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Jordan Travel Guide : Everything You Need to Know

A bombshell Jordan travel guide is waiting for you. Jordan was such a trip that it was engraved in our minds point by point with everything for us. I am not exaggerating, I would put this beautiful country in the top corner among the places I have been to so far. We really loved Jordan. Even the idea of whether we could live in Jordan while returning was in the back of our minds.

Beyond the beauties of this country, its people were very good for us. I don’t know if it was us, but we were very pleased with a smiling face and always helping. I will tell you the details about the places to visit in Jordan point by point, but before that, of course, there is Jordan travel guide and details.

In my Jordan travel guide, I will try to give every experience I had in Jordan in the most detailed way. From car rental to visa issues, from currency exchange to sim card transactions, all our experiences are here. We stayed in Jordan for about 7 days and tried not to leave any place we did not visit. We started to visit the country from the north, that is, from the capital Amman, and went down to the south, that is, to Aqaba. Since our return was from Amman, we passed from Aqaba to Amman again and returned to our country.

Jordan Travel Guide

I am not exaggerating, print out my article titled Jordan travel guide and go to Jordan. You will need everything I have told you and it will make your travelling much easier. I believe that you will also be satisfied with Jordan. In this beautiful country, from ancient cities to lakes, from deserts to seas, many beautiful things await you.

We visited Amman, Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba in Jordan. Plus we added a few more places to these places. All of the places we visited were beautiful and special. In Petra, we had tea and chatted with Bedouins in Wadi Rum, we had the opportunity to watch thousands of stars at night in the Wadi Rum desert accompanied by the Milky Way. We dived in Aqaba and watched the sunset in the Dead Sea and lived Jordan to the fullest.

Even this article, which I wrote immediately after our trip, excites me so much that I cannot explain it. Even going to this beautiful country for the second time might be a good idea for me. Look, I’m saying this very sincerely, if you are hesitant or have any prejudices about Jordan, I think you should put all of that aside, take action, buy a plane ticket and discover this beautiful country.

General Information About Jordan

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In this section you will find brief information about Jordan. This information is the information you will need in Jordan. It would be more relaxing to know what is what in the country you are travelling in advance. You will witness this information one by one when you go.

Jordan is bordered by Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, Saudi Arabia to the south and east, and Israel to the west. The country opens to the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aqaba in its southwest. When you really look at it, this is a troubled region, but Jordan is a very stable, safe and orderly country despite all these troubles. We felt this very much, too. I think people’s perspective and way of living are effective in this situation. Don’t worry about security. Jordan was not even affected by the Arab Spring. I think it continues to maintain its stability as a result of its close relations with the West.

Pill Information About Jordan:

  • Capital: Amman
  • Country telephone code: + 962
  • Currency: Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
  • Population: 10.2 million (2020)
  • Religion: 95% Muslim, 4% Christian, 1% Others
  • Mode of Government: Kingdom (Monarchy)
  • Language spoken: Arabic (most people speak English in touristic places)
  • Socket Type: C / D / F / G / G /  J socket types

Jordan has a total of 12 main provinces. The largest of these provinces is the capital Amman. Jordan is a kingdom and the country is ruled by the kingdom, that is, in a monarchical order. You will see the king’s picture in many places in Jordan. I should also mention that there is no Sharia in Jordan. So do not think like Iran. This is a very moderate and civilised country. We were very comfortable in general.

Let me talk a little about the history of Jordan and then continue with my travel guide. Jordanian lands have historically hosted many civilizations. Many states such as the Nabataeans, Romans, Byzantium, Umayyad State and Ottoman Empire ruled in these lands. Jordan, which was Ottoman territory for 400 years, left Turkish rule after World War I. Later, in 1921, it was named the Emirate of Trans-Transjordan as a British mandate, and Abdullah I, the son of Sharif Hussein, became its head.

Abdullah I was killed when he wanted to act independently from the British and was replaced by his son Tallal. Tallal, who had mental problems, came to Istanbul for treatment and was replaced by his son Hussein. After Hussein’s death, he was succeeded by King Abdullah II. King Abdullah is still at the head of the country. Jordan, which has a short history, is not even a century old country.

Where is Jordan?


