Where is Jordan, How to Get to Jordan ?

Where is Jordan, How to Get to Jordan ?

Jordan was a country of our dreams and we were finally able to meet this beautiful country. We planned a 7 days trip to Jordan and we realised this plan by flying from Ankara to Jordan. Jordan, which has world-popular beauties, is a country that should be discovered. If you have any hesitations about this place, leave it aside and take action. In this articleWhere is Jordan, How to get to Jordan you will find answers to your questions. Other articles I have prepared in great detail about Jordan are below.

My detailed travel articles about Jordan

Where is Jordan? & Where is the Capital City ?

Where is Jordan, How to Get to Jordan ?
Where is Jordan, How to get to Jordan : Wadi Rum

Jordan, officially known as  The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is located in the heart of the Middle East. Jordan is an Arab country and is ruled by a kingdom system (monarchy). It is bordered to the north by Syria, to the west by Israel and West Bank, to the northeast by Iraq, and to the south and east by Saudi Arabia.

The capital of the country is Amman. Other important cities are Aqaba, Medeba, Jerash, Irbid. Aqaba is the only place in the country with a sea. Aqaba has a coast to the Red Sea. Although it is not possible to visit every point, Jordan is definitely a country that should be explored. You will need to calculate a lot of things when planning a trip to Jordan. You need to start your trip with either Amman or Aqaba. Below you can see the distance between these places. Location of Jordan on the map here.

  • The distance from Amman to Aqaba is 335 km and the journey takes approximately 4 hours
  • Amman to Petra Ancient City 236 km and the journey takes approximately 3 hours
  • The distance from Amman to Wadi Rum is 314 km and the journey takes approximately 3 hours 50 minutes
  • The distance between Amman and Jerash is 50 km and the journey takes approximately 50 minutes
  • The distance from Amman to Dead Sea is 70 km and the journey takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

How to Get to Jordan ?

How to Get to Jordan
Where is Jordan, How to get to Jordan : Petra

The most practical way to get here is by plane from Turkey How to get to Jordan Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Trabzon There are regular flights to Jordan from our cities. It was very interesting for us to have Trabzon here, but recently Trabzon is very popular among Arabs.

There are direct flights from Turkey to 2 cities of Jordan. These are the capital Amman and Aqaba. Aqaba is more advantageous because it is close to Petra and Wadi Rum. But ticket prices are more expensive than Amman.

  • The average journey time between Istanbul and Amman is 3 hours.
  • Travel time from Ankara to Amman is approximately 2 hours.

We flew from Ankara to Amman and returned to Ankara from Amman. Jordan is not a very big country. It is quite easy to travel. Only a car is a must. You can draw a route from north to south or from south to north to visit Jordan.

Ürdün’e havayolu dışında İsrail üzerinden kara yoluyla da girmek mümkün. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem ve Haifa şehirlerinden Eilat’a otobüsle gelip buradan taksiyle sınırdan geçiş yapabilirsiniz. Giriş yaptığınız yer Ürdün’ün güneyine yani Akabe şehri. Bir diğer sınır kapısı ise Ürdün’ün başkenti Amman’a yakın olan ve Kudüs’ten 50 km uzaklıktaki King Hussein Bridge sınır kapısı. Buradan da Ürdün’e giriş yapabilirsiniz.

To summarise, wherever you find cheap flights, you can act accordingly. You can also use our favourite travel app Skyscanner for flights to Jordan. There are sometimes very cheap flight tickets here. When you find a cheap ticket, grab the ticket immediately and fly to Jordan.

Jordan Population

How to Get to Jordan

The population of Jordan is 10.2 million by 2020. The population growth rate is approximately 3 per cent. The majority of the population lives in the capital Amman. The ethnic distribution of the population is as follows.

Ethnic Distribution of the Population of Jordan:

  • 98 per cent Arab,
  • One per cent of the centre,
  • 1% Armenian

Since there are many political problems in Jordan’s border neighbours, it hosts many immigrants in its territory just like us. A total of 2 million immigrants live in Jordan, including Palestinians, Iraqis and Syrians.

Form of Government of Jordan

Jordan was established as a British mandate on 11 April 1921 as the Emirate of Jordan and declared its independence on 25 May 1946. So the country is very young, not even a century old. The official name of Jordan is Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. When you look at the borders of Jordan on the map, it looks like they were drawn with a ruler. This is an indication that it was designed by the British as a project.

Jordan is governed by a constitutional monarchical system. There is a Kingdom in Jordan and the King has very wide powers. The current King is Abdallah II, the eldest son of King Hussein. King Abdullah II ascended the throne on 7 February 1999 following the death of his father. King Abdullah II’s eldest son Prince Hussein, born in 1994, was declared Crown Prince on 2 July 2009.

In Jordan, the King has a decisive position in the executive and legislative spheres. The King has very wide powers and he derives these powers from the constitution. The King is exempt from all legal responsibilities and obligations.

Religion in Jordan

Where is Jordan, How to Get to Jordan ?
Where is Jordan, How to get to Jordan : Diving in Aqaba

The vast majority of Jordan’s population is Muslim. Approximately 95% of its people are Sunni Muslim and the official religion of Jordan is Islam. There is also a Christian minority in the country. The country is not governed by Sharia. There is no strict understanding of religion like Iran. There is also no obligation for women to cover themselves. In fact, Jordan has many similar points with Turkey in terms of life. Jordanians love Turkey very much. Everyone we talked to has knowledge about Turkey.

Jordan Currency

Where is Jordan

The currency of Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar. The dinar is denominated in JOD. Since 1950, Jordan has been using JOD as its currency. 1 Jordanian Dinar is 26 TL as of the date I wrote this article. In other words, the Jordanian Dinar is currently more valuable for Turkey than the Dollar and Euro.

Jordanian Dinar coins as follows.

  • 1⁄2 piastres/qirsh
  • 1 piastres/qirsh
  • 2,5 piastres/qirsh
  • 5 piastres/qirsh
  • 10 piastres/qirsh
  • 1⁄4 dinar
  • 1⁄2 dinar
  • 1 dinar

Jordan is an expensive country in general. Jordanians are also affected by the recent global inflation crisis. Prices in the markets are close to us. 1 litre of petrol is around 1 JOD.

Where is Jordan F.A.Q.

Why is Jordan famous?

Jordan, primarily famous for the ancient city of Petra, attracts visitors worldwide with its rich historical and archaeological heritage. Its strategic location in the Middle East, coupled with its stability and hospitable culture, has made it a notable destination for tourists and a key player in regional diplomacy. Additionally, Jordan’s natural wonders, including the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum desert, contribute to its fame as a diverse and captivating travel destination.

Is Jordan a rich country?

Jordan is not considered a rich country in terms of natural resources like oil or mineral wealth. Its economy relies heavily on services, tourism, and remittances from Jordanians working abroad. While Jordan faces economic challenges, it has a relatively stable economy compared to some other countries in the region. The government has implemented various economic reforms and initiatives to promote growth and development, but income inequality and unemployment remain significant issues.

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