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Oludeniz Boat Tour Recommendation | Prices | Routes | 2024

If there is a place to enter the top 5 of the most beautiful places in Turkey, it is definitely Ölüdeniz. In fact, not only in Turkey but also in the world, this place is one of the few beauties. Do not think that I am exaggerating. I am saying this as someone who has seen many places in the world. Oludeniz is one of the places you should see before you die with its magnificent bays and beaches. Especially if you live in Turkey, it would really be a shame if you don’t see this place.

If you come to Oludeniz, one of the most important activities you should do is to join the Olüdeniz boat tour. Everywhere in our country is paradise, but Oludeniz is a completely different place at the point of bay and beach. In this article titled Oludeniz boat tour recommendation, you will see every shade of blue and you will say to yourself “I should definitely join this tour”.

So why should you go on a boat trip in Oludeniz? Because there is no vehicle access to every bay or beach in Oludeniz. In order not to be deprived of these beauties, the most ideal and practical way will be to join a daily boat tour or blue tour. In this way, you will be able to see most of the bays around Oludeniz.

Since we live in Muğla, we go to Fethiye and Ölüdeniz at every opportunity. I have very detailed travel guides about these places. If you have these regions in your destination, be sure to take a look at my articles below. Now let’s come to Oludeniz boat tour details. As I said, if you come to Oludeniz, definitely open to the blues. You can find all the details about Ölüdeniz Boat Tour, which we personally participated in, in this article. Let’s go sails fora.⛵⛵⛵⛵

Fast Booking: Since I will write my article in detail easy to find I leave the Oludeniz daily boat tour reservation number here. For reservation Just contact the company quickly on Whatsapp and tell them the tour date and how many people you will join the tour. They easily receive the reservation from Whatsapp. After booking, you can sail to Oludeniz on the date you specify.

📞📞📞 Telefon/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Oludeniz Boat Tour

Boat tours organised in Oludeniz usually move on a standard route. Boat tours start from Ölüdeniz Beach (Belcekız Beach) in Ölüdeniz in the morning and return to the same place towards the evening with swimming breaks in the surrounding bays and beaches. Oludeniz boat tours go to bays such as Aquarium Bay, St. Nicholas Island (Gemiler Island), Cold Water Bay, Camel Beach, Blue Cave and Butterfly Valley. The route may vary from boat to boat.

Most of the boat tours in Oludeniz offer free lunch to the participants. Drinks are usually extra charge. It is better to make a reservation before joining the tours because Oludeniz is a very crowded place especially in summer.

Now I will try to give you all the details about the boat tour we attended in Oludeniz. In addition to these, I will try to clarify many issues such as Olüdeniz Boat Tour Routes, Oludeniz Boat Tour Prices 2024 Olüdeniz Boat Tour Hours, Olüdeniz Boat Tour Recommendation. If you are thinking of joining a boat tour in Oludeniz, it is useful to read this article carefully.

Oludeniz Boat Tour Routes

ölüdeniz tekne turu

Ölüdeniz boat tour routes can vary from boat to boat. Some boats can also follow the reverse route according to the crowded condition of the bays. There are so many options as bays in Oludeniz that it is almost impossible to visit them all by boat in 1 day. However, you can find the opportunity to see most beautiful bays on daily boat tours. If you say I can’t get enough of the blue, I can say that it’s time for you to join the blue tour.😊

Daily boat trip routes in Oludeniz

  1. Aquarium Bay
  2. St Nicholas Island
  3. Gemile Bay
  4. Cold Water Bay
  5. Camel Beach
  6. Blue Cave
  7. Butterfly Valley
  8. Kizilada Tour

As you can see from the Oludeniz Bays Map, there are many beautiful bays and beaches in Oludeniz. God has given Oludeniz in terms of nature and beauty. With its natural beauty, untouched bays and turquoise sea, Oludeniz is among the most beautiful routes for boat tours. Anyway, without further ado, let’s move on to the details about the tour.

