Natural Beauties of Turkey

Natural Beauties of Turkey | Top 20 Most Beautiful Places

I don’t think anyone can say the opposite of what a beautiful country we live in. We are in such a geography that we benefit from the beauty and blessings of all 4 seasons. These beauties have been the apple of the eye of many civilizations for centuries. This diversity has left beautiful historical legacies to these lands. Turkey’s historical places are a subject that will be written about in detail under a separate title. Our topic today is Turkey’s natural beauties.

Don’t you think mother nature has been very generous to Turkey? Magnificent forests, wonderful valleys, canyons, magnificent bays, lakes and many more beauties that I cannot count are gathered in these lands. 81 provinces have their own natural beauties. Wherever you go in the country, you will definitely find something to see. We have so much beauty that we cannot count or describe it. However, I have chosen 20 natural beauties of Turkey that must be seen. Let’s move on to our list, I can’t wait to tell you about the waterfalls and caves from east to west, north to south of the country. 😍

Turkey’s Natural Beauties Map

The Most Beautiful Natural Beauties of Turkey

  1. Dalyan Delta
  2. Ölüdeniz
  3. Butterfly Valley
  4. Saklıkent Canyon
  5. Arapapıştı Canyon
  6. Travertines of Pamukkale
  7. Ulubey Canyon
  8. Salda Lake
  9. bridge Canyon
  10. Gilindire Cave
  11. Yerköprü Waterfall
  12. Yedigöller National Park
  13. Salt Lake
  14. Cappadocia
  15. Gökpınar Lake
  16. Erfelek Waterfalls
  17. Uzungol
  18. Storm Creek
  19. Tortum Waterfall
  20. Borcka Karagöl

From Craters to Waterfalls: Natural Beauties of Turkey

Turkey is home to many natural beauties with its rich history, culture and geography. It is like a paradise for travelers with its turquoise seas on its shores, wildlife in its natural parks, lakes, rivers and mountains. We have many natural wonders such as Göreme National Park and Cappadocia, which are on the World Heritage List, and Pamukkale Travertines.

Turquoise seas, white beaches, caves, bays and islands on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are unique details that make our country beautiful. The Black Sea coast also offers fascinating views. Among our natural beauties, there are many places such as Göksu Delta, Dilek Peninsula-Büyük Menderes Delta National Park, İztuzu Beach, Fethiye Bay, Ölüdeniz Beach, Olympos Beaches, Aladağlar National Park and Yedigöller National Park.

Well, if they ask me which part of the country I like the most, I can’t tell them apart, I would say they are all my babies. But I think I can pass a little torpedo to the Aegean. I think it’s already clear from the list. I unintentionally added 4 items from Muğla.😁 But I also chose wonderful places from all over our country. All the places you must see before you die. I hope you have the opportunity to see them all one day. Let’s move on to our list now.

Dalyan Delta – Muğla

çandır seyir terası

Buju, if you ask us to name a place where Turkey’s historical and natural beauties are intertwined, I would say Dalyan. Dalyan neighborhood of Muğla’s Ortaca district is one of the most beautiful places you can see. The ancient city of Kaunos and the rock tombs that can be seen from the Dalyan River add a completely different atmosphere to the place. But since our topic is natural beauties, then it is the Dalyan Delta that we should praise.

Dalyan promises a view that is insatiable to watch. There are two different points from which you can watch this view. The first one, called Radar Hill, is a hill reached from the road leading to Iztuzu Beach. The other one is Çandır Hill. It can be reached from Çandır Village, which is on the other side of Dalyan. If you ask which one has the better view, I love Çandır by far. If you happen to be in Muğla, treat yourself to this view.

Ölüdeniz – Muğla

Türkiye'nin Doğal Güzellikleri

As for the natural beauties in question, they must have been favored by God in Muğla. I am amazed at every district and town of this city where I have lived for 7 years. Ölüdeniz, which has a considerable place among Turkey’s beaches and bays, is a place that is admired not only by me but by everyone who sees it.

