Places to Live in Turkey

Places to Live in Turkey : 13 Most Beautiful Cities

Are you planning your retirement or are you overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of big cities and looking for a place where you can breathe? Then this article titled “Places to Live in Turkey” will be your prescription. This beautiful geography, which resonates with the melodies of the call to prayer rising from its minarets, is full of pleasant cities to live in every region with its streets dancing with history, rich culture and friendly people.

My list of cities to live in Turkey may have been a little bit of a list of my personal preferences, but of course I tried to be impartial.😊 Especially some places in the Aegean region constitute the most vital part of my list. If you are looking for a new place to live and you have come across this article, I hope you can get some good ideas. I say enjoyable reading.

Places to Live in Turkey : 13 Most Beautiful Cities

Stone-built villages surrounded by the deep blue seas of the Aegean Sea or the green plateaus of the Black Sea attract those looking for a quiet life. At the same time, for those who find joy in Turkey’s city life, modern residences and living spaces in large metropolises also offer very attractive options. Of course, everyone’s ideal place to live is different. The important thing is to find the most suitable one among the rich options Turkey offers.

If you are looking for a livable, practical and peaceful place, there is definitely an ideal corner for you in Turkey’s dazzling geography. Here are some of the most enjoyable places to live in Turkey, which do not just look like they came out of a postcard, but are the reality itself!

Note: While writing about places to live in Turkey, I especially wrote about places that are beautiful in terms of nature. These places are very rich in nature and history, but in terms of facilities, they do not have the opportunities of a metropolis. So, I did not add a place like Istanbul to my list. At this point, as a nature lover, I seek your understanding and immediately move on to my list. Our first stop is Demre district, my favorite spot in Antalya.

Demre – Antalya

demre gezilecek yerler
Place to Live in Turkey – Myra Ancient City

Demre, is a magical district that has almost escaped from the pages of a history book and extends to the present day. This charming settlement in the west of Antalya, embraced by the Mediterranean Sea, is not only a holiday destination embraced by the sun and the sea, but also a fascinating destination with its history.

Demre’s natural beauties and clean air offer an ideal environment for those who want to live a healthy life. While the Mediterranean climate comes with moderate temperatures and plenty of sun throughout the year, the surrounding green areas and the sea promise a life in touch with nature.

In my opinion, Demre, which was once located in the heart of the Lycian Civilization, is an ideal place for those looking for peaceful places to live in Turkey. Be sure to take a look at my detailed article about Demre titled “Places to visit in Demre”. I’m sure you can find peace in the silence of this place.

Finike – Antalya

türkiyede yaşanacak yerler Places to Live in Turkey

You know how some places are identified with a colour and a smell in your mind, when I say Finike, I smell the smell of orange blossom in my nose. I went to Demre in May and fell in love with it. As they say, I fell in love with the stone, the soil, the nature, the history and every beauty it offers.

One of the biggest trump cards of Finike for you to choose it is that it is surrounded by natural beauties. With its turquoise sea, beaches decorated with palm trees, magnificent water sources from the mountains, rivers and historical riches, Finike is almost a corner of paradise.

Being in an ideal location for those who dream of a peaceful life away from the noise of city life is one of the factors that make Finike an attractive place to live. It is definitely a candidate to be the place I would like to live in the future. 💚

Datca – Mugla

Datça tekne turu
Places to Live in Turkey : Datca

Muğla may be the easiest city to live in Turkey in my opinion. All districts are beautiful and special. According to scientific research, Datça’s air prolongs life. Here is a reason for you to live here. 😍 Datça is one of the most beautiful districts of Muğla, which preserves its naturalness. Imagine a place where you will find dozens of details that you will love, which hosts unique bays at the junction of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, with a deep-rooted historical past.

Imagine a life where you will watch magnificent sunsets, take peaceful nature walks, swim among historical ruins in deep blue waters, eat the most delicious almonds and honey. Datça is ready to offer you all this and more.

Fethiye – Mugla

Ölüdeniz Türkiye'nin doğal güzellikleri

If you are tired of the crowds and chaos of big cities, but you cannot give up the opportunities, it may be difficult for you to get used to very quiet places. So what about your dreams of settling in a coastal town? If you say that it is not a very big place and its facilities are developed, Fethiye may be exactly what you are looking for.

There are wider opportunities in terms of health and education opportunities, food and beverage, shopping options than many holiday districts. Anyway, the most beautiful ones in terms of history and nature are in Fethiye. Can Fethiye be the place to live? To answer this question, get more detailed ideas from our articles.

Koycegiz – Mugla

Köyceğiz gezi rehberi
Where to Live in Turkey – Yuvarlakçay

Since I am an honorary Muğlalı, I see the right to pass torpedoes here. 😄 I think 2 districts have more than enough right to be on this list. Köyceğiz is also ideal for those looking for an easy and pleasant and quiet place to escape from the city.

Turkey’s 16th cittaslow so you can find lakes, waterfalls, magnificent bays, breathtaking historical ruins and much more in Köyceğiz, which has the title of calm city. It is also in an advantageous position as it is located between Muğla centre and Fethiye. You should read my articles in detail to find out what awaits you in Köyceğiz.

Candarli – Izmir

türkiyede yaşanacak yerler

Çandarlı is a hidden paradise on the coast of Izmir, embraced by the deep blue waters. This small but impressive town is not only a holiday destination, but also a candidate for those looking for a permanent life. Çandarlı is a very peaceful place with the warm breezes of the Mediterranean climate, historical texture and unique natural beauties.