Jordan, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is located in the centre of the Middle East. Jordan is an Arab country and is ruled by a kingdom system (monarchy). It is bordered to the north by Syria, to the west by Israel and the West Bank, to the northeast by Iraq, and to the south and east by Saudi Arabia.

The capital of the country is Amman. Other important cities are Aqaba, Medeba, Jerash and Irbid. Although it is not possible to visit every point, Jordan is definitely a country that should be explored. You will need to calculate many things when making a Jordan trip plan. You need to start your trip with either Amman or Aqaba. Below you can see the distance between these places. Location of Jordan on the map here.

  • Amman to Aqaba 335 km and approximately 4 hours
  • Amman to Petra Ancient City 236 km and approximately 3 hours
  • The distance from Amman to Wadi Rum is 314 km and the journey takes approximately 3 hours 50 minutes
  • The distance from Amman to Jerash is 50 km and the journey takes approximately 50 minutes
  • The distance between Amman and the Dead Sea is 70 km and the journey takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How to get to Jordan & Flights to Jordan

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The most practical way to get to Jordan from Turkey is by plane. There are regular flights to Jordan from Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Trabzon. It was very interesting for us to have Trabzon here, but recently Trabzon is very popular among Arabs. While travelling in Jordan, we witnessed that many people went to Trabzon. We said why Trabzon and of course they said because of its green 😊 Of course they long for green in the deserts.

As I mentioned below, Jordan does not require a visa. Hop on a plane from Turkey and take yourself to Amman or Aqaba. If you say Amman or Aqaba, I think it depends on you and the places you want to visit. Let me state that Amman flights are more affordable in terms of cost.

We flew from Ankara to Amman and returned to Ankara from Amman. Jordan is not a very big country. It is quite easy to travel. Only a car is a must. You can draw a route from north to south or from south to north to visit Jordan.

For flights to Jordan, you can use our favourite travel app Skyscanner. There are sometimes very cheap flight tickets here. When you find a cheap ticket, grab the ticket immediately and fly to Jordan.

What kind of country is Jordan?

Jordan Travel Guide

I think Jordan is a country that should definitely be seen. Places to visit are legendary. People are very naive and helpful. I sincerely believe that you will return happy from Jordan if there is no other situation.

I tried to write all my experiences in my Jordan travel guide. The only thing I did not like was that the entrance fee of the places to visit was quite expensive for foreigners. But when you see the beauties, you ignore this situation after an hour.

I have already answered the question What kind of a place is Jordan in detail in my articles. Petra Ancient City, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea make this country very attractive. I think you should definitely evaluate this beautiful route if you have the opportunity.

When to go to Jordan?

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The time you go to Jordan is very important. Because you will make a lot of effort at the walking point. Therefore, I would not recommend you to go in extreme heat or cold. Take 25 thousand steps a day in the ancient city of Petra. It would not be very good to take these steps in the July heat.

So When to go to Jordan I think the best period to go to Jordan is September – October autumn period and May – June spring period. Apart from that, Jordan will be hot in summer. In winter, you may have to remove some places from your itinerary due to cold and precipitation.

We went to Jordan in the second quarter of September. The weather was very nice. It was hot during the day and cool at night. If you are going to Jordan in spring, definitely take something thick for the evening. We felt the weather change especially in Petra. It is quite cold at night. If you are not careful, a cold is inevitable. Let me also say that you can take the summer heat and go to Jordan, but I would not recommend you to go to Jordan in winter. Because both cold and diving in Aqaba will be very difficult.

In summary, if you are going to Jordan, it would be logical to prefer spring months. Of course, if you find cheap flight tickets, you will not have to choose a period. Still, try to force the spring months.

How Many Days Should I Spend in Jordan & Jordan Travel Plan

Jordan Travel Guide

One more important question. How many days to visit Jordan or How to plan a trip to Jordan ? This question depends entirely on your itinerary or permission status. If you do not have a problem in these matters, I think you should spend 7 days in Jordan. Although many blogs say that 3-4 days will be enough for Jordan, I think this time is quite insufficient. Jordan is a place that deserves to be explored with every point. Yes, you don’t have to go everywhere, but you should definitely visit some points.

So how should I distribute these 7 days. The answer to this is of course with me. Distribute the 7 days according to the sightseeing spots in Jordan as follows.