Oludeniz Boat Trip Experience

One of the sine qua non’s of Oludeniz, the boat tour saturates you with blue. Organised by Skystar (contact information below), we had an exquisite experience in the waters of Ölüdeniz. There is nothing like diving into bays like aquariums and swimming with fish. Especially the bays with historical wrecks are completely different. There are so many things in Oludeniz. Now the bays we have visited and all the details are waiting for you below. Our first stop is St. Nicholas Island, which has a history of 2500 years.

St Nicholas (Ships) Island

Oludeniz Boat Tour

Oludeniz Boat Tour

Located just opposite Gemile Bay, St Nicholas Island has a history of 2500 years. There are 7 old churches on this island, which bears the traces of the Roman and Byzantine periods. In addition to the churches, there are also buildings necessary for daily life such as houses and warehouses. The tunnel here connects the big church and the small church.

Among the ruins of the ancient city on the island are churches, theatres and cisterns from the Byzantine period. The island is also home to many legends associated with St Nicholas (Father Christmas). St Nicholas, known as Santa Claus in the Christian world, is thought to have lived on this island.

The surroundings of the island are almost entirely made up of historical ruins. I will say that you can visit during the tour, but you may not have time to swim in the sea. The best thing is to cumburlop into the sea. When you dive, you can see the historical ruins of legendary beauty. Snorkel or goggles are a must. This is an incredibly beautiful place.

St. Nicholas (Ships) Island Entrance Fee

Entrance to the archaeological site on St Nicholas Island is chargeable. Museum card is valid here. Don’t forget to take your museum card with you. If you forget, no problem, you can also use the mobile application.

Cold Water Bay

ölüdeniz tekne turu

ölüdeniz koyları ve plajları

Our favourite place on our Oludeniz Boat Tour route was definitely Cold Water Bay. In the heat of summer, this place really creates a shock effect with its ice-cold water. Even I, who don’t like too much cold water, didn’t want to get out of here. We reached here by Oludeniz boat tour. Normally there is no access to Cold Water Bay by car. You have to walk a long way from Kayaköy to get here by land.

The sea is crystal clear in Cold Water Bay. As you swim to the cold water source, the temperature decreases and you start to feel cold. It is really good in the heat of summer. We liked this place very, very much, it goes very well in summer. If you are going on a boat trip with children, do not take children here. Because the possibility of getting sick is high.

Camel Beach (Food Break)

ölüdeniz koyları ve plajları

On our Oludeniz boat tour, we had our lunch break at Deve Beach. This place is located just opposite the Cold Water Bay. It is called Camel Beach because the rocks here resemble a camel from above. To be honest, after the cold water, this place didn’t impress us much 😊

Blue Cave

ölüdeniz tekne turu

ölüdeniz tekne turu

Blue Cave was engraved in our minds and souls. It was lucky for us to stop here on our Oludeniz boat tour because boat tours do not always stop here. The blue cave has an exquisite beauty and can only be reached by boat. The sea is immaculate.

The Blue Cave takes its name from the magnificent blue coloured sea. As the sunlight enters the cave, it changes the colour of the water, turning the inside of the cave into a fascinating blue. This colour play is really beautiful. The cave is not very large. You can easily reach the entrance by swimming. A mini beach is waiting for you inside the cave. There are really not enough words to describe this place. The Blue Cave, which is a very suitable place for diving, got 10 points out of 10 from us 😍

Butterfly Valley

Oludeniz Boat Tour
Don’t forget to take a photo in front of this house located right at the entrance of Butterfly Valley.

ölüdeniz koyları ve plajları

I can say that Kelebekler Vadisi, one of the most special points on our Oludeniz Boat tour, is the most special place of our route. This place enters the top 3 among the places with the best view in Turkey. The view of Butterfly Valley from above is legendary. This is a 1st degree natural protected area, so construction is absolutely not allowed. The name of this place is Butterfly Valley, but there are not always butterflies here.

