda ne yenir

Shawarma is a local dish that you should definitely eat when you come to Jordan. I know that there are places in Turkey that serve it. In fact, we were eating it in Ankara with Üstün. It turns out that its homeland is Jordan. 😊 We preferred Shanab Shawarma as a place.

There are both chicken and meat options. While it is normally made in the form of doner, here they cook the meat on the grill. Even 1 portion is quite big. It comes with potato chips and salad. Of course, we should not forget the various sauces. It was quite delicious.

Let me tell you the name of the place. Shanab means moustache in Arabic. After the dishes they liked very much, they would kiss their moustache with their fingers and say shanab. In other words, it was a traditional gesture to emphasise that they found it very delicious. 😍 When you are in Amman, do not return without eating shawarma here.

Shanab Shawarma Contact Details:

Ammani Restaurant

ammanda ne yenir

If you want to taste local dishes in a pleasant place, I recommend Ammani Restaurant which I liked very much. First of all, the place is very nice. I liked the ambience very much. The decoration, the music playing, the interest of the staff is tremendous.

As for the food, the menu is very rich. We had a hard time to choose. We ordered hummus, falafel, mütebbel, fattoush. All of them are the flavours we know and love from Lebanon. Their flavours seemed different to me.

For the main course, we ordered Mansaf, which was highly recommended by everyone we chatted with. Mansaf was served with rice on the bottom, lamb meat on top, roasted pistachios and almonds and hot yoghurt cooked on the side. If you like lamb meat, you will like the dish. It was a bit heavy for me to be honest. Also, pour the yoghurt on your plate a little bit instead of directly on the dish.

Ammani Restaurant Contact Details:

Nafeesah Sweets

ammanda ne yenir

Do you think we only have künefe? I invite you to eat it in Amman. Even though I was prejudiced because of some negative reviews I read, as a künefe lover, I thought how bad can it be at most. And as in Turkey, it is important where you eat what and where you eat it. I immediately searched and saw that a few names of certain places stood out. I liked the reviews of Nafeesah more and we stopped by to recharge our energy after returning from Jerash.

It is not prepared in personalised portions as we do. A big tray is waiting for you and you buy small or large slices. Even the small slice was enough for us. There are 2 flavours. Crispi and normal. We chose crispi, unlike us, they ask if you want cashew and peanuts on it. They put plenty of them. He also asked if we wanted syrup. I said yes. I mean, wasn’t the dessert on the tray already syrupy? They also offered one of the small kadayıf rolls. We paid 0,75 jod for this full plate. It brought tears to our eyes to see that there is something cheaper in Jordan than in Turkey. 😂

Let’s talk about the taste. I thought the kadayıf and the cheese were marvellous. The cashew was also very good. The syrup was quite dark and dense compared to ours. Maybe it would have been better if I didn’t ask for syrup. But in general, I liked it very much. Eat kunafeh in Amman and eat it at Nafeesah.

Nafeesah Sweets Contact:

  • Address: Al Bilbesi Complex Al Madinah Al Munawarah St 234 Tilaa Al Ali, Khalda & Um Al Summaq، Amman, Ürdün
  • Location: Nafeesah Sweets

I hope it was a pleasant and useful article. If you are undecided about going to Jordan, full support from us. Don’t think about it, discover this special country. If you have any questions, you can write a comment below. See you on new routes.

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