  • Amman Centre Attractions – 1 Day
  • Jerash ancient city and Aclun Castle in Amman – 1 Day
  • Dead Sea and its surroundings – 1 Day
  • Ancient City of Petra – 2 Days
  • Wadi Rum – 1 Day
  • Aqaba – 1 Day

This is exactly how you should distribute the days. Of course, you should adjust this day distribution according to your arrival and return places and times. If you have 5 days, you should allocate 1 day to Petra and exclude Amman from the list. If you have 3 days, you should allocate 1 day to Petra, 1 day to Wadi Rum and 1 day to Aqaba.

So how many days did we visit Jordan. We allocated 7 days to Jordan. But since our flight from Ankara to Amman was delayed, we arrived in Jordan with a delay of 1 day. We tried to stick to our plan above by playing a little on the list of places to visit.

Note: Why should you spend 2 days in Petra? Petra is a very large area. I think it is a must to spend 2 days in this beautiful place, which is one of the new 7 wonders of the world, and to see The Treasury (El Hazne) in 2 separate days. Of course, if you do not have time, 1 day will be enough. Whether for 1 day or half a day, Petra should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Jordan. Be sure to check out the link for my detailed article with Petra. https://bujuyollarda.com/petra-antik-city/

Places You Should Definitely See in Jordan

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Jordan Travel Guide : Aqaba Diving Experience

You have decided to go to Jordan, of course you will not only visit the capital Amman. If you are only going to visit Amman, it is your decision, of course, but then do not say that I have visited Jordan. Here are the places you should definitely see when you come to Jordan.

What You Absolutely Must See in Jordan

  1. Amman centre and surroundings
  2. Dead Sea (Dead Sea)
  3. Petra Ancient City
  4. Wadi Rum
  5. Aqaba

The most important of these places in order of importance are Petra and Wadi Rum. There is not much to see in Aqaba. But you should definitely do scuba diving here and definitely see the coral reefs. Don’t forget to take a look at my detailed articles.

Sightseeing in Jordan (Jordan Pass)

One of the most important things you should consider when making a Jordan trip plan is the entrance fee of the places to visit. Unfortunately, Jordan imposes a tariff of 5 times or even 10 times for foreigners. Therefore, it is important to make preliminary preparations in this regard.

If you come to Jordan and visit this country in detail, I think you should buy Jordan Pass. So what is this Jordan Pass? You can enter the ruins for free with this card. This gives you a serious advantage in terms of cost.

With the Jordan Pass you can enter more than 40 places for free. Jordan Pass price is 70 JOD. This price is the lowest package and includes the 1-day Petra entrance fee (50 JOD). You can check Jordan Pass tariffs from this link. https://www.jordanpass.jo/Contents/Prices.aspx If you are travelling to Petra for 2 days, which I think you should, you should choose the Jordan Explorer package.

Where is the Jordan Pass valid? Check out this link (https://www.jordanpass.jo/Contents/Jordan_Attractions.aspx). This list is important. If you are planning to visit the places on this list, you should definitely buy Jordan Pass. Jordan Pass is valid for use within 12 months from the date of purchase. You can buy Jordan Pass online from the website. After payment, you will receive the Jordan Pass pdf format in your e-mail. Also, if you buy Jordan Pass before you arrive in Jordan and stay at least three nights (4 days), you will not pay tourist entry visa fees. Of course, this does not apply to us.

Note: Children under the age of 12 can enter the sights free of charge when accompanied by their parents. In addition, the Jordan Pass allows only one entry to the sights. If you purchase Jordan Explorer and Jordan Expert Packages, re-entry is not allowed except Petra.

Currency Exchange Transactions in Jordan & Jordan Currency

Jordan Travel Guide
Jordan Travel Guide : Changing Money at the Superior Bank

Yes, we have come to the most costly part of the Jordan travel guide. Jordan has such a currency that it is more valuable than the blessed dollar and euro. The currency of Jordan is Jordanian Dinar aka JOD. 1 JOD is 26 TL as of the date I wrote this article. Don’t bring tears to my eyes. But unfortunately this is the situation.

Jordan is an expensive country for us, but it is still a place to visit and see. You can minimise your expenses in this country with my article How to travel cheaply.