Kumburnu Beach, in particular, is one of the visuals that is frequently featured in our country’s promotional videos and visuals, and that comes to mind when Turkey is mentioned even abroad. Swimming in this magnificent sea that shines like glass and jumping with a parachute from Babadağ to watch Ölüdeniz from the sky should definitely be on your to-do list. Before you go, don’t forget to read the article below.

Butterfly Valley – Muğla

kelebekler vadisi
Natural Beauties of Turkey : Butterfly Valley

I am not originally from Muğla, but I declared myself an honorary Muğla resident. 😍 Even though I did not grow up in this city, being born here and living here again after many years creates an invisible bond between me and Muğla. Well, since I love this place so much, I’m going through the motions and polishing the list with exactly 4 places. Butterfly Valley is a dazzling and wonderful bay identified with Fethiye. There is no road access to this bay. You can spend a day by boat departing from Ölüdeniz Belcekız Beach or stay in the camping area in the valley.

With a boat tour in Ölüdeniz, you can spend an hour here and enjoy swimming in the other bays of Ölüdeniz as well. Another popular activity related to the valley is to admire the view from the viewpoint overlooking the area and take fantastic photos.

You can click on this link for the location of the Butterfly Valley view point.

Saklıkent Canyon – Muğla

saklıkent kanyonu muğla

No joke, Saklıkent Canyon is a place I’ve been to maybe 10 times. The canyon is located in Seydikemer district of Muğla. There is a suspended walking path at the entrance of the canyon. As you walk a few meters from here, the valley remains below and the loudly flowing water greets you with all its blue.

Then you reach the middle part. There is a buffet here where you can have something to drink. In this part, you can sit on the benches and put your feet in the ice-cold water. You can then walk deeper into the canyon. If you do not have sea shoes with you, you can rent them from the kiosk in the middle section. Be sure to visit this canyon, which I love very much, this summer.

Click this link for the location.

Arapapıştı Canyon – Aydın

Arapapıştı Kanyonu

We have now left Muğla, but we continue to wander around the Aegean borders. You would like it if this were the Norwegian fjords, but this is Arapapıştı Canyon.😁 This canyon in Aydın is a place of magnificent beauty. A few kilometers before you reach the canyon, the road splits into two. If you continue to the right, you will go into the valley. There are places where you can eat pancakes along the way.

If you wish, you can also take a boat tour in the canyon. But I think the thing about this canyon is its view. To enjoy this view, you turn left at the crossroads and climb up for another half hour. The view of the canyon that curves as far as the eye can see is a feast for the eyes. There was also a buffet and picnic tables at the view point when we went. However, it may be a good idea to go well prepared in terms of food and drink.

Click this link for the location.

Pamukkale Travertines – Denizli

Türkiye'nin Doğal Güzellikleri

Pamukkale Travertines are a place where I think how lucky we are to have such beauty in our country. And it is a unique destination that contributes greatly to Turkey’s tourism. Moreover, being located in the same area as the Ancient City of Hierapolis makes this place even more special.

Pamukkale is on the UNESCO World Heritage protection list. You can visit such a special and protected place within certain precautions. For example, it is forbidden to walk with shoes on travertines. Therefore, you can take a bag with you where you can put your shoes.

This is a very large area, I recommend you take a whole day to explore it comfortably. Especially if you are going in summer, be sure to take sunscreen and plenty of water with you.

Click this link for the location.

Ulubey Canyon – Uşak

Ulubey Kanyonu
Natural Beauties of Turkey – Ulubey Canyon

Ulubey Canyon, which is among the places to visit in Uşak, is known as the 2nd longest canyon in the world. The canyon formed by the Ulubey River stretches for 20 kilometers and is one of the deepest canyons in Turkey with a depth of 1000 meters. The magnificent view of the canyon, its natural environment and wildlife are also quite remarkable.

Many species live in the canyon, such as snakes, black vultures, river turtles, otters, wild goats, jackals and rabbits. If you want to take a nice walk and enjoy the magnificent views, there are also many walking routes.

The 77 km long canyon contains many historical ruins. Ulubey Canyon is a place that must be discovered among Turkey’s natural beauties.

