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Datça Boat Tour Recommendation | Prices | Routes | 2024

Finally, we were able to go on a private Datça boat tour that we had arranged for a day trip and we had the opportunity to partially explore the bays of Datça that can be visited by boat. I say partially because there are plenty of bays and beaches all around Datça. If you try to explore these bays by boat, you need at least 1 week. Datça is a peninsula and a very special place where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. Therefore, there is a curve on every side, and there are exquisite bays and beaches in the curves.

Datça is one of the most special and favourite holiday regions that we have been breathing at every opportunity for years. We always have the opportunity to go to Datça, but we have never had the chance to sail by boat. This time our target was the beautiful bays of Datça directly and at the end of the day we hit our target from 12. We saw many beautiful places on our tour and gained good experiences about boat tours. I will tell you all one by one.

Datça’s air, sea, bays and beaches are beautiful enough to leave deep traces on people. Especially when you sail to the sea with a boat tour and see the beautiful bays, Datça becomes immortal in your mind. Don’t think I am exaggerating. Many people who go to Datça say that they will go here for the second time. Datça establishes a heartfelt bond with those who visit it. Can Yücel did not say “My place is Datça, bury me in Datça after I die” for nothing.

Fast Booking: Let me state from the beginning; Since I will write my article in detail easy to find I leave the Datça daily boat tour reservation number here. For reservation Just contact the company quickly on Whatsapp and tell them the tour date and how many people you will join the tour. They easily receive the reservation from Whatsapp. After the reservation, you can sail to the blue waters of Datça on the date you specify. You can get information from this number for both daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation.

📞📞📞📞 Phone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Datça Boat Tour Experience

Datça Boat Tour Recommendation
Datça Boat Tour Drone Image

As someone who has participated in boat tours in many parts of Muğla; Datça bays are very different from other districts. The first point I will mention is that the bays are clean and crystal clear. The sentence that the sea gives peace to man comes to life in Datça bays. Your soul rests and you really feel the peace. Secondly, the most beautiful advantage of taking a boat tour in Datça is that you will have to deal with less crowds due to the number of boats here. Especially if you have arranged a private boat, you will enjoy it. The fact that the bays are not crowded is a great advantage for me to enjoy a boat tour.

In summary, if you come to Datça, you should definitely go to the sea by boat, either for a day or for a boarding. I am sure you will enjoy it more than enough. Discovering the hidden bays of Datça that cannot be reached by car, taking beautiful photos in these bays and gliding on the sea with a paddleboard will be like a medicine for you.😊

Yes, let’s come to the boat tour we joined and its details. In this article, I will tell you about the bays visited by Datça boat tour, the contact number of the company I will recommend, Datça daily boat tours, Datça boat tour prices and what you should pay attention to when you go on a boat tour. So you will see a lot of blue in my article and say that I should go to these bays. Then sails fora.⛵⛵⛵⛵

Datça Boat Tour Start

If you want to join a boat tour in Datça, it is useful to book in advance and reserve your place. Especially in high season, Datça boats are quite full. The most suitable period to join a boat tour in Datça is June and September. But the end of May and the beginning of October are much more beautiful periods in terms of crowds.

Boat tours in Datça generally start at 10 in the morning and last until 18 in the evening. This applies to daily boat tours. If you wish, you can stay on the boat for more than 1 day and enjoy the bays of Datça. Do this if you have the opportunity. We went on a daily tour with a private boat and the tour remained in our taste buds.

Datça daily boat tours are organised in the form of both private boat and minibus boat. You can choose one of these daily boat tours whichever your budget is suitable for. While the capacity of private boats is under 10 people, the capacity of daily boat tours in the form of minibuses is higher. Apart from the capacity, there is of course a price difference. If you say which one is good, it is much better to go out with a private boat tour.

Let’s come to the starting point of Datça boat tours. The departure point of Datça boat tours is generally where Datça Port Authority is located. It is a great advantage to have free car parking here. If you have your car, you can easily park it here and go to your boat. The location of the car park is here.😊

Datça Boat Tour Bays and Route

Datça Boat Tour Recommendation

The route followed by Datça boat tours is varied. If you say why, there is an abundance of bays in the region. The bays that each boat goes to can be different. But there are some bays that are generally visited. We also went to some of these bays. These bays are quite beautiful and at least 10 metres of sea bottom can easily see the bays. The kind you will fall in love with when you see it.💙

Let me state this; Datça daily boat tours generally visit 4 or 5 bays. This applies to both daily private boats and full boats. To visit more bays, you need to sail with a boat with accommodation.

When you sail on boarding, for example 3 days, the bays up to Knidos, which is the south of Datça, that is, the Mediterranean side, are visited. 5-7 day yacht tours continue after Knidos and visit the north side of Datça, that is, the bays where the Aegean Sea is located and return back again. In summary, if you have the budget and time and want to fully explore the bays of Datça, you should prefer 5-7 day boarding tours. If these are not available, daily boat tours are the most logical. In summary, do not return from here without taking a boat tour in Datça.