If you are going to Jordan, convert the TL you have into dollars from mobile banking and withdraw these dollars from banks or ATMs. When you arrive in Jordan, you need to convert these dollars to JOD. So where will you do this transaction. More precisely, where you will not do it. Do not do the currency conversion at Amman Airport, you will be very harmful. Because they exchange foreign currency at very low rates. Instead, it would be more logical to prefer the city centre. Or if you are flying from Istanbul or Ankara, you can use the exchange offices at the airports here. They are more humane. Just don’t use the airport exchange offices in Amman.

After we arrived in Amman, we went to a bank and converted dollars into JOD. We didn’t convert all the money we had into JOD, so we left dollars. Just convert an amount according to yourself. Credit cards are already valid in many places.

Note: When exchanging foreign currency, keep your passport with you and use banks if possible. It is easier and more reliable. We did not need JOD at Amman Airport. If you need it at the airport, just exchange a small amount of foreign currency. One last piece of information, use XE application which is available on mobile phones for foreign currency transactions. Very practical, very convenient. You can easily calculate all kinds of currencies in this application.

Car hire in Jordan

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Jordan Travel Guide : Car Rental Company

One of the must-haves in Jordan is car hire. We travelled about 1500 km with our rented car during our trip to Jordan. Should I rent a car in Jordan If you ask, the answer is definitely yes. Because if you need to visit Jordan from top to bottom, a car is a must. In the Jordan travel plan, you should draw a road from north to south or from south to north. This is very difficult without a car. Public transport is not very developed in Jordan. Therefore, a car is a must for places to visit. When renting a car, rent an automatic gearbox and you will be quite comfortable.

We chose Montecar Jordan for car hire in Jordan. This company is a good company with high reviews on Google. We really did not have any problems with the company. We took care of everything via Whatsapp before we left and when we arrived in the capital Amman late at night, they picked us up, then a few signatures and the key is in our pocket. The company team is very friendly and professional. They were interested at every point. They answered every question clearly.

We rented a Nissan Kicks brand as a car. When we got in the car, they gave us a portable wifi, which was very nice. The car was spotlessly clean and sparkling. It took us around well and we were quite satisfied with the vehicle. If possible, we would even come to Turkey by car 😂 The fuel consumption of the vehicle was also quite good. We took delivery by checking the right and left of the vehicle and thank God we delivered the car without any problems.

When renting a car, we paid a deposit as in many places. We paid a deposit of 100 JOD from our credit card to Montecar company. After delivering the car, they returned this money immediately. This deposit application is everywhere. So don’t let it scare you. Apart from that, we received full tank when we took delivery of the vehicle, and we delivered full tank when we delivered it.

They picked us up from the airport and left us at the airport on the way back. We had no problems with car hire and we were very satisfied with this company. Also, their offices are very close to Amman Queen Airport. This is also a very serious advantage. If you want to get additional insurance for the car, you have to pay extra for it. Finally, please be informed that our driving licences are valid in Jordan.

Monte Carlo Car Rentals Company Information:

  • Adres: PWRR+RF, Queen Alia International Airport Road Amman 11941, Ürdün
  • Hours: Open 24 hours a day
  • Telephone: +962 7 9601 3636
  • Web: https://www.montecar.com/jordan/

If you prefer the company bujuyollarda greetings, they take special care. Maybe they also make a discount 😊 You can easily contact them on Whatsapp.

Apart from car hire, you can also use Jett Buses to get around Jordan. For timetable and price information, you can check this link (https://www.jett.com.jo/en/schedule)

Jordan Roads and Traffic

Jordan Travel Guide

We rented a car in Jordan and hit the road, so How are the roads in Jordan? Jordanian roads and traffic are quite comfortable. Except for Amman centre traffic. Amman centre traffic is competing with Istanbul. Once it is locked, it does not open for half an hour. Apart from that, we also had the prejudice that Jordan is an Arab country and there are no rules in traffic, but this is not the case at all. People are very respectful and obey traffic rules.

During our Jordan trip, we travelled from Amman to Aqaba and from Aqaba we returned to Amman. We liked the roads in general, although sometimes it was difficult to dodge. There are traffic checkpoints, but the police sometimes stop and sometimes do not. When they do, the conversation continues. They check your vehicle licence, passport and driving licence and say “pass”.

