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In this article, I came up with a very nice answer to the question What to do in Denizli Pamukkale. I am sure many people will hear this activity for the first time. I say first because an unusual place and activity awaits you. The name of this beautiful activity is “Pamukkale Balloon Tour“. You can find all the details about this tour, which we also participated in Pamukkale, in my article.

Cappadocia is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to hot air ballooning in Turkey. We can even say that it is the only place that comes to mind rather than the first. But Pamukkale is now among the places where hot balloon tours are made. Although I had been to Cappadocia 4 times before, I had not been able to take a balloon tour. My luck was in Denizli and we had the opportunity to take a nice balloon tour here.

I want to describe this wonderful experience in all details. Let the travellers whose path falls to Denizli Pamukkale find themselves in a basket looking at a magnificent view meters above the ground.😃 In my article, you can find answers to all questions such as Pamukkale balloon tour prices, hours and company advice, reviews. Let’s get started.

Note: To book the Pamukkale Balloon Tour, just contact us quickly via Whatsapp and tell us the tour date and how many people will join the tour. Advance reservation is required.
Telefon / WhatsApp: 05304353627

Information About Pamukkale Balloon Tour

Since we personally participated in the Pamukkale balloon tour, I will tell you the information about this tour through our experience. In other words, I will present you questions such as what time we got up, where we went, how much we paid, how we flew, based on our experience. Even now, I am excited while writing these lines. It is an incredible feeling to look at Pamukkale from a basket from such a height. You are experiencing a marvellous excitement. In addition to the excitement, there is also a little bit of a scary situation 😊 But I think you should definitely experience this feeling even once and take a balloon tour in Pamukkale.

Pamukkale Balon Turu Saatleri

Pamukkale balloon tour advice

Pamukkale balloon tour

Pamukkale balloon tour hours start early in the morning as you can guess. We met with the company officials near Pamukkale travertines at 06.30 on the morning we will join the tour. We went with our own vehicle, but other participants were taken from the hotels by shuttle service and brought to the departure area. We followed the company officials and went to the departure area. Do not forget to be cautious in terms of clothing as it will be cold in the morning.

Weather is very important in a balloon tour. The team makes preliminary preparations by looking at the weather, sending a lighted balloon to the sky and determining the direction of the wind. At around 07.20, we start getting on the balloon for take-off. Excitement is through the roof 😍

Before the Pamukkale balloon tour starts, our pilot tells us that we need to turn our direction on landing and bend down and hold the ropes inside the basket. Then he ignites the balloon and fills it well with hot air and we start to rise slowly from the ground. Since it is the first hours of the morning, we are a little cold while waiting, but as the pilot fires the balloon, we get warm and warm up.🤗

Pamukkale Balloon Tour
Pamukkale Balloon Tour Experience

In the first 5-10 metres, my heart beats in my mouth out of fear, and I have a fear of falling, imagine how bravely I got on.😂 But as you rise, it slowly starts to turn into pleasure, 5 metres is the same as 50 metres, maybe the comfort comes anyway.😃 Just like that, we rise up to 1000 metres.

Seeing Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale Travertines from above adds a special beauty to our balloon tour. But if you ask if the view is a must, I think not, because being in a balloon is exciting and an activity in itself. After gliding sweetly in the sky, we start to descend slowly on our balloon tour. Of course, the tour does not land where it takes off. While in the air, our pilot observes a suitable place for landing and determines the place by communicating with the team by radio. A different excitement fills me during the landing. I’ve never flown 3 metres above the trees in my life, but that’s it, isn’t it?😃

And on take-off, we take the position that our pilot said and wish to land safely on the ground. Although I was worried that we might land hard, it was as soft as if a bird feather landed on the ground. Well, there is no one happier than me 🙂 🙂

When we get off the basket, we crown our flight with a beautiful celebration. Our pilot pops non-alcoholic champagne and offers it to the passengers. Finally, we are given our flight participation certificates. We end our balloon tour by engraving each moment in our memories. It was a marvellous experience for us.

Pamukkale balloon tour
Pamukkale Balloon Tour Hours

If you are going on a balloon tour in Pamukkale, you are more comfortable in terms of starting time compared to Cappadocia. Since the wind situation allows flights at later hours, participants usually start to board the balloon around 07.30. In Pamukkale, flights are also organised at noon in the summer months, but in winter there is usually only one flight a day.

