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Fethiye Boat Tour Recommendation | Prices | Routes | 2024

If you want to sail the blue waters and swim in turquoise waters, Fethiye’s beautiful bays will make you experience paradise. Fethiye, which has beautiful bays and beaches, is a great place for a boat trip. Make sure you will not regret it. When you see the turquoise waters or swim with the fish in the sea like an aquarium, you will say that this is life.😊

Let me state that there are dozens of bays and beaches in Fethiye. Fethiye map is already so indented and protruding that everywhere is a bay. In addition to the bays, there are also a lot of islets. Well, if you want to discover all these beautiful places, you have to sail. You should definitely take a Fethiye boat tour to sail the sea.

Before moving on to my article Muğla’s beautiful district of Fethiye, I recommend you to definitely read my very detailed Fethiye places to visit article that you will not find anywhere else. In my article, you can easily find all the subtleties of Fethiye region by region, point by point. You can also take a look at my What to eat in Fethiye, where to stay, Fethiye bays and beaches articles.

Fast Booking: Let me state from the beginning; Since I will write my article in detail easy to find I leave the Fethiye daily boat tour reservation number here. For reservation Just contact the company quickly on Whatsapp and tell them the tour date and how many people you will join the tour. They easily receive the reservation from Whatsapp. After the reservation, you can sail to the blue waters of Fethiye on the date you specify. You can get information from this number for both daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation.

📞📞📞📞 Telephone/WhatsApp: 05304353627

Things You Should Know About Fethiye Daily Boat Tours

Fethiye Boat Tour Recommendation
Fethiye Boat Tour : Yassica Islands

If you are looking for a daily boat trip recommendation in Fethiye, you are at the right address. Because I have a very nice suggestion for you. As someone who participated in a boat tour in many parts of Muğla, the boat tour we participated in Fethiye took us to beautiful bays. There was even a surprise waiting for us at the last stop that we loved very much.😊 Details below.

Fethiye Daily boat tours, as the name suggests, are boat tours that last throughout the day, starting between 09.30-10.30 in the morning and ending at 17.30-18.30 in the evening. Fethiye centre daily boat tours are usually made by boats located on the coast of Beşkaza Square in Fethiye centre. To join the boat tour in Fethiye centre, you should prefer the boats departing from this area.

To take a boat trip in Fethiye, you should allocate 1 full day for this activity. If you come to Fethiye and do not have a shortage of time, you should definitely experience this tour. Even more, if you have the opportunity, go on a blue tour.⛵

In Fethiye daily boat tours, the price you generally pay includes lunch fee on the boat. Drinks are not included in the price you pay. If you drink a drink, you have to pay at the end of the tour.

When it comes to Fethiye boat tour routes, it would not be right for me to say a clear route on this subject. Because the boat captains determine the route according to the density of the bay and the weather. Nevertheless, in general, Fethiye boat tours organise tours to 3 main points. These are as follows:

Fethiye Boat Tour Main Routes

  • Fethiye Centre Day Boat Trip
  • Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour
  • Fethiye Oludeniz Boat Tour

Fethiye Boat Tour Recommendation and Experience

Fethiye Boat Tour Recommendation

We loved the daily boat tour we joined in the centre of Fethiye. I think the effect of opening the season and our longing for the sea had a big share in our love for the tour. We boarded our boat at 10.30 and they welcomed us with a nice cup of tea. Our boat was run by a nice family and the whole family was very friendly and interested.😊

Before going into the details of our boat tour, I would like to give some information about the boat.

  • The boat we joined the tour is run by a family. There is a nice environment on the boat. You can join the tour with your family with peace of mind.
  • Lunch is included in the boat tour fee. We ordered chicken and fish as a meal. When you get on the boat, you choose your meal as fish or chicken.
  • The inside of the boat is spotless. Our score in terms of hygiene is 10 out of 10.
  • Drinks on the boat are subject to extra charge.
  • The boat offers you a really clean and decent environment. Couples and families are generally accepted as customers.
  • There is a shower facility on the boat after the sea.
  • The boat consists of 3 floors. There are life jackets, sunbeds, a cafe where you can eat and drink something and a toilet.

Yes, now let’s come to the details of our exquisite boat tour.

Our boat tour in Fethiye started at 10.30 in the morning and we sailed towards the blue. Our boat was not very crowded. We hung out spaciously, but it can be seriously crowded in season. Since it was not crowded, we were able to sit at the table we wanted and said goodbye to return to Fethiye centre in the evening.

Bays we visited on Fethiye Boat Trip and our route

Fethiye boat tour routes are organised on 3 main routes as I mentioned above. The best known and most preferred of these tours is 12 Islands boat tours. If you want to prefer a longer route here, you should go on a blue cruise. On the blue cruise, you have the opportunity to visit the bay for a few days with accommodation.