There are no motorways or toll roads in Jordan. Every road is free. Radar control happens every now and then. Slow down at Speed Control Zone points. Also, go slowly at points with camera signs on Google map. Your speed should not exceed 120 if possible. Drive by savouring the taste. If you get tired of Arabic music as a radio, prefer Beat FM. The tracks are very nice.😂

Finally, Petra is located between the mountains. There are many slopes here. Just like Ankara slopes. Be careful with your car on these slopes. Do not choose a vehicle with very low engine power. As for car parking, we had no problems with parking. The places to visit generally had free parking spaces.

Car Fueling & Gas Stations in Jordan

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When we were in Jordan, 1 litre of petrol was around 0,9 – 1 JOD on average. Fuel purchase can be made by credit card. We purchased an average of 80 – 90 JOD of fuel for 7 days. There are generally free wc facilities at petrol stations.

My warning at the fuel point, do not reduce the tank too little. So we don’t want you to travel with a petrol can on the roads of Jordan.😂

At the petrol station point, the most stations we saw were the stations belonging to Jo Petrol. Apart from this, there are also stations of companies such as Total. You can choose the one you want.

Market Problem in Jordan

For some reason, Jordan does not have chain markets like us. Especially in the countryside there are none. We looked for a chain market to avoid being ripped off, but in vain. We got ripped off 😂

There are local grocery stores in Jordan in general. As a chain market, there are Carrefour markets in big cities. You are likely to be ripped off in local markets. For example, 1.5 litres of water in Carrefour was around 0.3 JOD. In normal markets we paid 1.5 JOD for 2 litres of water. Getting ripped off is the inevitable result.😂

Sim Card Purchase Procedures in Jordan

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Jordan Travel Guide : Getting a Sim Card at the Airport Exit

If you are in Jordan and you need internet, you should buy a new sim card. There are places where you can buy a sim card right at the exit of Amman Airport. There are Zain, Orange and Umniah companies as operators. They said Zain is better in terms of quality and we bought Zain.

The lowest internet package starts at 10 GB. We bought a 15 GB line and paid 14 JOD. The phone reception is generally good. Internet speed is very good. Let me state that there is no phone signal only in Wadi Rum.

If you don’t buy a line at the airport, you can buy it from the centre. Please be informed that there is free wifi at Amman Airport. Take a needle with you for sim card change. We inserted the line and got the internet immediately. I think you should buy internet because you may need it at every point.

Note: You must have your passport with you for sim card purchase. Payment is taken from credit card. Car hire companies can also give you wifi that you can carry with you. Our company gave us a wifi device and we enjoyed internet at every point.

Is Jordan Expensive ?

petra nerede

Yes, we came to one of the most curious questions of my Jordan travel guide article. Is Jordan expensive ? Let me answer without further ado Jordan is an expensive country. Because they have a currency worth more than Euros and dollars. So does this mean that we should not go to Jordan, of course not. If you eliminate Jordan for money, you will make a big mistake.

As in every trip, there are of course elements such as flight tickets, hotels and travel costs for Jordan. Apart from these classic costs, my least favourite point in Jordan was that the entrance prices of the places to visit were multiplied by 10 for tourists. Especially when it comes to Petra Ancient City, this entrance fee burns a lot of pockets. One of your biggest costs in Jordan will be 50 Dinars (JOD), which is the daily entrance fee of Petra Ancient City. It is really interesting that an archaeological site has such an expensive entrance. Is it worth it, it is definitely worth it, but it is still very expensive.

Apart from that, the prices in the markets are close to ours. Local markets are more expensive. The situation in restaurants is similar. The rest depends entirely on your travel preferences. Below you can see our average cost of travelling to Jordan. Do not think in Turkish lira logic, you cannot get out of the business.😊

Is Jordan Safe?

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Jordan Travel Guide : Ancient City of Jerash

Is Jordan Safe? When it comes to a country in the Middle East, security comes to mind immediately. Yes, you are right, the Middle East means war and instability, but Jordan is a very different country at this point.

Despite being located at one of the most critical points in the Middle East, Jordan is a very stable country in terms of security. It has good relations with Israel, which is right next to it. It was affected by the war in Syria in terms of migration just like us. You can see a lot of Palestinians and Syrians in the country, especially in Amman.