Datça Boat Tour Bays (Daily)

There are 2 routes for daily boat tours in Datça. Boats generally follow these routes. But The Thin Cape route is always more preferred. Apart from that, the route ranking can also change according to the weather and the crowded condition of the bays. So there is no fixed route. Don’t get angry with the captain for why we didn’t go here because precaution comes first in maritime !

Datça Harbour Departure Ince Cape Route (Route 1)

  • Aquarium Bay
  • Çeti Suyu Bay
  • Armutlu Su
  • Kunta Kinte
  • Moskof İni
  • Thin Nose Pier
  • Flat Place

Datça Harbour Departure Red Bend Route (2nd Route)

  • Dilek Cave
  • Pig Pit
  • West Red Bend
  • Finger Cove

Aquarium Bay

datça akvaryum koyu

Now it’s time to sail to the blue. We leave Datça Harbour and leave behind a beautiful view. Our first stop is Aquarium Bay, which is a candidate to be one of the most beautiful bays of Datça.

There is an aquarium bay everywhere in Muğla, but Datça’s Aquarium Bay is really beautiful. You can see the bottom of the sea at least 10 metres very easily from the boat. Since we went a little early in the morning, there was almost no one in the bay. The bay has a crystal, glassy and clean sea. You are guaranteed to fall in love with this place.

Aquarium Bay is really beautiful. We had a nice breakfast here and then cumburlop to the sea. The sea was very nice. It was neither hot nor cold. When you put on the snorkel, you feel like you have entered the aquarium like its name.

This place got 10 out of 10 from us. We liked it very much as it was our starting point. The location of Akvaryum Bay is here. You can also reach Akvaryum Bay by taking a 30-minute walk from Kargı Bay.

Çeti Suyu Bay

çeti suyu koyu

Our second bay on our Datça boat tour was Çeti Suyu Bay. You will not find these bays named on the map. Our captain, who knows the region well, tells us about this place one by one. Çeti was the name of a grass in the region. In fact, broom was made from the branches of this grass and its grains were fed to animals.

This beautiful bay also fascinated us. The sea was clean and beautiful again. We also flew a drone from here and captured legendary images.

One does not want to get out of the water in these bays. They want to enjoy the sea to the bottom. That’s what we did. We did all the jumps, nailing, bombing, fishing, whatever. We didn’t get out of the water until our fingers shrivelled. It’s so beautiful. Don’t the photos already tell this? 😊

Thin Nose Pier

I think we came to our favourite bay on our Datça boat tour. Ince Burun Pier is not enough words to describe it. You should definitely see this place and feel the serenity that the sea gives you to the end.

In this beautiful bay, we did paddleboard and caught very nice moments. We snorkelled and dived and witnessed underwater. This bay is so beautiful that we were in the mood even if we didn’t go to other bays.

There is a 14 metre long lighthouse here. Daily boat tours generally go up to here or to a few bays after here. As I said, the sea is very beautiful in this bay. Every time you look at it, your desire to swim increases. We loved it very much and I am sure you will too.

Flat Place

Datça Boat Tour Recommendation

We have been coming to Datça for years, but we witness bays that we have heard the name of for the first time. It is a really interesting and beautiful feeling. You say what beauties there are in our country and admire the nature.

Since our boat tour was private, we determined the time in each bay. As such, our time at each stop was quite long. The last stop of our tour, Yassi Yer, is one of the bays you will fall in love with. In this beautiful bay, which is like a paradise, the sea is as clean as glass. Of course, we jumped into the sea with our last remaining strength. We loved this place very much and then we promised ourselves that we should join this tour again.

Datça bays, which we saw maybe not even 10% of what we saw, literally fascinated us. If you are going on a boat tour in Datça, try to take a boarding if you have the opportunity. Make sure you will not regret it. Even when you see these bays, you can say what am I doing in Istanbul, Ankara 😂

Yes, our tour was generally like this. Depending on the time planning, 1 or 2 more bays can be added to these bays. These beauties were more than enough for us. After the bay trips, we returned to the place where our boat departed with the wind blowing and completed our tour. Now let’s come to Datça boat tour recommendation.

Datça Boat Trip Recommendation

Datça Boat Tour

Datça is a smaller place compared to other developed districts of Muğla. Therefore, the number of boats here is not very high. This is actually a sad situation because it shows that we cannot market these beautiful bays in terms of tourism and development. Anyway, let’s not go into deep topics.

Boat tours in Datça are organised as day trips and boarding. Daily tours are either private boats or boats that we call dolmus. You can probably guess the differences between the two. Capacity and price difference are among the main differences.

Your preference in the above-mentioned distinctions depends entirely on your personal preferences and budget. At this point, if you have no budget and time constraints, go on a boarding tour with private boats. If you have time constraints, prefer daily tours.