Our route was Katrancı Island – Yassıca Islands – Tersane Island and Red Island respectively. We had an average of 1 hour swimming break at these points, which was more than enough for us. Depending on the time planning and weather conditions, one more bay can be added to these four bays.

Where Does Fethiye Boat Tour Go?

  • Katranci Island
  • Yassica Islands
  • Tersane Bay
  • Red Island

Katranci Island

Fethiye Boat Tour

The first stop of our boat tour was Katrancı Island with turquoise waters. Since it was the first boat tour of the season, we were very excited to reach the blue waters.

Katrancı Island is an island located directly opposite Katrancı Bay, which can be reached by car. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters. When you swim with a snorkel, you wonder if you are in an aquarium. You feel like swimming as you swim. You will really love it here.💕

We had a swimming break for about 1 hour on Katranci Island. We couldn’t get enough of swimming and diving here. When we saw the turquoise waters, we got enthusiastic and we were the last ones on the boat.😃

Location of Katranci Island here.

Yassica Islands

yassıca adaları

fethiye tekne turu tavsiyesi

After Katrancı Island, we headed towards 12 islands. We had a lunch break on the way. There is a choice of chicken or fish for dinner. There is trout as fish. In addition to these, salad, pickles and potato salad are also served. Since the sea makes people hungry, it is imperative that you eat your meals well and gather energy.

One of the 12 islands, Yassica Islands is a corner of paradise. We also came to this island on our Gocek boat tour. Drone images are legendary here. Apart from swimming on the island, you can walk to the top and witness the unique beauty of the island. It was a bit difficult in the heat, but we had the opportunity to go to the top and watch the exquisite view.

fethiye günübirlik tekne turu
Fethiye Boat Tour : Yassica Islands Drone View

In Yassıca Islands, there are vendors selling clothes and snack foods. There is also a small lake inside the island. A different nature. There is beauty everywhere.

After stopping here for about 1 hour and 15 minutes, we continued on our way. The location of the island is here.

Tersane Island

fethiye tekne turu

Our 3rd stop on our Fethiye boat tour was Tersane Island. This place also has a turquoise coloured, glassy sea. We loved it here too. We had a 1 hour swimming break on the island and we were exhausted from swimming.😂

Be sure to take a snorkel with you on the boat tour. Otherwise you cannot see the beauties under the sea. If you take flippers, you will add speed to your speed.

Tersane Island is the largest of the 12 islands. There are the ruins of the old Greek settlement evacuated after the exchange. There is also a shipyard and a watchtower within the borders of the island.

Location of Tersane Island here.

Red Island

fethiye tekne turu

After the 12 Islands, we headed to our last stop, Red Island. You have such a pleasant sea journey that the boats and yachts offer beautiful views with nature. After these beautiful views, we came to the island and there was a surprise waiting for us at our last stop.

On the way to the Red Island, the weather was closing slightly. We started to smell the rain. We arrived at the island and 5 minutes later it started to drizzle. I don’t know if you have ever been in the sea in the rain, but we really like to swim in the sea in the rain. The sea does not get cold in the rain, on the contrary it gets warmer. Only 2 more people on the boat went into the sea in the rain and everyone was in rest mode. For us, it was an opportunity not to be missed and cumburlop to the sea.😊

Red Island also has a clean sea. When we went in the rain, we had a good time. After taking a break here for about 1 hour, we started on our way back. The location of Red Island is here.

After the beautiful bays, we came to the end of our boat tour. We reached Fethiye centre again around 18.15. We were very satisfied with the tour. If you come to Fethiye, we recommend this boat tour 100%.

For booking Fethiye Boat Tour, you can contact the company via Whatsapp. For availability, just tell us the tour date and how many people will participate in the tour. The reservation is taken immediately and you are called for confirmation. In the boat tour we participated in, 0-6 years old are free of charge, while 6-11 years old are charged with 50% discount. You can easily learn all the details over the phone. You can also get information from this number for both daily full boat, daily private boat rental and boat tour with accommodation.😊 Telephone: 05304353627

Fethiye Boat Trip on Instagram

You can find the details of the boat tour in my “Fethiye Boat Tour” stories that I pinned to Instagram. When you see the deep blue sea, you will say off and off. If there is anything you want to ask, you can send a message. Don’t forget to follow Instagram while you are on it.😊

Fethiye Daily Boat Trip Routes

Fethiye Boat Tour

Fethiye boat tour routes depart regionally from 3 main places. These regions are Fethiye centre, Oludeniz and Göcek. The routes of the boats departing from these places are also different. All of them take you to beautiful bays. I have participated in boat tours from Ölüdeniz and Göcek and I loved them all. Below you can find the route of the boat tours departing from here.