Salda Lake – Burdur

salda gölü rehberi

20 years ago, most of us had not even heard of it. With the influence of social media, Lake Salda, known as Turkey’s Maldives, has become a very popular destination. So much so that it became known as Saldives. The lake located in Burdur is also close to Isparta.

It has a dazzling beauty with its turquoise water and white sands. The color of the lake results from the concentration of magnesium, calcium and other minerals in its waters. There are camping areas, dining facilities and hotels on the lake. Salda, one of Turkey’s most important natural tourism centers, offers its visitors an unforgettable experience.

Click for location.

Köprülü Canyon – Antalya

Türkiyenin Doğal Güzellikleri

Canyons are one of my favorite natural beauties in Turkey. Köprülü Canyon is a place that fascinates those who see it with its beauty and deserves to be on this list. The canyon takes its name from the Roman Era structure Oluk Bridge on the Köprüçay River.

Most of the canyon is located within the borders of Manavgat. The canyon, which has been in national park status since 1973, is a popular destination especially for nature sports lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

There are many activities to do in Köprülü Canyon. The most popular of these are; rafting on the Köprüçay River flowing through the middle of the canyon, nature walks around the canyon, ziplining, rock climbing, cycling tours and participating in jeep safaris. You should add this beautiful canyon to your list of must-see places in Turkey.

Gilindire Cave – Mersin

gilindire mağarası

Gilindire Cave is a place that I have not seen yet but would love to see. The cave, also known as Aynalıgöl Cave, is located 7.5 km southeast of Aydıncık district of Mersin. The interior of the cave is covered with dripstone formations. These giant-sized dripstones are extremely beautiful and impressive. There is a large lake at the end of the cave.

In 1999, a shepherd grazing his animals found this cave by chance when he followed a hedgehog wandering around. If you happen to be in Mersin, do not leave without seeing it.

Here’s the location.

Yerköprü Waterfall – Mersin

mersin yerköprü şelalesi

I was in Mersin during my university years. I visited this beautiful city a lot, but I think some places were unknown at that time. Yerköprü Waterfall is a place that I heard about and wanted to see very much. The waterfall was registered as a Natural Monument in 2011.

Located 35 kilometers away from Mut district center, this natural wonder shines brightly on the map of Turkey’s natural beauties. Located in a canyon hidden among the mountains, Yerköprü Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls you can see in Turkey.

Here’s the location.

Yedigöller National Park – Bolu

Natural Beauties of Turkey – Yedigöller

I think we are very lucky to have a country where we can experience 4 seasons. Every season has its own beauty. One of the destinations where we can best see the red, yellow and brown tones that autumn paints nature with is undoubtedly Yedigöller National Park.

Yedigöller, which is visited extensively by travelers during October and November, is a natural wonder. If you are in a nearby city, you can visit for a day or camp and spend time in this beauty.

Tuz Lake – Ankara

tuz gölü
Natural Beauties of Turkey : Tuz Lake

Salt Lake is located at the intersection of the borders of Ankara, Konya and Aksaray. 40% of Turkey’s salt needs are provided by this lake. It also has the distinction of being the second largest lake in Turkey. This place deserves to be on our list. At sunset, the redness of the Salt Lake falls on the lake surface and creates a wonderful view. Photos you take on the lake in backlight will immortalize your unforgettable moments.

Cappadocia – Nevşehir

kapadokya Türkiye'nin Doğal Güzellikleri

I think Cappadocia is undoubtedly one of the first places that come to mind when talking about Turkey’s natural beauties. It is one of the most famous places of our country that is known outside the borders. If you have been to Cappadocia, you have witnessed how many foreign tourists there are.

The soft layers formed by the lava and ashes erupted by Erciyes, Hasandağ and Göllüdağ 60 million years ago were eroded by rain and wind over millions of years and Cappadocia emerged. The valleys, consisting of rocks each resembling a different object or shape, are fascinatingly beautiful. These formations, called fairy chimneys, can be seen in different parts of our country, but you can see them most frequently in Cappadocia. Taking a balloon tour to watch this wonderful geography from above is an indispensable part of Cappadocia.