The sea in Butterfly Valley is clean and turquoise. The valley has a stony beach. When it gets crowded, the sea gets a little blurred. We loved this place with one wordkkkkk. Here is the link to my detailed article about Butterfly Valley. If you are going to stay in Oludeniz for a long time, be sure to read this article. (Everything You Need to Know About Fethiye Butterfly Valley)

Note: Our Oludeniz boat tour route was this way respectively. But captains can change the route according to the crowded condition of the bays. At this point, the captain knows best.😊

Oludeniz Boat Tour Recommendation

Oludeniz Boat Tour

If you come to Oludeniz and if you have time, it would be a big deficiency if you do not take a boat tour here. It is impossible to return without seeing the unique beauty bays of Oludeniz. We participated in a daily boat tour on the last day of our 2-day mini holiday and we preferred the boat tour arranged by Skystar company.

Skystar is a very corporate company that provides services in many areas from parachuting to diving, rafting to quad bike, jeep safari to boat tour in Oludeniz. I see the company official Celal Bey as an expert in Oludeniz. Be sure to convey my greetings and he will help you at every point in the best way.

The boat organised by Skystar for us was two storeyed. While the lower deck of the boat has a wc, changing room, you can sunbathe on the upper deck of the boat or enjoy the view. Everything from the food we ate on our boat tour to the bays we visited, from the attitude of the employees to the cleanliness of the boat, everything was very nice. Families can choose this company with peace of mind. At the point of Ölüdeniz Boat Tour Recommendation, I recommend Skystar company with the experience of bujuyollarda with peace of mind

Note: When you go to Oludeniz, you will see that there is an abundance of pirate boats. On pirate boats, you go on a tour with the last sound of music, you come back with the last sound of music. It is also not very suitable for families. If you want a quiet, calm, peaceful tour, just contact the company I recommend.

Ölüdeniz Tekne Turu Tavsiyesi Firma Bilgileri

Oludeniz Boat Trip Prices 2024

Ölüdeniz Tekne Turu Fiyatları 2024
Olüdeniz Boat Tour Prices 2024

2024 Oludeniz Boat Trip Prices How Much? The prices of Oludeniz daily boat tours vary from tour company to company and according to the service provided. But in general, Olüdeniz Boat Tour Prices for 2024 vary between $40 – $50 per person. There is no charge for babies. This price includes the lunch fee at noon. Drinks are not included in this price. The company Skystar, which we attended in Oludeniz, offers the choice of chicken or fish as a meal. The food is very tasty.

Oludeniz Daily Boat Tour Hours

Oludeniz Boat Tour

Olüdeniz Daily Boat Tour Hours ? Daily boat tours are organised every day in Ölüdeniz during the season. The hours of Olüdeniz boat tours generally start at 10:30 in the morning and end until 17:30 in the evening.

Note: At this point, let us state the following. In holiday regions, car parking on the coastline is usually a problem. Especially when this holiday destination is Ölüdeniz, this problem increases even more. Pay attention to parking in order not to miss the morning boat tour time. You can choose private car parks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oludeniz Boat Tour

Oludeniz Boat Trip Prices 2024

Oludeniz boat tour prices vary from company to company, but vary between 40$ – 50$ per person on average. Please be informed that the price you pay includes lunch.

Which boat trip is nice in Oludeniz?

The Oludeniz boat tour we participated in was very nice. There are all the details about this tour above. Just contact Mr Celal and send my greetings and the rest is ok. If you are looking for a boat tour for the family in Oludeniz, choose the tour I mentioned.

Is Fethiye Oludeniz entrance fee?

Oludeniz does not have any entrance fee.

Which bays of Oludeniz Boat Tour?

Oludeniz boat tours go to bays such as Aquarium Bay, St. Nicholas Island (Gemiler Island), Cold Water Bay, Camel Beach (Camel Beach), Blue Cave and Butterfly Valley. The route can change according to the captains’ preferences.

We have come to the end of my Ölüdeniz boat tour recommendation article. We were very satisfied with the boat tour we participated in. If you are looking for a safe company where you can take a boat tour in Oludeniz, I recommend Skystar company with peace of mind. For all the details, you can look at my stories, which I fixed on my instagram page. Happy travelling 😊

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