Pamukkale Balloon Tour Duration

pamukkale balonunun inişi

Denizli balloon tour duration, if we do not count the time of arrival and return to the area, it takes 45 minutes-1 hour as flight time. The balloon takes off around 07.30 and lands around 08.30. After landing, there is a ceremony of popping non-alcoholic champagne and receiving flight certificates. In total, you need to spend 2-3 hours for this activity. With this activity, you can see Pamukkale from the air. Afterwards, you can visit Pamukkale by land.

Pamukkale Balloon Tour Prices 2024

Pamukkale Balloon Tour Prices
Pamukkale Balloon Tour Prices 2024

Denizli Pamukkale balloon tour prices are more affordable than Cappadocia. Cappadocia is already gone. I think you should definitely experience this experience if you are planning a holiday to Pamukkale. Especially if you are going to Pamukkale in the summer months, it may be useful to book in advance.

Pamukkale balloon tour prices vary from company to company and according to the season. In general, hotel transfers are included in the tour price. Prices can be discounted for children under 12 years old. If you want to make a marriage proposal in the balloon or if you want to arrange flowers and banners, prices may vary. Pamukkale balloon tour prices vary between 100-110 Euro per person for 2024. Of course, due to the inflationary situation in our country, prices are constantly changing, so you can learn the most accurate and up-to-date price information from the reservation number below.

Pamukkale Balloon Tour Recommendation and Reviews

If you are looking for a company with good reviews for balloon tour in Pamukkale, you can evaluate the company we prefer. This company is a company that does its job very professionally and meticulously. Both tour officials and our balloon pilot were experienced and caring people. Safety and professionalism are very important in this tour. Therefore, you should choose a good company. You can choose the company we prefer with your eyes closed. I leave the contact details of the reservation team below. You can get direct information and make a reservation by Whatsapp or by calling normally.

To summarise, if you say Pamukkale is nice for a balloon tour, I would definitely say it is nice. If you ask if you are satisfied with the tour company, I would say yes blindfolded. If you say I’m scared, can I ride, I’m someone who can’t even ride a swing, but if it happens again, I’ll ride the balloon again. I would definitely like you to experience this unforgettable activity. HARDLY RECOMMENDED!

Note: To book the Pamukkale Balloon Tour, just contact us quickly via Whatsapp and tell us the tour date and how many people will join the tour. Advance reservation is required.
Telefon / WhatsApp: 05304353627

Pamukkale Balloon Tour F.A.Q

How many people are Pamukkale Balloon tours?

If you are wondering how many people the balloon tours are for, let me tell you that it depends on the size of the basket. There are baskets for 6-8 people and baskets for 12-14 people. You are not very cramped in these baskets. You are generally comfortable during the flight.

Is it dangerous to ride in a balloon?

The balloon is the safest aircraft, say experts. Balloon accidents are very rare cases. Balloon pilots are subjected to professional trainings given by Civil Aviation and have special certificates. In addition, the materials of all balloon companies undergo strict and regular inspections and no company can perform unlicensed flights. For all these reasons, I can say that it is very safe. However, it is not recommended for people who have recently undergone surgery, pregnant women, those with panic attacks and fear of heights.

Where is balloon tourism in Turkey?

Hot balloon tours are organised in Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Burdur, Frig Valley, Bitlis Ahlat.

How many TL Denizli Pamukkale flying balloon?

Pamukkale balloon prices for 2024 vary between 100-110 Euro per person. Although prices differ from company to company, they are generally in this band.

Where does Pamukkale balloon tour depart from?

Although the departure areas vary from company to company, Pamukkale balloon tours generally take off from large areas 2-3 km away from the travertines. After booking the departure location, the location is determined, or the company’s shuttle picks you up from the hotel you are staying in and takes you to the departure area.
I have come to the end of my Pamukkale balloon tour article. You can click on the links below for my other articles about Denizli. Have a pleasant trip in advance. Goodbye.😊

I have come to the end of my Pamukkale balloon tour article. I hope it will be a pleasant experience for you. Goodbye.😊

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