Note: Keep in mind that the boat tours departing from Göcek are known as 12 Island Boat Tour. There are also boats departing from Fethiye centre to 12 Islands.

Bays visited in Fethiye Centre Daily Boat Tours

Daily boat tours departing from the centre of Fethiye, after visiting a few bays close to Fethiye, turn the route to Göcek. After visiting a few bays on the Gocek side, the return route is started. If the weather conditions are favourable, +1 more bay is added to the bays below. Let me state again that the bay route can be changed by the captains according to the density.

Fethiye Centre Day Boat Tour Route:

  • Katranci Island
  • Yassica Islands
  • Tersane Bay
  • Red Island

Bays visited on Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour

Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour Bays ? While the tours departing from Fethiye centre stop by some of these islands, the tours departing from Göcek stop by most of these islands. Since there are plenty of bays in the region, the route of each place can be different. We participated in the boat tour in Göcek and we were very satisfied. If you have time, I recommend you to join this tour in Göcek in addition to Fethiye. You can find detailed Göcek Boat Tour in my article.

Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour Route:

  • Rabbit Island
  • Gocek Island
  • Yassica Islands
  • Tersane Island
  • Aquarium Bay
  • Red Island

Bays visited on Fethiye Oludeniz Boat Tour

Bays Travelled in Fethiye Oludeniz Boat Tour ? Fethiye Ölüdeniz route is a completely different route. As an alternative to Fethiye, you can also take a boat tour on this route. The routes of the boat tours departing from Fethiye centre and Ölüdeniz boat tour are different. Of course, we also joined the tour in Ölüdeniz. For our experience here, you can take a look at our article titled Ölüdeniz Boat Tour.

Fethiye Oludeniz Boat Tour Route

Fethiye Boat Tour Prices 2024

fethiye tekne turu fiyatları 2024

Fethiye Boat Tour Prices 2024 How Much ? Daily boat tour prices in Fethiye vary from company to company. The price of the daily boat tour we participated in 2024 per person for adults varies between 40$-50$. 0-6 years free of charge, 6-11 age group is charged with 50% discount. If you prefer main course for your 0-6 year old children, you should pay a small amount. Prices may change in the near future as everything has been increased recently. While lunch is included in the price you pay, drinks are not included.

Things to Consider in Daily Boat Tours

Fethiye Boat Tour

If you love the sea very much, boat tours are for you. This beautiful activity can turn into an ordeal when some things are not taken into consideration. If you are going on a boat tour, it is useful to pay attention to the points I have written below.

What to Consider on Boat Tours

  1. Do not forget to take sun cream with you. If possible, make sure it is a high factor cream.
  2. You can buy moisturising cream for your body after sunbathing.
  3. Don’t forget sunglasses, flip flops and sea shoes.
  4. If you want to see the undersea beautifully, you can buy a snorkel.
  5. I don’t need to tell you about towels, hats, swimsuits and shorts.
  6. Do not jump directly into the sea from the high parts of the boat. Unfortunately, we have seen people who slipped and fell.
  7. When leaving the sea, your feet will be wet, so be careful where you step to avoid slipping.
  8. Since some boats do not dock at the shore, you can take a waterproof case with you if you want to take photos with your phone on the beach.
  9. You can take medication for nausea or dizziness caused by the wave.
  10. If you are going to drive from your location to the location of the boat, it is very important to park your car in a safe place. Do not encounter a surprise after the boat.
  11. It will be useful to bring a separate special bag for your personal belongings.
  12. If possible, join the tour without wearing a wedding ring.
  13. It is useful to book in advance due to high season occupancy rates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fethiye Boat Tour

How long is the Fethiye boat trip?

Fethiye boat tours generally start at 10:30 in the morning and end at 18:30 in the afternoon. So the tour lasts about 8 hours. There may be changes in hours according to the weather.

How much are the prices for Fethiye daily boat trips?

For the year 2024, the price of Fethiye daily boat trips varies between 40$ – 50$ per person.

What is included in the price of Fethiye boat tour and what is not included?

Fethiye boat tours generally include lunch in the price paid. Drinks are not included in the tour fee. Some boats can offer tea or fruit.

Which islands are included in Fethiye 12 Islands Boat Tour?

On the Fethiye 12 Islands boat tour route, there may be Rabbit Island, Gocek Island, Yassica Islands, Tersane Island, Aquarium Bay and Red Island. Boats departing from Fethiye stop at a few of these bays. All of these bays are beautiful. I am sure you will get enough of the blue.

We have come to the end of my Boat tour recommendation and experience in Fethiye article. If you have any questions about the boat tour and Fethiye, you can contact me by commenting below. I will return within 24 hours. I wish everyone happy and peaceful travels.😊

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