We were very pleased with the Datça boat tour we participated in. The interest of the boat staff, the bays we visited, the food provided on the boat, the quality of service were very successful. I recommend this boat tour with peace of mind. I leave the information for booking below. You can contact the number below for a daily private boat, a daily full boat or a boarding tour in Datça.

For Datça Boat Tour Reservation, you can contact the company from Whatsapp and make a reservation immediately. Just tell us the date of the tour, how many people will participate in the tour. From this number you can get information for both daily full boat, daily private boat hire and boat tour with accommodation. Telefon: 05304353627

Where do Datça daily boat trips depart from?

Datça boat tours generally depart from Datça centre. In addition to Datça centre, there are also boats departing from Palamutbükü. Datça centre is generally preferred for boat tours. I think the most logical choice would be to prefer the boats departing from Datça centre. Because you can go to the bays on the Palamutbuku side by car.

The boats departing from Datça centre depart from the location I left here. At this location there is a nice free area where you can park your car. After you book the boat, get the exact location from the captain and be on the boat early for the tour. Don’t worry about parking problems as holiday areas are usually crowded in summer.

Datça Boat Trip Prices 2024

Datça Boat Tour

Let’s come to Datça boat tour prices. Datça boat tour prices vary according to whether you go on a tour by private boat and minibus boat in the daily part. I will try to write the distinction between the two in detail below. If you have anything you want to ask, contact the Whatsapp number I gave, they will help at every point.

Datça Daily Private Boat Tour Prices

The capacity of the daily private boat tour we joined was maximum 6 people. Apart from this, there are also boats with a capacity of up to 15-20. Depending on the weather, you can go to 4 or 5 bays with private tour boats. Lunch is included in the price you pay. Very tasty sea bass fish is made for lunch. Fruit is served in the afternoon. Tea and coffee are unlimited. You can bring other drinks and snacks from outside yourself. There is also wifi and paddleboard on the boat. I am sure you will love the paddleboard.😊

The cost of daily private single tours varies between 700$ – 800$ for a maximum of 6 people. As the capacity increases, the price also increases. Although this price varies from boat to boat, the average prices for 2024 are like this. For reservation, prepayment is usually taken as half of the tour fee. Details at the contact number.😊

Datça Daily Dolmus Boat Tour Prices

The price of daily Datça boat trips for 2024 is $40 – $50 per person. This price includes lunch. The meal includes sea bream, pasta and salad.

Datça Private Boat Tour Prices with Accommodation

If you say that a daily boat tour is not enough for me in Datça, then you should go on a tour with accommodation. Accommodation boat tour prices vary from boat to boat in the form of daily 1000$ – 1200$. The boat we joined is travelling with accommodation for at least 2 days. There are 2 cabins on the boat and each cabin has a bathroom and toilet. Again, as with the day trip, you need to book in advance and pay a deposit.

Things to Consider on a Boat Trip

Boat tours are really a type of activity where you can have fun and relieve your stress beautifully. However, if you do not pay attention to some important points on these tours, the boat tour you go on may have bad consequences for you. Please pay attention to the points I have listed below and have a smooth boat tour.

  • Do not forget to take sun cream with you. If possible, make sure it is a high factor cream.
  • You can buy moisturising cream for your body after sunbathing.
  • Don’t forget sunglasses, flip flops and sea shoes.
  • If you want to see the undersea beautifully, you can buy a snorkel.
  • I don’t need to tell you about towels, hats, swimsuits and shorts.
  • Do not jump directly into the sea from the high parts of the boat. Unfortunately, we have seen those who slipped and fell:(
  • When leaving the sea, your feet will be wet, so be careful where you step to avoid slipping.
  • Since some boats do not dock at the shore, you can take a waterproof case with you if you want to take photos with your phone on the beach.
  • You can take medication for nausea or dizziness caused by the wave.
  • If you are going to drive from your location to the location where the boat will depart, it is very important to park your car in a safe place. Do not encounter a surprise after the boat.
  • It will be useful to bring a separate special bag for your personal belongings.
  • If possible, join the tour without wearing a wedding ring.
  • It is useful to book in advance due to high season occupancy rates.

Datça Boat Trip Frequently Asked Questions

Datça Boat Tour

How much is a boat trip in Datça?

Datça boat tour price is affected by many factors. The fact that the boat is private, with accommodation or being a minibus boat is one of these factors. The price of the daily boat trips varies between 40$-50$ per person on average.

Where do Datça boat trips depart from?

The departure point of Datça boat tours is generally the part where Kumluk Beach is located and the part where Datça Port Authority is located.

Is there a boat trip in Datça?

Although Datça is small compared to other developed places of Muğla, there are of course boat tours departing from here.

What time do Datça boat tours start?

Datça boat tours start around 10.00 – 11.00 on average. The departure time of private boats and full boats may be different. After booking, you can learn the tour start time from the captain.

Datça boat tour I have come to the end of my article. I hope it has been an enlightening article for those who want to join the boat tour in Datça. I look forward to your comments below. Have a pleasant trip. Goodbye.

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