Çandarlı’s colourful bazaars, local cafes and pleasant walking paths along the coast give those who live here the chance to make new friendships and develop warm relationships at every moment. Çandarlı is an experience that touches the heart of life; living here means opening the doors to a life surrounded by beauty.

Ayvalik – Balikesir

cunda gezi rehberi
Places to Live in Turkey – Cunda Island

In my opinion, Ayvalık should definitely be on the list of the most beautiful districts in Turkey to live the most beautiful districts. Ayvalık, on the coast of Balıkesir, is a place to live with its streets smelling of history and deep blue sea. This is a corner of paradise that nourishes the soul of those seeking peace and offers a life intertwined with history in every street corner. Ayvalık invites you to a lifestyle that will intoxicate you with its friendly people, colourful markets and the peaceful atmosphere of the Aegean.

This district, with its historical stone houses and narrow streets, will not only appeal to the eye, but will allow you to feel rich in every sense while living here. If you are looking for a life that you can connect with your heart, you can find a place for yourself in the warm atmosphere of Ayvalık.

Kusadasi – Aydin

Türkiyede yaşanacak yerler

Kusadasi is the perfect balance of history and nature, giving a thumbs up to the beauties of Aydin. This colourful coastal town captivates not only those looking for a summer holiday, but also those looking for a permanent home.

The historical traces of ancient cities, the colourful markets and the Aegean cuisine that delights the palate constantly offer new discoveries and experiences to the locals of Kusadasi. In addition, the vibrancy of the city centre promises a life full of events and festivals.

Kusadasi is far beyond being just a seaside town, it is ideal for those who want to enrich their lives. Think about the idea of living here 😊

Bozcaada – Canakkale

Bozcaada Türkiye'de nerede yaşanır
Places to Live in Turkey : Bozcaada

The most livable cities in Turkey may be the Aegean and Mediterranean cities. Getting intoxicated with the cool breeze of the Aegean Sea, preparing your table with fresh vegetables from organic fields, going for a walk in the heart of the island smelling of history at sunset are just a few of the privileges offered by Bozcaada.

Historical ruins, unique bays and unforgettable sunsets await you on this unique island of Çanakkale. Living here means being exactly where your heart desires, not just in one place. If you are looking for a life stop where you will colour your life, Bozcaada can be the place where your dreams come true.

Assos – Canakkale

Assos Türkiye'de yaşanacak yerler

Another district of Çanakkale worth living in, Assos is a call to those who desire a lifestyle intertwined with history and integrated with nature. Waking up to breathtaking views on hills adorned with olive trees, walking among ancient ruins, establishing warm neighbourly relations are just a few of the things you can experience here. You can taste the natural flavours of everything in the Aegean bazaars, and if you are one of those who say I would eat my father if he came out of the sea, you can feast on fresh seafood. Could Assos be the place you are looking for to live?

Centre – Eskisehir


I think Eskişehir is a place that definitely finds a place in the list of cities to live in Turkey. This might be one of the most beautiful places to live in Turkey, combining the charm of a small town with the amenities of a big city. Eskişehir has a very pleasant atmosphere with its historical houses, art galleries and boutiques along the banks of the Porsuk Stream. Since the city hosts Eskişehir Technical University and Anadolu University, it also brings with it a student-friendly environment. This makes this a young and dynamic place.

Eskişehir is also an ideal place for culture and art lovers. You can spend your time to the fullest with events such as many museums, theatres and concerts. Another advantage of living in Eskişehir is the affordable cost of living. It offers a more affordable life compared to big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.

Mudanya – Bursa

Mudanya nerede yaşanır
Places to Live in Turkey : Bursa

Mudanya, as the coastal district of Bursa, is a magnificent place on the coast of the Marmara Sea. Although it is a popular holiday destination, especially in the summer months, Mudanya is also ideal for living. One of the biggest advantages of living in Mudanya is its calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Mudanya is also a place rich in historical and cultural aspects. You can live in a historical atmosphere in the district, which has many historical artefacts from the Ottoman period. It is one of the places that can be on the list for those looking for a life in touch with nature, away from the chaos of big cities.

Şarkoy – Tekirdag

Türkiye'de yaşanası yerler
Places to Live in Turkey : Tekirdag Şarköy

Şarköy is a corner of paradise in Tekirdağ, where deep blue waters and warm sun embrace. It is more than just a seaside town, it offers an experience that opens the doors to a peaceful life. Living in Şarköy means waking up in the morning with the fresh sea breeze and taking pleasant walks in the harbour where fishing boats dance.

Şarköy’s distinctive coffeehouses, colourful bazaars, and the friendships of those who come from big cities like you always offer a warm welcome and meaningful moments in daily life. While living here, you will get away from the chaos of city life, enjoy a life intertwined with the sea, get involved in the local culture and watch the sunsets in a chirping coastal town. Şarköy is a place that can be a permanent address for those looking for peace.

Places to Live in Turkey F.A.Q

Türkiye'de Yaşanacak Yerler

Where is the most liveable city in Turkey?

The answer to this question depends on your personal expectations and living standards. But I will give an answer based on myself. Muğla may be the most livable city in Turkey according to me.

The most liveable cities in Turkey?

According to a statement made by Forbes magazine, Turkey’s most livable cities in 2024 are as follows: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Tekirdag, Tekirdag, Kocaeli, Antalya, Yalova, Bursa, Eskişehir, Trabzon.

Which district in Turkey to live in?

Turkey’s most livable districts are generally located in the Aegean Region. When the air and nature of the Aegean is combined with its history, the most livable places are in the Aegean. According to me, the most livable places in Turkey are Datça, Koycegiz, Demre, Fethiye, Candarlı, Ayancik and Bozcaada. You can research these places well and continue your life in one of them.

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