There are checkpoints at many points in Jordan. There are more police in touristic places. There are more police but you don’t feel it, so there is no overwhelming sense of security. We did not have any problems at the checkpoints because the police love Turks. Just pay attention to the radar event. In summary, if you ask Is Jordan safe, the answer will be yes in my opinion.

What to wear in Jordan?

petra ürdün
Jordan Travel Guide : Sunset in Petra

Jordan is a country with 95% Muslim population. But there is no Sharia in this country. So women do not have to cover in the country. When I look at the general profile, there are both open and closed women. So How should the dressing style be in Jordan?

The answer to the question of how should I dress in Jordan is related to the season you will go. If you go in winter, there is already no problem. If you go to Jordan in summer, I recommend you to avoid shorts and very short dresses. Especially in Amman you may not feel comfortable in such dresses. People are very civilised in my opinion, but if you still don’t want to be exposed to stares, you can choose longer things.

Apart from Amman, you can hang out more easily in Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba. Since these places are quite touristic, you can dress as you wish. When it comes to taking photos, don’t forget to bring your nice clothes with you. The most comfortable of these places is Aqaba. I think it’s much more comfortable here because of the sea influence.

The situation I mentioned above was for women. So how is the situation for men ? Especially in Amman, we did not come across any men wearing shorts. Therefore, it would be better to wear linen trousers. You can hang out more comfortably in other places. Üstün always preferred long trousers. You can wear shorts in Aqaba.

Things to Consider in Jordan

Our trip to Jordan was very nice. In general, we did not encounter any problems. We had very good experiences. It is a very comfortable and easy country to visit. Below is a list of What you should pay attention to in Jordan obtained through experience.

  • Watch out for traffic in Amman. It is quite busy. Prefer an automatic transmission vehicle.
  • Do not exchange currency at Amman Airport.
  • Take your passport with you when exchanging foreign currency.
  • Watch out for speed control areas on the roads. Go slowly on the parts of the map with cameras.
  • Beware of the cold weather. Especially in Petra it gets cold at night.
  • You noticed the Bedouins in Petra. They’re actually very nice people, but marketing always comes first.
  • Watch out for the sun in Wadi Rum, don’t get burnt.
  • If you are going scuba diving in Aqaba and it will be your first experience, do some research about diving in advance.

Things to Take with You When Going to Jordan

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Jordan Travel Guide : Dead Sea

The smoothness of a trip depends on the precautions you take. This also applies to Jordan, of course. Although the things I am going to write are generally valid, make sure you take the things I put asterisks with you. We have experienced and seen most of them. Here is the list of things you should take with you in Jordan.

What you should take with you to Jordan

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses *
  • Cold and headache medications
  • Warm clothes for cold evenings
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Thin shawl *
  • Plaster
  • Passport, ID and driver’s license *
  • Credit card *
  • sim card ejection needle
  • Beach towel (for Aqaba)
  • Backpack (for water and other items in Petra)
  • some junk food
  • Your technological devices, especially powerbank, charger *
  • Waterproof case for phone

That’s all I can think of. I’m sure you will need these somewhere. Even if you don’t, it’s okay, you can get them there, of course. For example, we caught a cold and immediately bought cold medicine from a pharmacy. So it’s okay if you forget, but I don’t think you should waste time looking for them.😊

Jordan Travel Guide F.A.Q

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Jordan Travel Guide : Food and Drink in Jordan

Is alcohol free in Jordan?

It is not forbidden to sell alcohol in Jordan. In fact, one of the famous things of Petra is beer.

Is Jordan cheap?

I mentioned in detail in my article. Jordan is an expensive country. The currency is certain. Although, where has been cheap for Turks lately is a completely different issue. If you like travelling, you have to think about all kinds of costs.

Is it compulsory to be covered in Jordan?

There is no Sharia in Jordan. Therefore, there is no obligation for women to cover. People are very civilised, but it is still useful to pay attention to the way you dress. It would be nice for women to dress carefully especially in Amman.

I have come to the end of my Jordan travel guide article. I tried to write down every point I think is important. Be sure to read my other articles for details of places to visit. I hope it was a guiding article. If you go to Jordan, be sure to share your experiences with us in the comments. Have a nice trip in advance.😊

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