Gökpınar Lake – Sivas

Türkiye'nin Doğal Güzellikleri
Natural Beauties of Turkey : Gökpınar Lake

Gökpınar Lake is a beauty that you should definitely add to your list of places to visit in Sivas. The lake owes its beauty to its color and clarity. The waters of the lake are fed by spring waters coming from the surrounding mountains.

Since its surroundings are also used as a recreation area, it is flooded with visitors in the summer. Swimming in the lake is prohibited, but it is possible to scuba dive with the instructor. You can also rent a boat and take a short trip on the lake.

Erfelek Waterfall – Sinop

Türkiye'nin Doğal Güzellikleri erfelek şelaleleri

Erfelek Waterfalls is one of the natural beauties in Sinop. The waterfalls located in Erfelek district are one of the largest waterfalls in our country. This waterfall group, consisting of 28 waterfalls, is located in Yeşilırmak Valley National Park. You can swim in the pools formed in front of the waterfalls.

If you have time, you can climb the waterfalls, which go up to the top, with the help of ropes. After reaching the top, there is the opportunity to go down the stairs. You can also have a picnic in the area where the waterfall is located. I don’t call it my hometown, but Sinop is a very beautiful city. You should visit this beautiful central Black Sea city and see its magnificent nature with your own eyes. 😊

Uzungöl – Trabzon

uzungöl'de salıncak keyfi
Natural Beauties of Turkey – Uzungöl

Uzungöl is one of the most beautiful places in Trabzon. Of course, if you are going for the first time like me, you will like it, but if you are one of those who had the chance to go years ago, the final version may be disappointing. Although it is surrounded by green mountains, has clear water and a magnificent view, I can say that the village is extremely artificial with its construction. I wish it could have remained in its old untouched state, but it is still worth going and seeing.

If you wish, you can spend time by going to Uzungöl on a daily basis. If you want to stay, let me point out that there are many facilities. There are also many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. Having a delicious breakfast overlooking the view of Uzungöl, eating kuymak sundur and flying to the skies on the swings are a must here.

Fırtına Creek – Rize

fırtına deresi Rize

Let’s continue our list of Turkey’s natural beauties with the Black Sea. Fırtına Creek, one of the countless natural beauties of Rize, rises from the Kaçkar Mountains and flows into the Black Sea. The river, which is 57 kilometers long, is one of the fastest flowing rivers in Turkey. This deafeningly violent river is an indispensable place for rafting lovers. If you wish, you can also zipline.

This natural beauty is also combined with many historical buildings. Do not return without passing over the historical Şenyuva Bridge, built in 1696.

Tortum Waterfall – Erzurum

erzurum'da gezilecek yerler
Natural Beauties of Turkey : Tortum Waterfall

Alright, since we’re proud natives of Mugla, but we can’t overlook our hometowns. Since a beauty from Sinop has joined the list, it stands out, doesn’t it? That’s it, immediately add Tortum Waterfall,” he said. Is he wrong? By God, he’s absolutely right. It’s a place we visit every time we go to Erzurum.

I love watching the water splashing from the waterfall, flowing vigorously from such heights, and the rainbow forming underneath so much. If you have the chance to choose the time of your visit, I recommend going in May-June. Don’t hit the road to discover the countless beauties of Erzurum without reading my article.

Borçka Karagöl – Artvin

borçka karagöl
Natural Beauties of Turkey : Borçka Karagöl

Borçka Karagöl is one of the countless natural beauties of Artvin. This natural lake, located among the high mountains, fascinates those who see it as a hidden paradise in the middle of green forests. It is a great place to walk around the lake, watch the natural beauties and take photos. There are also many hiking trails, camping areas and picnic areas in the surrounding area.

The lake, one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, is one of the must-see places in Artvin. There are many restaurants and cafes in the area.

Click this link for the location.

Turkey’s natural beauties are countless. In this article, I wanted to tell you about 20 beauties that I love and want to go back to again and again. There are wonderful places to discover in our country. May these beauties bring us together with new content. May we have plenty of travels.🙋‍♀️

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